Monday, February 7, 2011

People ask me how often do I train. That's a good question I usually will train 2-3 times which in this current circumstances includes my cardio. So that would be an early am workout and a early afternoon workout as I like to avoid the crowd. Today I did early workout which was legs and shoulders and lightly touching hamstrings followed by light abdominal training. Then this afternoon I did cardio and some odd and end stuff. Normally for contest I weigh anywhere between 135-145 range. At my current size I can weigh in up to 155-160 but that will be too much for my frame. I have small joints which really helps with the look of my shape. I already have enough size on my frame. My diet and training is more about Refining my physique. If only there was a build a physique workshop like build a bear. So, my ideal weight that I really like is 140 but maybe I can come in 10 lbs heavier and lean. But going back to my original topic, I do train a few times a day. I got poked at the other day abot the gyms here in Terre Haute. Believe it or not there are a few good gyms. I am spoiled with the gym scene as I have been to some of the best gyms in the US, but that doesn't matter here. As long as I have a decent gym to train at and the hours are great. I'm set.

I can't wait for March. At the end of that month I will be finished with my EMT training and then its paramedic school. In the summer I have as I mentioned before guest posing in June followed by a summer competition.. My eyes are getting drowsy right now. I just had some chicken breast with a side of spicy orange duck sauce. I thought that would wake me up. I guess not.

I went to the local Chevy dealer here in town earlier as I wanted to inquire about Camaros. The convertible comes out in the spring and is sharp looking. I like either silver, black or yellow for the car color. It doesn't hurt to ask questions and shop around.

I got my Iphone today and I haven't played with it yet. I'm too tired too. I need to go grocery shopping again as I need to get some salmon. I've also switched to more organic meats and turned on to the green foods as well. I use to juice my veggies and fruits like crazy. Its a lot easier for me to digest. The key to it is make sure you mix the veggies with a good piece of fruit or else deal with a nasty taste in your mouth.

going to take a nap