Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Fine Day

Super day today besides hunting for a parking space at the gym. Whew!!I went and did some of cardio at the stadium it was nice and peaceful but careful where you step on the pavement as some people don't pick up after their pets. On my way back to the gym, I was driving and came to a stop sign and looked to the right when there it was. I saw a man wearing a USA biker jacket, and I started smiling as I remembered my 2 unique USA jackets and this one was very identical to one of them. I was trying to get a quick snap of the jacket. I couldn't believe my eyes as I had forgot my old 80's jacket. I started a while back trying to put together a collection as I was inspired by a famous photo of 8x Ms.Olympia Lenda Murray wearing a USA jacket. I tried to find the picture for you but had no luck. It's a famous shot by the master photog Bill Dobbins. When I turned back around to get the picture the man was gone. Oh well. It was funny and brought back some memories as I was always teased about those tacky jackets.

After the gym, I wanted to make it a movie night and headed to the local movie store to pick up a few movies. As I walked in this man looking at dvd's turns to me and says "hey, how you been doing?" as if we had met many times before. He started talking to me like we were best friends. I assure you, he wasn't one of the employees either LOL. So I slowly eased my way to the new release section. I found a couple of movies but had to see Dinner for schmucks" again and then I also got "Life as we know it". As I was checking out with my movies the mysterious man who was also was checking out and gave me a knuckle bump like a high five and then said to me "have a nice night" LoL. Then pat me on my back. I went to my car and he took off in his moped. Anyway, I love dinner for schmucks, very funny.

Tomorrow is a basketball game and I may be attending. It should be fun as its South vs North. AS I mentioned in a previous blog here is that funny video I was talking about the other day. I crack up every time I watch it. I love the guy in the red and black pjs and then the door opening and closing bit.
Now I leave you with a nice treat.