Saturday, February 26, 2011

Holy atomic pile, Batman!

lol... What a day I've had. I leave for Miami in the morning and would have loved to enjoyed the Food Network Food and Wine festival in South Beach but I had some other unexpected events come up. I had to run a quick trip but I have plenty of time to relax. I'm in no rush. For the next week I'm going to train, eat hearty and get a tan. There may even be a good Cuban or 2 :). Of course I will venture a little bit here and there. Its a great time to go as I need to prepare myself for what lies ahead for me in the next months. *waving

My sisters spring break isn't for a few weeks so she can't go with me. I asked my mom and she can't as she is scared of boats as well as my grandmother. I told them they need to get out more. Hey I can't say I tried, but I won't stop as I'm stubborn and don't understand the word NO. What does that mean? LOL I don't take no for an answer. My grandmother rather watch wheel of fortune or play bingo LOL. My mother, well she just had surgery and is doing a lot better. She looks good and showed me pictures of her tumors the doctors removed. Pretty nasty stuff. Earlier I tried to get her to ride in the convertible with me but she made excuses. Maybe its my driving.
I spent some of my afternoon running Erica around by a few car dealerships as my mom is buying her a car. Erica has no idea what she wants, but she wants something cool. LOL. I am really digging the new design of the charger. Pretty nice. A movie to watch is the Fast Five, with all that eye candy. After my few days driving the convertible mustang, I think I've made my mind up now. Theres nothing like wind running through your hair and I got a nice tan in the process today. When I was in Vegas a while back, I was in a convertible eclipse and of course thought it'd be cool to have the top down but due to the dry heat..It wasn't fun at all and the top went back up 2 mins later lol. I said my goodbyes this evening to the family. There great people but have thier moments. What can I say thier New Yorkers and tell it like it is. I will miss them espcially sissy.

Looking at the Colts Jersey results it appears making a custom jersey is in the lead. I will buy 3 Colts jerseys from the highest votes. I need more votes as there are some that are tied. We still have a good ways to go before its over.

Stay tuned this is going to be a fun week and I am going to take you on a adventure from my piont of view.

Later tonight I will be posting the list of items that are needed for the children at St. Vincents.
Anything item you can send or contribution made out to St. Vincents would be a big help.

till later