Monday, March 26, 2007

One of my old favorite celebrities

I was watching the view this morning for a second and saw Gene Wilder. I have always been a huge fan of his. He is soooo funny and very talented. He made a great piont today on why he doesn't act anymore. The movies now a days are f..this and Mother F..that. He said he was good and didn't want to be tied with the bad. I can't blame him.

I loved watching Charlie and Chocolate Factory, Siler Streak, Stir Crazy, See no evil Hear no evil, Young Frankenstein and many many more. he recently came out with a book called My French Whore and I am going to go and pick it up later this after noon at the bookstore.

I am off to train. Only less than a week till my diet begins. I must say the diet still has some yummy selections in there. So this week I need to make a list of resturants I need to visit before the real fun begins. My weight is 179.5 lbs

I just came back from Fort Lauderdale and Miami. I am a bit tired. I will be heading back there at the end of the week. Wanna join me for a workout?

talk to you later

Saturday, March 24, 2007

greetings and happy weekend

Hello everyone,

First I want to get something off of my chest. I know that many of you are wondering what is going on with the website. I know it has been in the transition process since January 30Th.

I want to thank many of you for your patience with me through this transition. I am waiting on my webmaster for some changes., and the content.

I don't think it is very fair to you my friends and fans. I again am very sorry for the delay. I want you to explore my site and share my progress with me as I SOON start my contest prep.

I want to also hear from you about feedback on my website with the long transition. How do you feel about it? The feedback I hear from you helps me to take charge and make changes. Professionally speaking I know it is long overdue with my website. I would do it myself like many other girls but I don't have the time right now. I will be making changes and fixing things with the site. Becuase I know it is not getting the exposure and love it needs. I want the best for fans and I want to make the fans happy.

On a positive note. I am happy to say that I am soon going to be finally posting up video of training and posing in a gym setting. My weight right now is still at 180 lbs. I can't believe that. A lot of things have changed this time around. i a excited to also say that I have some cross striations in my legs starting to show. I don't have the clue yet as too how my body is going to blossom come stage time. I always surprise myself at the last minute.

I am getting ready for contest time and any donations are greatly appreciated. Bodybuilding is an expensive sport. Just yesterday I spent $221.00 at the supermarket for chicken breast, steak, water, my complex carbs, coffee, and some cereal. If you can donate to the Isabelle Turell Fund you can send a pay pal payment to Also if you go to my front page just click at the pay pal button at the bottom. Thank you!


Recently I have been talking to some very influential people in my bodybuilding career. They have helped me and molded me mentally and physically. I want to tell you guys thank you so much and I am very blessed to have you in my life.

My passion for bodybuilding is very strong, I will not give up in this sport. My dream is to one day step on the IFBB stage and compete next to the top level pros. I have so much respect for the sport of bodybuilding. It has come a very long way. It is amazing what one can do when they diet right and lift weights. The changes are remarkable and the reward in the end is best feeling ever. It is so nice to step to the finish line and say "I made it" "I did it". In my eyes everyone is a winner, and a champion whether you come in first or last.

If I can ever be a dear friend and help in any way with training or just some good ole motivation send me an email at

School is good. I am almost done with the semester. i am still debating on whether to take summer classes or not. Knowing me I will. I have a sociology paper due today. I guess I need to get on that A.S.A.P. I swear college people are funny. Spring break was short. i was too busy working to enjoy it. I am waiting on the Southern USA show in Panama City. I love the beaches there. SOOOOOOOO Beautiful

Friday, March 9, 2007

A leg day that I will not forget

I never experienced a leg day like I did yesterday. I trained legs did the normal sets and volume. Didn't really do anythig diffrent. I felt my quads getting more and more tighter and fully pumped. It was a great feeling but it was to the piont where I couldn't fully stand straight up. My legs then started shaking and they felt like jelly. I got that wonderful nausea feeling in my tummy.

I drive a manual stick gt mustang and thank god my leg didn't act up on me. I had to get something in my belly, and After seeing Fast Food Nation, it totally changed my outlook on fast food. So I went and picked up some things at te supermarket.

Finally I got home and it happened. My legs starting crampping really bad at my tear drops and I feel to the ground on my kitchen floor. I could not get up. It was such a horrible feeling. my bulldog and bichion where going nuts cause they knew mommy was in severe pain.

I never experienced this in any of my workouts. I kept on trying to think positive and Itold myself DAM that must of been one hell of a great workout,and it probably was. :) Knowing me.

Finally, I started to try to get up and yes it was still crammping but not as bad. I then got sick to my stomach. I drank some water, and tried to lay down on my couch. I ordered chinese and got some won ton soup, hot and sour, egg drop soup, and a clear broth with scallions and mushrooms. I could not eat for the rest of the night.

I couldn't sleep either. Tossing and turning. I got up arounbd 8:30 am which is very late for me since I usallu get up at 4:00 am. My legs are extremely sore. I think I am going to take the day off, not to sure yet.

I am going to go later to get my car looked at. I have been eyeing a Hummer H2. I think it would be cool to have one. Since I have been putting on all this size. I need some more room. Its kinda a pain getting in and out of the mustang.

My friend is taking me to a brazilian supermarket today and introducing me to some new foods before I start my lovely diet. I love learning diffrent cultures.

talk to you guys later

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

had a great time at the expo

I got the chance to meet alot of interesting people at the Expo. Everyone was so nice and boy was it crowded in there. I got to see John Cena and that was the highlight of my day. USAs are approaching and who knows what is going to happen there. I will give you an update on my gains. I am now 178 lbs. I can't express who much great gains I have made this offseason. I was covered up at the Arnold Classic. I didn't show too much. To be honest no one really recognized me. I had a hat on shades, pants, and a jacket. There was a one time when I wore shorts. But my legs where rubbing together too much. I hate that!! SO I went and changed. Seriously It was funny to see these people I knew very well not even recognize me.

I was amazed how some of the famous bodybuilders acted. I got alot of beef from them. In my head I was thinking how I wanted to strip off my clothes and do a pose down in my undies, and see how they would act then. What bothered me was how crappy they treated me. I don't know why I didn't do anything wrong. Oh well that how it can be sometimes.

I was so excited to see snow falling while I was there in Columbus. It was so beautiful. Being from Florida we don't even know what snow is. LOL

the Southern USA is April 14th and I will be going to that to see the show and meet fans.

I am watching Fast Food Nation, and it is grossing me out just a little bit. ;(
Had the opportunity to see Borat last night and that was hilarious.