Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm in for a Ride

I got to the airport on time checked in my bags at curbside as I like to say hi to my friend from time to time. I then parked my car, got my carry on luggage and proceeded to walk to the entrance to the airport. Then it happen. As I entered the terminal walking with my new cowboy boots I somehow slide across the floor and almost did a split LOL. I was a pretty funny sight and yes there were people around. As down to earth as I laughed about it and got my belongings and head my way to security. The line was long ad lucky for me at Indianapolis Airport, If you have the frequent flier points you get priority access through security. There was only two people in that line, me and another woman. I could feel the "looks" from the other travelers hitting me and I just payed no mind and went my merry way.

I'm on the plane now and you know when I sit here and think about it it would be kind of neat if there was a way I could train on the plane somehow. I don't mean toe raises, finger push-ups, and all that jazz. Don't get me wrong it is a great way to get the blood flowing through your body. I would like to have a space to where I can do band resistance training, ab crunches, pull ups, etc. My private Jet would have some type of exercise equipment :). I will be meeting up this morning with old friend this morning and it should be interesting...quite interesting I might add.

I've added a new adventure to my game plan while I am in Florida. Being that I am going to visiting for a few days, I decided to go to Key West as well. I love the Keys and and Key West is one to see. Erica's B day is in a few days and later this afternoon I will be taking her to Bob Marley's in City Walk for lunch and listen to their live band. I love my sister very much, and would do anything for them. Just so that we are on the same page my sister is going to be 17 years old and we have many years apart which makes us very special. Being the sweet warm hearted nice person I am, as a thoughtful present I will be flying up my sister and my mother for the Arnold Classic. Now if I can convince grandma to go (shes afraid of heights). This will be the first time they have seen me compete in a long long time.

I will Also be looking at living properties in Dr. Phillips, Metrowest, and around my favorite gym the 24 Golds. Prices aren't too bad for homes. and townhouses. Hopefully, I can get an idea of whats Hot and whats not. I would like to have a 3 bedroom. A play room for my furry friends/ office and then another room I will make into a mini gym :)

We are almost in Orlando and 15 mins early...:)

I'm going to sign off of here. Again Happy Holidays...Happy New Year ..especially to those celebrating happy times and memorable times *wink *wink

Love you all
See you next year!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

cute pictures of my little friends

I am sitting on the couch and I look to my right and I see Leo passed out on the bed so I wanted to snap a shot of him as it is too cute. Excuse the lighting..

Then later he decides to try to sneak a piece of chicken. You have to watch this guy. Yesterday He was climbing on top of my Tv and now his new play toy is the tub LOL

Of ourse Pookie Mouse does what she does best ...just lays there on the couch watchin

I leave for Florida tomorrow. Should be very exciting as there are a few get togethers I have been invited too from some old friends. Speaking of which an old friend got in touch with me today and that was nice and brought a smile to my face.

Off to train :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blessings and Many More

Thank You soooooo much to those who have blessed me with a opportunity to compete in the Arnold Classic Ms. International. I am truly honored to be amongst the best IFBB Pros in the world. This was the best Xmas gift ever. I received a text message a few days before Xmas telling me congrats. I had no idea what the congrats was for, but finally found out and you couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I am truly grateful.

I want to touch on a little girl that stole my heart. I was flying back on stand by on Air Tran, and I really didn't think I would make it as it was completely booked. I have a Elite status which gives you priority standby. I was lucky as finally I got called after everyone was boarded to get on the plane. 25 C an aisle seat, was the lucky spot which I was going to be sitting for the total 2 hour flight. The window seat was empty and I thought I was going to get lucky. Finally this tiny little girl came and sat next to me. She was very quiet and when the Flight Attendant asked her if she understood her directions she would simply nod her head yes. She was quite adorable. She had put her little blue bag under the seat in front of us and then put on her headphones and started dancing to music. Absolutely precious. Then she pulled out this medium sized bear with a tag that said Cookie and she gave it a big hug and held it close to her. After an hour and a 20 mins into flight she then asked me what kind of songs I liked. I told her Black Eye Peas "I got a feeling" and sure enough she had it on her mp3 player. She said that was one of her favorite songs. Then she started talking about how her mother and father were divorced, and how she was on her way to see her mother in Indianapolis. I asked her how old she was and she said she was 7 years old. I wanted to cry. She had a beautiful name Victoria and her middle name was Brooke. Her favorite color was blue. She also loved oreos, cinnamon toast crunch and doritos LOL... She was so talkative to me and we bonded very well. She made my day.

Lately, I have been living the Adventure. This is who I am, and it is what I love. I'm very outgoing and always believed that when an opportunity knocks take it ") I do *smile. I have learned a lot over the last months. I have been a young girl who isn't afraid to learn from her mistakes. I am by far... perfect. No one is perfect. Over the last few days I have learned a few things that doesn't surprise me. If I want to do something I do it. It seems in this day and age, people have to have reasons or logical explanations if they even want to go for a stroll down the street lol. I have every business to do as I please because I can. If I want to cruise so be it, If I want to fly to go train at Venice Golds or Metro Flex or whatever else ...I can. Same applies to my school, where I live, etc. Speaking of which I will be taking flying lessons some time this year. I will be a little nervous thats for sure :) Next month, I had planned to head out to Denver, Colorado the first week of January for skiing as I hear it is marvelous in the Rockies. Now that's set back to April. Then a few weeks later I was going cruising again :). None of those journeys matter now now at all. When I found out about the Invite, nothing mattered. It is all eat sleep Drink bodybuilding. Enough said. This is contest top priority. Now after the show that's different. Yes I'm planning a cruise after the show :) and then we have our New Indiana show in South Bend the last week of March. Then the first weekend in April we have the contest in Evansville, IN. The next day I head out to Panama City for a week. Yeah!! I got travel fever. I am going to work so hard for this show, this will be my reward.

BUT....I will say people talk a lot lol.... I haven't updated my site for a long time and that is my choice. It is in the works of a new web designer and I will be taking down the members section. Further more, the best ways to keep up to date with me on my journeys is my Blog or my Facebook.

So I was thinking of going to Las Vegas for New Years or even New York. I decided no NYC for me as its WAYYYY to crowded. I will be flying out to Florida for a few days Rocking the New Year. I know some of you others will be having a wonderful new year with friends, family and celebrating some very special times. make the best of it and "party like a rockstar"
Be safe yah'll and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Put that in your pipe and Smoke it you Bah Humbuggers

Just wanted to drop a line and wish you and your loved ones a Merry Xmas. I know many of you have been so excited about the Holiday traffic, not to mention the long gurgling lines to checkout. Its almost over folks...Well not really as people are after the post Christmas deals and taking back the things like the triple xxx sweater with the clown on it from your Aunt Olga *wink. How sweet. Christmas is all about the thought that counts. I know families that repack gifts from last year and give them out again at this years Xmas LOL I am going to get my picture taken with Santa today if I can beat the crowd LOL.

My ideal Xmas is sipping on "spiked" egg nog, eating a hearty holiday meal, and watching Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation and Elf. Having a few good laughs is fun fun fun.

As some of you know I recently took my sister on a cruise with Carinival and it was fun.
Did I mention she is an ice cream addict? Every day early in the morning aroudn 3 am she would go and get ice cream and pizza lol. She is a riot and we are so much alike.

I will be cruising next month again as well. I have taken a new hobby which is writing articles about my travel adventures cruising and other things. The first week of January for a few days I am going to Denver, Colorado for skiing. I have been and I am a little worried as I can be a klutz. I can see myself going down a hill and then falling and rolling over and over...och! I am sure I will do something silly. I absolutely must check out the airport as well as I want to see these famous murals I have heard Jesse Ventura talk so much about. I will get some pictures.

Oh I brought my Bengal over to a friends house as it was a girls get together. The new name of my Bengal is (Leo)nardo. To tell you the truth he responds to it very well. Leo is an amazing cat. He follows me ever where I go and he jumps on anything he can. he loves high places. He is like no ordinary cat lol. The other day I caught him grooming Bunny. he was licking her eye boogies(gross). I guess that's LOVE :). I take Leo out and he does very well with people. As soon as you pick him up his purring motor goes crazy. He's sweet. Pookie likes him even though she will have her moody moments. They battle over my affection and it can get a little chaotic. I spoil them rotten.

A few days ago I saw something and I had to have it. I found me a good size Colts gnome. It was staring me in the face when I was shopping. I bought it as I have always wanted to take pictures of places I go or things I do with my Gnome. I will post a picture of him later. Then I went and bought a Romero Britto tote... If you don't know who he is
He is an amazing artist and very adored.

I am having fun and making the best of things. People who know me know I like to have fun and do things last minute. I went to Ruth Chris Steakhouse the other night and that was yummy. The bill on the other hand was not delightful but when You have an appetite like mine :) well you know. Please check out my facebook isabelle turell as I always keep it updated for the public. I actually posted a picture of my cowboy ribeye.. delicious

I want some chili right about now, talk to you later. I have to get a workout in now.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Use your Imagination

I have many adventures to share as yah'll know I love to have fun and get the party started :). My day started out with a boom shaka laka...I was a bit bummed early this morning, when I woke up at 5:30 am to get to the spa by 6 am. When I arrived the spa was closed and didn't open till 8 am. Are you kidding me? I was ready for cardio and to train. I went ahead and killed my free time by going to the track doing a little running and then I ran some stairs.

I am going to keep this blog short and sweet. The Imagination is not what I expected it to be. SAVE ME lol. I know a few people who would get a kick of my experience on here. I am so shocked by it. I will write more about it later. Since we are staying overnight, we walked to Paradise Island and stayed at Atlantis. Later I took Erica to Senior Frogs, which she enjoyed watching the intoxicated people dance and fall to the ground lol.

I got to see the Carnival Freedom today as well. I had some fun on there, and I really enjoyed that ship very much. But the Imagination..........oh my...please help me.

I will keep you posted. Tomorrow is a sea day so we will see how busy that will be. I have tons of pictures. No matter how much I cover up, people still make the are you a bodybuilder comments. I had a few people compliment meant me on my arms and legs. :) I am putting on a little bit of weight right now as I want to push myself hard and gain some lean muscle. I have so many things planned.

Miss you very much

Friday, December 10, 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I think I'm pretty good......real good

As when I want to achieve something or have my mind set on something I do it. Right now I'm on my way to Orlando. I wanted to do something special and last minute. I looked at cruises and decided to take my sister on one. We were suppose to go the day after thanksgiving but it didn't work out in her favor. Today, my sister is very excited. She called me asking where I was at. I told her I was driving to the airport trying to avoid getting a hot bag. The hot bag is when you are very late for your flight and its a hot bag that needs to get on that plane asap. Fortunately I had no problems and got there 4 minutes before it was too late ha ha. I am driving down to Miami in the morning to catch the boat. I am so curious to see her face when we get there. We you get me and my sister together we are a bunch of clowns. I plan on entering her in a lot of contest lol. I want my golden ship on a stick ha ha. I guess if you couldn't already tell, I love my sister and spoil her when I can. This was a last minute thing 2 days ago t be exact. Oh yes I just reminded myself I want to get my passport stamped. I am going to take her to have some conch salad. LOL She doesn't care for seafood unless its crab legs.

I am up in the air finishing my blog from earlier today. I am so happy Airtran has wifi and for this month its free "yeah" . A little kid around 3 or 4 years old earlier screamed out "suck it" lol. What is the world coming too. As I was saying earlier today I was sitting in Starbucks this morning enjoying my Pumpkin Spice latte and writing my blog when I can't believe my ears as to what I heard playing....No One by Alicia Keys. It sent goosebumps down my spine and I got choked up. Well you can read it here form my earlier FB post. Its a very sentimental song to me and bought back some good times

As promised here are some pictures of Chumley and pookie.

Chumley is looking to pounce on Pookie.

I think they are best friends.........

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thank you

Just wanted to give a shout out to for featuring my Colt blog post entitled "Still a Colts Fan all the Way"

opps I didn't do spell check on my blog post..DUH!

Still a Colt Fan ALL the Way

Despite our long list of injured players and Mannings plays, I still am a Colt fan all the way. I was on the edge of my seat at this past game against the Cowboys. A very close call. Not to worry boys, your fans liek me still love you and support you all the way. Let's go kick some Titans and show Tennessee that the boys are back in town.

I sure do miss Dallas Clark :)


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The good sister in me

I've been feeling a little bit under the weather. The cold weather we have been having doesn't help and its catching up to me. There's nothing like a good ole hot toodie to knock it out of me and bring a good sweat on to flush out the potential cold threat.

Chumley is fine and doing better. I was very worried about him as he is a garbage disposal and full of so much energy. I took a few pictures of Pookie Mouse and Chumley hugging and fighting. Now they are best of buddies. Pookie will still throw a fit here and there. She'll get over it. I will post the pictures later

When you love someone, you do what you can for them and then some.... :)

You know me, always up to something. I was hoping to actually go skiing this weekend, but that will have to wait. I did some research on it and I would like to go to Colorado. I hear they have good pizza to. I think the place is called Bojangles.. or something like that. I am probably not even close to what the name is and just literally messed that up....SORRY

I wanted to do something fun this weekend. I was looking at cruises. Then I talked to my sister yesterday and she has been having a rough time. She hasn't really done anything fun in a long time. Plus she's taking care of my mom and and grandmother not to mention my aunt. We have so much in common. The only thing is I am not into the rasta hats she wears. Shes a good kid and gets high honors with her superb GPA. You know who she takes that after *AHEM*. Her birthday is Jan 2nd and she will be 17. I can't believe my baby sis is growing up. Only o\physically (shes tall), mentally shes nuts. I'm kidding. I went ahead a few hours ago and booked a cruise for us this weekend sailing out of Miami. We will be going to the Bahamas. For her first cruise I think she will enjoy it. I almost went on a Royal Caribbean for cheap cheap but Since I need Carnival pionts lol..I am almost Platinum.

I had on a huge jacket and my workout loose pants and someone comes up to me and says .."you work out" How the heck can you tell when I am covered with tons of layers. not to mention a jacket thats huge. Its a compliment and it make me feel good. it also makes me want to go train insane.

I'm in the process of finding a piece of cardio equipment for my bedroom so when I wake up "boom" I'm on it and breaking a sweat

My poor little man

I walked down the stairs this morning and went in the garage to get my boots. when I came back out I noticed something funny in the corner of the floor. It was a pile of runny stool. Obviously Chumley formerly know as Inferno has very bad diarrhea as I looked in the litter box and sure enough there was a couple of piles there too. I also noticed that there is traces of blood in his stool.I pray that he is okay. A couple of things I think about is he ate something he shouldn't have and its damage his intestine, or he's pooped so much that its cause there to be a little blood.
We shall see.

I don't feel so bad any more about my Colts at the Patritots game as the Jets got their butts spanked. 2 of the top ranking rival teams in the NFL and Sanchez got beat. This will forever be talked about. Congrats to Tom Brady for making history on his turf. He reminds me of a certain someone I know cute and I dig his hair

Wish me luck with Chumley as he is my little hell spawn but I love him so much.

I will write more later
Bye for now

Monday, December 6, 2010

Can we Please get a Break

I crashed and burned last night after watching Dexter. I actually began writing my Colts blog and feel asleep lol. With this season of Dexter, its driving me nuts about Chase Jordan, we have no idea how this season is going to end.

I decided to snap a few pictures, and I look a mess ..I know not to mention, I have my "serious" game face on and I mean business lol. I know he's not playing but I still sport my Bob Sanders has sentimental value to me *wink. I have too many sweet, loving and happy memories, not too mention some really good laughs. Here some snaps.

Put me in coach i will show those Cowboys a thing or too. You know there was a comedian that made a joke about how people wear the jerseys and go a little extreme with their fan apparel as they must think the coach is going to call them in to play in the game. I probably just messed the joke up but ti was funny when the comedian said it. So I put these stickers on my cheeks which remind me of the biore strips. I thought it looked cute and then I saw the pictures and got a little skeptical. I decided to take them off, and that was a struggle. These stickers would not come off...ha ha. The were literally stuck on me. Finally I was able to rip those things off. Och! Imagine ripping a band aid off really fast. I then wondered if this was how the biore strip was invented. I wasn't too pleased with my wild messy hair. LOL....It has a mind of its own. I easily fixed that and put my favorite Colts hat on. Viola...Presto.

Yesterday's game was for once an actually good game. Its was off to a good start for me as I got a $60 dollar parking for 30 bucks. Woohoo.That was the my super saver of the day. I was at the edge of my seat at today's game, and was actually in the same seat I was in from the last game.

I won't lie I was a disappointed Colt as I wanted my team to do very well. I know and understand its really hard for us right now due to our huge injury list. I never seen so many Colts under one roof. I was surrounded by some fun people and we were all getting rowdy. LOL. There were quite a few people being escorted out of the game as well. A couple of people threw their drinks on the field lol as they were a little p.o. about the Cowboys. I can't blame them. Trust me I wasn't in the best of moods until the 2nd half were we started to put it together. A couple of my friends wanted to hang out after the game. I told them it depends on whether we win or lose ha ha. I won't be too peachy if we lose. Our group in our section was getting really into the game. I love being surrounded by people like this. When we scored we started dancing around and high fiving everybody. I have to say the best play was that block and then the touchdown was awesome.

Booooooooooooo the Cowboys.

Every one's waiting around to see the final outcome in OT......and we know what happened after that. Our boys did work very hard but the Cowboys were playing as if it was their butts on the line or else. They had a rocky season start for sure.We were sooooooo close. It kills me. I have been to the last three games and I just wish we can get a break here.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Going the distance

Well I have to brag. I just got the Droid X as my Blackberry Storm had a mild heartattack. Now its back on but it does me no good. lol. My friend that is a Verizon manager talked me into the Droid X. I am waiting on the Iphone which verizon is said to be releasing soon. Going from Blackberry to an Android took a lot of convincing. I have been a avid Blackberry fan for years. I have had the Curve, Pearl and recently the Storm. Forget the blackberry messenger app. Hello to the millions of Android Apps. The Droid is very technical which is up my alley as I love hi tech gadgets and I like having the latest technology. The one downfall I find is the battery life. On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 9. Theres an ap for everything.
Some of my favorite apps are
Advanced Task killer
Barcode Scanner
Convert pad
Urban dictionary
Text meg away message
whats the best deal Pro
Of course I have other aps that are more fun, like soundboards, EMS medical stuff, Games, Exercise stuff, etc. I absolutely love my Droid

I woke yesterday and there was a about 2-3 inches of snow on the ground. A beautiful site to look at when the snow settles on the trees but on the ground in some areas it was turning into slush. I had to go get my recert for CPR at the Phelham Medical Training center in Bloomington. The easiest way to get there was to go take the back roads on 46. I past through some cute Indiana towns and as I was about 11 miles away from my destination Isabelle went on a ride. I felt liek I was on Disney Worlds Mad Hatter Tea Cup ride lol. I slide into a ditch and it look like car was slightly tipped to where it could roll over lol. I got out and I almost fell into the slush snow water. It was very slippery especially with the mud. I look at the car for damage and there was none from what I could see so far. I had so many nice people stop and ask me for help. It was snowing outside and there I am on the side of the road. I'm a tough cookie. In all my time here in Indiana, this was the first ditch experience. ha ha. I remember driving in the parking lot and being taught how how to manuever through the snow when you slide. That was fun lol. I had a young Army guy come over and help me. Very nice of him to stop and help. Then there was another gentlemen who offered to tow me out. A cop stopped and helped me too. Very nice people. I was blessed and very thankful. My car got pulled out and sure enough just as expected there was no damage. The way it feel in I really thought there was going to be. I will be trading the car in soon as I have my eyes set on a Camaro. I felt so relieved when I knew there was no damage. I head on to the class and it was a nice facility. Phelham has been in business for 12 years and have a very good track record for their training. They are among the top schools in the US that have the accelerated program. The passing rate is very good too. Now with the Paramedic program your signing your life away and that is suppose to be worse than medical school.

I want some Chili....... :) I know what kind of chili I want and its not the kind that everyone is used too. I tried to make my own but by far its not the same. I like taking the chili and mixiing it with my meals. It adds a kick.

I will be going tot he Cowboys game this afternoon. We better win this won. PLEASE..for Pete's sake. lol. Ticketmaster has great seats but Holy Smokes they hit you with a $29.85 handling fee vs Stub Hubs $19.90 fee. Of course I went with Stub Hub section 144 again like last time row 8 ..Yeah! I'm praying that Manning has no interceptions or sacks. He is not on his game as he doesn't have his normal starters. We don't have Dallas Clark.. :(
Will this be another Blunder Bowl ?

I will be heading to the gym to get my groove on with the weights around noon. Should be fun. I have my eyes set on competing in the NY Pro. My family can come out and cheer me on since they live in the city. OMG that would be hilarious as they will absolutely be screaming and yelling for me. I have a long ways to go prep wise. Its nice to start very early and pace yourself. Usually I can diet in less than 8 weeks. But I am changing things up. I will be taking on Charles Glass guidance and the help of one of my friends. When I was a actor I loved the stage and loved the spotlight. Life is a stage. I will keep you posted on updates.

I won't set it in stone yet, but if I can work it out. I may be cruising for a few days next weekend. A short getaway as always. My cruise friend is back to work tomorrow starting on a 9 day cruise. In January I have my eyes set on a back to back sailing with her of course. She's so much fun. If I want 40 grilled chicken breast I get it. The only downfall for me is the rocking on the ship when you are training. The stabilizers on the ship help reduce the rocking motion and it helps the ship move more smoothly. Still there are those days, I may be lifting oh 80 pounds and I may lose my balance due to the rocking. NOT GOOD lol. The cruise is not set in stone, but I feel like doign something relaxing. I tell what I really have my eyes set on is going skiing I never have been snow skiing. I would like to go to Colorado or any place really where I can get a good experience. I will have to do more research and planning. But its on my MUST do list before the end of 2010. LOL.

We had our NPC Indiana meeting and I couldn't attend because of the CPR class. I heard it was nice and as always the whole team goes to lunch at a nice steakhouse and we catch upon whats been going on with everyone. I would have loved to go and see everyone again. :) I will see them next year at the shows. We added a new show next year which I think is the last week in March.
Now we have 6 National That's pretty sweet for the competitors. You got six chances to get National status. I find shows liek these great warmups for the bigger shows Like USAs, Junior Nationals, etc. But I also find it could be a little unfair to others who have worked very hard and BAM a national competitor shows up and hands down they win the show. I remember when I came out of no where for the Excalibur and I competed against some National girls and guess what, in the famous words of Julius Ceasar "I came, I saw, I conquered".

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fa La La

I was preparing my meals his morning making about a dozen egg whites mixed with a festive medley of green onions, green peppers, and red peppers topped with a smidge of hot jalapeno cheese sauce. I was looking at the name on the sauce and it was called Gordo's. Well in Spanish Gordo = Fat. That's probably the last time I eat that stuff again lol.

Yesterday I spent half my evening at Walmart shopping for Christmas lights and figuring out the ones I really wanted. There are some certain icicle lights that are multi function led that look like they are falling snowflakes. Its hard to explain. I just decorated my front windows with blue and white led multi function lights and then added some snowflake window clings. My apartment is the only one on its block that stands out lol. I'm proud of it. I also put lights on the rails and up on top of my kitchen shelving with big red poinsettias (fake). This is a start of my decorating. I want to buy a couple of Christmas trees too. Fake of course. I love Christmas and decorating. I want to make a gingerbread house. I never made one and this will be the first year for that if I decide to do it.

Sunday I went to the Colts game and I knew knew knew something told me not to go. We really got creamed by the chargers in this game. After the 2nd quarter it was a done deal. Manning got sacked, then we had a interception, etc. etc. I left during the last 10 mins of the 4th quarter and so did everyone else too lol. Traffic was not pretty. Here are a few pictures
From my seat.......

I should have did a before and after with the crowd. Here is a before

Indiana State University Sycamores Marching Band for half time. Go Sycamores!

I was eating my tuna special and a certain someone hint hint. Seems to love eating whatever I am eating. Inferno can eat and he is like a garbage disposal. He kept meowing at me to I finally gave in

My back is sore as I did a few sets of heavy deadlifts yesterday at the rec center. Hours will be changing soon and there is a time I think December 22 that they will be closed till January 3rd I think. Luckily I have other memberships. I may be vacation around that time :)
I know in January I will be away from the snow and enjoying someplace warm and tropical.

Going to train and then running errands

Talk to you later going to train and then running my errands.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Short but Sweet

I am on my way to the Colts Chargers game. We need this win BAD. The Sherriff (Manning) needs to step it up and give the Chargers no mercy.

I think Inferno is now officially a mommas boys as he is following me everywhere around the house. How sweet. Okay I will write more of a blog when I return later tonight.

Pray for our Colts

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just in Time For Saturday Night Live

I am going to "try" to keep my blog updated at least 2 x a day and of course my Facebook is updated frequently. Keep in mind my New Website should be available right before the new year. My designer does incredible work and I am very very excited as my website is going to have a fresh new professional look. it will be one of a kind. I really would like to focus more on personal training as well as keeping the fans up to date with my contests, countdowns, training videos, and pre and offseason material. Lets not forget my new love "pet fitness". Speaking of which I am going to see if I can get Inferno, Bunny, and Pookie Mouse colts tees or Santa clothes and take a picture with them to promote my new business in the Tribune Star. I picture Pookie hissing, Bunny sniffing, and Inferno meowing loudly.

Before I left for Indianapolis, it broke my heart leaving my Grandma. She kept on begging me to stay over and over again. I tried to explain to her I got the lovely "cold" weather to go back too. Burrrr. NOT! lol. She is very understanding, as she knows it was time for me to go. I have a Colts Chargers game to attend tomorrow in Indianapolis and I thought about staying the night for the game. If only that new JW Marriott On South West St was open, but it won't be till February. We are going to cream those Chargers. Look Out! Peyton is going to come back fierce for this game. Its a great advantage being on our soil. The Chargers have won the last 3 games and I am surprised how "cheap cheap" the tickets are for this game lol. Seriously. It will be fun. I will be in section 144. woohoo

Well I should be home just in time for SNL tonight. Next week is busy for me. I will be going to the training camp Tuesday and then this weekend, there is a NPC meeting and the following day I start EMT school for 14 days. Which I still have to pick up my BDUs. I should do this sometime this coming week. My book should be in sometime on the 30th. Okay got to run.

See you at the Game

Time to say goodbye

I will be leaving back to Indiana here shortly. I had a good time and it was great seeing my family especially my grandmother and sister. My grandmother is a trip. I walked in to see her this morning and she had on this t-shirt that said "ask me about my grandog" LOL. She has a Jack Russel and Chihuahua which recently gave birth to a little puppy named Lucy. Then I find my grandmother watching college football. She knew everything about football. I didn't even really know she liked football ha ha. So then I find out she bets on the NFL games. She told me today she bet on the Saints last year. ha ha. I about fell out as who would think..not me obviously.

Well I will miss her. Bless her heart, she is a ball a fire and can barely walk around. My sister well before I left her she rubs her armpits on my nose.. Yuck..What a way to say goodbye

Some pictures

No, there are none of me on here lol. Soon ...very soon.

Real quick..Happy Belated Thanksgiving. I hope your belly's are stuffed and that you can barely move. :)
I had a double Thanksgiving. Spending it with friends in Terre Haute, and then heading the same day spending it with my family that evening in Orlando, where it was hot and humid. Then we crashed another friend of the family's house and ate some more. Can I get a Amen for beans and rice. I love love Spanish food. There's nothing like it. I ate and ate. But I am a sucker for good ole American mashed sweet potato casserole. YUMMY. Orlando has changed. I looked for a Anytime Fitness and I only found 2 locations...In Orlando, seriously. The locations are too far for me. Golds is my homeboy. :)

These are some pictures from the Patritots Colts game. I had a great seat, but it sure wasn't worth the price especially since we didn't do so hot. There wasn't many Colts fans but I did see some here and there, sporting the Manning jerseys, and their Colt head hats. I was sitting in the back of a few drunk Patriot fans and Screaming out "Manning you suck" and "I hope you die Vinatieri"(ex Patriot LOL). These guys were a riot and out of control. With my experience at the game I think what I got a kick out of the most was the patriots firing the riffles and the fog horn lol. I was sitting in my seat freezing my buns off. I couldn't feel my hands, my feet, or my face. I was trying to update Facebook fans but my fingers were too frozen to text as I have a "touch" screen. We would not have even had the comeback we did in the second quarter if it wasn't for Manning. Yes we had some painful moments with the interceptions, bit bot as painful as the last one where we would have won the game...grrrrr

We had President/Noble Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter and Steve Tyler (Areosmith) in the da house. The crowd could care less about Jimmy Carter and were more focused on Steve Tyler.

Sorry to make this short but here are some of my pictures.

Tom Brady.........Kiss, reminds me of a friend of mine.

Inferno being sneaky

Wait for it .....

Wait for it..


I think its time to get someone declawed...Inferno think s he is the king of the house.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

So live your life :)

I have been blessed and I am happy to say I love life, grilled cheese sandwiches and cheese curds.

Recently I have been having a blast with the little bit of time I have before I go to my EMT training in Bloomington next month. I am looking forward to the class but not to the 14 day 9-7pm hours. I will also be living in Bloomington, IN temporary with my little kids (bunny, pookie, and inferno) Oh boy this will be fun. I still need to get my BDUs for the class and my textbook. I need to order that today.

So many of you know I went to see Josh Groban in New York Town Hall. It was amazing. The majority of the crowd was heavier set women and middle aged women. We can't blame them for going wild for Josh. He is so talented and what an Incredible voice. It makes my heart melt. :) It was a unique experience. He didn't have his orchestra and it was just him and 2 other people. He also went and took questions from the audience. At one point he said he was a Giants fan and some people started going nuts and chanting the Jets. They were seriously getting upset lol.
Move over Bono, as there's a new man in my life now lol. If I had the finances or the connections, I would want him to perform for me and a few of my friends. That would be SWEET.
I had a wonderful time, and there's nothing like the big apple.

Tomorrow I will be heading to Boston. yes...Boston. The Colts are playing and I wanted to go to an away game and this by far is one to check out besides the cold weather. Thank yo Stub Hub again :) Of course I got my ticket from there. Section 130 row 6 on the colts side. "yeah" the game is almost sold out. I am excited. I rented a car and will do a little site seeing and I always wanted to check out Salem which is about 45 minutes from Boston. So much history in Boston. In the following week I will be attending the Colts women's training camp, November 30th in Indianapolis. Sweet!

Thanksgiving is coming up very soon. I will be doing a split Thanksgiving. I will spend some time here in Terre Haute with my friends then I will be heading to the airport to go see my grandmother in Orlando that evening. The next day I will be taking my grandma, my sister and myself on a cruise. My Gma needs a getaway in the worst way. I love her very much and want to do whatever I can for her, especially putting a smile on her face.

Inferno the Bengal has been naughty, He has been peeing all over my clothes. I can tell you I wasn't too thrilled about that. I immediately went and took him to be neutered. He has gotten to be a little wild and too big for his age lol.

Okay time to get a bit of shut eye and to count some sheep. I miss the little things

Wednesday, November 17, 2010



You know I always ramble about how I like to live life as an adventure and also I believe in doing spontaneous things. Okay here it is…….I’M GOING TO SEE JOSH GROBAN IN CONCERT THURSDAY. OMG I am so excited. The last “concert” I went to was puff daddy and little Kim years ago in Orlando I think the first time I heard of him was a year and a half ago when My ex fiancĂ© bought me Josh Groban’s Awake cd after watching him perform on Jay Leno. What a gorgeous voice, and he is only 30. My friend Pavel is a Bono look a like and might I add a very talented musician. He will be coming to Indianapolis towards the middle of the month, as he has never been here. I'm curious to see how the Hoosier State will welcome him. :) Getting back to my point, here he is with the one and only Josh Groban on the red carpet.

I don’t know why, but Josh Groban popped up in my head yesterday. I enjoy his music very much. I was curious and went to his website browsing and noticed that he released his new album yesterday. How funny is that. It’s a sign.  No, I didn’t go get the album , but I saw that he was going to be on tour. Curious me, I looked, and sure enough with my luck there was only 2 tours he was going to be having a concert in NYC this Thursday and then another in London. Both are SOLD OUT. I was disappointed BUT you know most people see that and then just give up. NOT ME *SMILE *. I saw it as a opportunity, and I have faith. There were a few tickets on stub hub and some costing anywhere from $600-1000 for front row. This is where I draw the line and browse affordably without burning holes in my pockets. What mattered to me is that I was there. I don’t care where I am sitting lol. Besides that’s why they have binoculars. I found a ticket dead center balcony. I love NYC, but it’s not for everyone. I have been to Manhattan a lot, as most of you know I have a BIG family in Brooklyn and Queens . The majority is in Brooklyn, and almost every day it’s a party at their house or its bingo night. For me I like to enjoy the sites and history. Not to mention the people watching and NY’s fabulous characters. The Naked Cowboy is one. I haven’t seen him in a while. But I have seen the naked “granny” cowgirl. Talk about a bad nightmare. Then we have the ghetto Elmo, Cookie Monster, Pooh Bear, ghetto fabulous Mickey Mouse, and my recent favorite the one arm Spongebob

Another week till Thanksgiving…yumm. Bring on the sweet potato and green bean casserole’s my way. Hey don’t forget the stuffing. Holidays are getting closer as we know it. Look out mall madness. I was talking to a friend of mine this past Sunday (GO COLTS), as we were shopping that evening for a dress for her daughter. I mentioned to her that I want to go to Mall of America , before the end of the year. Now that is a suicide mission especially before Christmas, as I can’t even and don’t want to IMAGINE the hoards of people there. It would be a great experience and its nice to say I experienced Mall Of America.  My girlfriend is all gung ho about it. She has a few kids, mostly boys so doing a road trip with them alone would be an adventure. Going back to our shopping, we went to Keystone Crossing or Fashion Mall where they have a Sheraton connected to the Mall, along with a Cheesecake Factory. It’s been a long time since I been to Cheesecake Factory in general. So going back to my shopping, we walked around and looked for a dress and came out empty. SO then we rushed over to Circle Center and went to Nordstrom there as well as another store and again came up empty. Her daughter is probably going to get her dress online, as she already saw a dress on there that was gorgeous. It’s a hefty price tag but its worth every penny. I can’t wait to see pictures. We then headed to Chilis for munch as my friend calls it and then drove back home to Terre Haute. Notice I am not talking much about the Colts as these last few games haven’t sat well with me.

From this Saturday I am 15 weeks from the Mrs. International and 27 weeks from the NY Pro. I can’t WAIT to step on stage again. I miss it. Everyone is talking about the new women’s Physique Class coming next year. I won’t go into details on my thoughts. But I will say it can be a very positive thing as far as girls/women don’t have to worry so much about the “size and conditioning” factor. At some past shows we have had girls win shows who were soft and jiggly but presented themselves very nicely on stage. This new class will be perfect for competitors like that as well as girls that may get overlook such as the small girls like LW, Middles, and some LHWs, lastly we don’t have to worry about the super drawn in face which can demonstrate a very unhealthy look for female . As far as female bodybuilding being the end as some have predicted..I highly doubt that.

I can’t stop thinking about a chainmail my girlfriend sent me about Puerto Ricans. It was pretty much like Jeff Foxworthy’s “ you know you’re a red neck” jokes. So I get this chainmail with several things describing Puerto Ricans. One of those things was you know your Puerto Rican if you’re the only one clapping your hands when your plane lands lol. I have done this. Another one is using your lips/mouth to point to things. Ha ha, I have done this quite a few times and picked that up from my grandmother. I will see if I can have my girlfriend forward me that text again and I will post it on here. I got a kick out of it.

You Know You’re Puerto Rican If …


you get pissed if during Christmastime, you go for a visit , and the were no rice and pigeon peas, and you let them know you are upset..

You’ve ever used your lips to point something out.

You’ve ever been hit with “chancletas”, ...................a soft flip flop mom is wearing, and she beats you with it while pisses..and its so soft you end up laughing and she beats you harder..

or: with the cord of the iron ,she is using to iron with at the moment

You’ve gone to Titi’s house and passed through the “bead
curtain” in the living room.

You step into a house that has all those little figurines taking
up every inch of space on the TV and under the TV.

Your mother has a porcelain cat, dog, Buddha or elephant in her
living room.

You’ve eaten “esporsoda” with butter.

You have a perpetually drunk neighbor.

Someone in you family is name “Maria”.

You have actually met several people named “Jesus”.

You treat fevers with “alcoholado”.

Your uncle owns more gold than the jewelry shop down the street.

You know at least four of your last names.

You scrunch up your nose to ask a silent “que ?”.

You’ve ever left grass out for the camels on the night of Jan.
5th., instead of leaving milk and cookies for Santa Claus on

You remember Ricky Martin as the little one from Menudo.

You were raised on Goya products (Si es Goya, tiene que ser

Your sofa or rug is covered in plastic.

You start clapping when your plane hits the runway.

You can dance to merengue, cumbia, or salsa without music.

Your mother yells at the top of her lungs to call you to dinner
when you live in a one bedroom apartment.

Telenovenas have the status of holy ceremonies.

You think platanos are a whole separate food group.

You have a picture of “Cristo” in your house.

You think your name begins like this: “Ave Maria Purisima,

You walk around saying “Chacho”, or “Chacha” or “Ay Bendito”.

Others tell you to stop screaming when you’re really talking.

You know someone who drives a “Cheby”.

A balanced meal consists of rice and beans and some kind of meat.

You have at least 30 cousins. At least!

Your grandmother thinks Vick’s Vapor Rub is the miracle cure for

My Bengal "Spongebob" aka "Gotti" now known as "Inferno" went crazy on me. I was holding him in my arms and we walked by my vacuum(which was off ) NEVER EVER will I do that again. Can we say OCHIES! He started flipping out and scratched up my wrist and made a huge scratch on my palm. He was out for blood and got it. Not to mention he dug his nails DEEP in the side of my leg, which bruised it nicely. I can tell at this time I had no problem finding him a name. There were many names that came to mind . When I looked at my battle wounds I looked like I was in a bad cat fight. I pulled out my Spongebob band aids and patched myself right up. 5 band aids did the trick

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Badda Bing

Happy Birthday to my aunt or as I called her growing up Ti Ti Evelyn. She is a young 50 years old today. As many of you know from my past blogs, Evelyn has been battling A.I.D.S. for many years. I respect my my ti ti as she has a lot of inner strength and drive. She has had it very hard, and no matter what she still jokes around and keeps a positive attitude. Today we had a nice conversation and she was laughing and joking even though she wasn't feeling too good. I never seen a person with so much spirit as my aunt. She recently got a new home with a pool and she calls it her little heaven. Well in our conversation today we were talking about roller coasters as she loves going to theme parks. She's the one that educated me on Cedar Point as she is a veteran from their coasters. She wants to go to a theme park but its too cold for her right now. So later today the family is planning to take her to Bob Marley's in City Walk where she just wants to dance and have a few red stripes :) Happy Birthday ti ti. I love you.

I have been training more frequently now at the gym. I took a little break as my body once in a while appreciates that. I have never been any stronger than what I am now. It feels nice. I had a superb chest workout and a monstrous pump. My Saturday night was fun but I cut it short as I have new baby to take care of.

At first pookie mouse was not too thrilled about him. Here is an example. She would watch the kitten play and then hiss but the other day they finally played for the first time. Its a relief for me as I didn't think Pookie would change. The only problem now is they run around the house and up and down the stairs, especially at night. Now my boy is very smart. He knows how to open my doors lol. He will jump up and hang on the handle to open my door. He is no fool lol. One thing I notice is he is most active in the evening time like late night. During the day he sleeps and sleeps. Which a few days ago i layed on my bed to take a nap and realized someone had tinkled on my bed lol. I was not a happy camper. His name should be Mr. Tinkles.. *wink. I take him to Pets Smart as much as I can to get him socialized. I walk him on a ferret leash and he goes around the store like he's king until he see's a dog then acts tough hisses and runs. He is very loving with people and very calm. When we go for a ride in the car he lays on my lap. I never seen a cat like this lol. I will keep you updated on him.

I took a bit of time yesterday cleaning the house, mopping the floors, and putting stuff together to donate for the Light House Mission. I needed a break so I scrambled some egg whites with mushrooms, green and red peppers, and a little bit of Swiss cheese. It was good!!! Then I watched cast away earlier and cried my eyes out when Tom Hanks came back to his lost love...I'm a sap for movies folks. :) You had me at hello *wink *wink

Holidays are coming fast. I am debating on a fresh Christmas tree or a fake one. The time to get your tree is right after thanksgiving. You go to the tree farm and chop chop and its all yours. Just make sure there are no squirrels in it like in the movie Christmas Vacation. I remember at Thanksgiving when I was young we used to launch potatoes in the potato launcher. How country is that lol.

I'm happy to say after Thanksgiving is over I will be going on a Baja cruise for a few days. I am looking forward to that. Unlimited grade A steaks, chicken breast, salad bar, and a good quality gym.. you can't beat that. I just wish the dumbbells went up to at least 150 lbs. I'm not that lucky though. I still can't believe how much stronger I am after my break. Next month we have our Indiana NPC meeting for the judges and promoters. I will keep you posted.

I need to find a photographer to take professional pictures of me, bunny, and the cats. I am going to buy all of them Colts jerseys or we can do holiday outfits. I am going to use the photos as holiday cards and also for advertising in the local paper here in town for my pet fitness program.
Its sleepy time..