Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Now is the time.......

to be roasting in the Caribbean, walking on the beach, and collecting sea shells. No jacket, no layers of clothes, no snow boots, just shorts and a tank top. There's nothing like hearing the sounds of the waves crashing against the sand and laying on the beach and taking in the fresh sea air. Of course as an added bonus, one can't leave out having a fruity drink with a umbrella, a slice of pineapple, topped with a bright red maraschino cherry :). Instead, little miss Isabelle is enjoying the freezing rain and ice that we've been experiencing here in Terre Haute since last night. Break out the blankets, cocoa (in my case tea), chili (I wish), and movies as its going to be a long and cold night.

I must admit this morning when I went outside to walk Bunny. It was beautiful how the trees were encased in ice. It reminded me of large Swarovski crystals. I like shiny and glittery things lol. These are not driving conditions that's for sure. You may be a safe driver but you never know what can happen out there and then you have to watch out for those other drivers. Lots of sliding going on. The power hasn't gone off in my place yet, but the lights have been flickering a little bit here and there. Luckily I made my food ahead of time. When I went to Wally World yesterday, it was chaos, little necessities were clearing the shelves fast like water,candles, toliet paper,etc. LOL. In weather like this, all you can do is stay home and stay warm and pray for the best, and hope the worst doesn't happen. This is also a time *wink when babies are made ha ha. I remember how their were a lot of babies born 9 months later after Katrina. The media made a big deal about that. I'm sure they will here as well, especially with the horrible mess in Oklahoma and Chicago. Hey it gives them another reason for a "positive story", which we can always use as I don't know about you but I get tired of hearing about depressing news.

Well at least I have a Anytime Fitness down the street to work out at. 24 hours 7 days a week. Now if the power is out then I'm out of gas..ha ha. Yesterday when I was doing one of my cardio sessions, every cardio machine I went too rejected my Ipod. I guess it didn't like me. So there I am plugging it in to the elliptical and it wouldn't read then I went on to the next and the next, etc. Finally I said forget about it and plugged my earphones in the screen to watch TV. I don't mind the TV but I can barely see the screen as its too dark. It would be nice if there was a cardio theater where we can watch movies but that cost too much money and there's no room for that anyway.

If you haven't already heard, the NY Pro has been canceled. As an athlete we never know what the outcome of a show can be as it is unpredictable. Whether your amateur, or pro, we just don't know. But let me say this, keep the faith and keep strong. Just because a show is canceled doesn't mean it's the end of the world. Keep positive, stay focused and keep the course moving forward. When one door closes another one will open. :)

I have to find a pair of BDUs (battle dress uniform) for next month's class. I'm on the hunt and I think my best bet is getting them in Indianapolis. One concern I have is finding the right pants that fit. Its really no fun having a pair of pants that fit your legs but the waist is too big. Very annoying. I didn't even think about the length too. I will just have to get them altered if that be the case. Wish me luck in my search.

Anyone want some kids. My 3 kids(pets) are driving me nuts. Bunny is the enforcer keeping the cats in check. Her way of keeping them in check is sitting on them or humping them lol. Leo likes hiding under the couch. So when Bunny walks up near the couch you see these paws coming out from under the couch not to mention these little ears peeping as he is on his back. I tried to get video of it this evening but he kept hiding from the video. Maybe next time. I have to buy one of those pet gates as the cats like playing hide and seek running constantly up and down the stairs.

Superbowl Week!!!!!
I'm a Colts fan all the way but for this game. I want to see the Packers win. Next years Superbowl in Indianapolis, the Colts will be playing in that baby. You can bet I will be going to that one. My very first SB.

Night Yah'll