Monday, March 9, 2015

Meal prep excitement

I would never think in a million years that the one thing that I don't like when eating clean and healthy is preparing the meals. WOW! Its a lot of hard work to measure and organize all those meals. No meal is the same so THAT is what makes it so exciting to prepare. Its a big even on meal prep day. I can eat clean all day long and train insane in the gym without even thinking twice, but ask me to prepare my meals its a heart attack in the making. Here are some examples to give you an idea of what I am talking about.

On another note. My schedule and time is very busy. I upload photos and make updates on social media networks to keep you all informed and also to show you how hard I am working. Being that I have not competed in a long time has made my schedule very tight because I have to start from scratch all over again like I did when I first started. baby steps, baby steps. In saying that I hope you as fans understand the amount of hard work that goes into this for me. ITS A LOT. 

I just wanted to make a quick post and let you know what is going on. 

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rocking my Cardillo Belt

This is my first ever Cardillo belt. I have one being custom made as we speak which will be here in a few weeks.

Im also going to order a 3rd belt which will be customized too. Maybe you fans can help me come up with a cool nickname or pharse.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Dream Big

Happy Friday!!!

I Hope the weather is treating you right wherever you are. As for me I pay no attention to the weather as it doesn't matter to me as I will get my stuff done regardless. I will find a way no matter what.

Most people really do not understand the time, discipline, hard work and pure dedication it takes to prepare for a major event. I'm not just basing this on a contest either. A major event can be something like a exam, a big project, something that means a lot to you and is a big deal to you. Your going to run into people who will never understand how much your dream means to you. Don't let them interrupt you and keep pushing on.

I wanted to do a blog post today on following your dreams no matter what they are big or small. There comes a time when you have to set aside certain things and "FOCUS" on the bigger picture. You have to ask yourself "how bad do you really want it"? You may fail the first time but it doesn't mean you give up. Keep trying and keep pushing yourself. Work harder and harder. But above all never ever give up. Its very motivating in the end when you look back and see all that hard work you did paid off. Its all about setting goals and achieving them. Each day you should strive to achieve things or at least one thing.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Progress pics

I just wanted to give my fans and friends an update on my what I have been working on. A lot of people do not understand the demand and time it takes to achieve a competition physique. It is not easy for everyone and it sure is not easy for me as I have been out of the "competition" game for a long time. Some of you are well aware of that. I have a lot of work on my plate and the fun is just beginning. 

I have to say that I started my prep at 205 lbs in late September after the Olympia. Im pretty impressed how my body has been changing as I have not done the competition diet/training for a while. I really don't like saying diet. It sounds so cliche. lol. Eating a healthy lifestyle is what I have done. People constantly ask, how it must be hard eating the same thing all the time and not being able to eat junk food. Don't get me wrong I love my chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies, cheesecake, pasta, and all that good stuff. I have a strong mind and when I want to achieve something, I work hard for it.

Heck a while back I ordered a friend of mine a large double pepperoni and cheese pizza and they ate it all in front of me. I din't even think twice. LOL. In saying that we all need to have cheat "treat" days as it shocks the body. But I have my own treat meal. Its basically a 38 oz steak lol with the extra trimmings lol. 

Traininng is good too. I really want to thank my fans and friends for pushing me. You are why I am doing what I love.