Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Compulsive Exercising?

I was taking a break last night and watching a documentary called "Obsessed". There was a women on thier who was a compulsive exerciser. She had two treadmills in her house and she could not live without exercising several times a day nonstop hours at a time. She was so consumed with her exercise that she put her family(husband and kids), her friends and her whole life behind her. The doctor came over to help her and she suggested that the women only do 30 mins of treadmill. The lady started panicing. After 30 mins of treadmill she didn't want to stop but did a few mins later. She then began to have anxiety attacks and shaking.

When I watched this I thought about bodybuilding and figure competitors. Are we sometimes subject to compulsive exercising? Some of us may go into the gym a few times a day during precontest "if our schedule permits it" :). A typical workout day may be like this on a 2 body a day split.

early am aerobics

late morning training

evening training

evening aerobics

Is this considered too much? Now I know some pros and some national level that pretty much pay thier dues in the gym. We athletes work hard and bust some tail to make a good showing at our competition. I don't think I am a compulsive exerciser, but I as well as others put a lot of time and heart into my art. Now I do know a few that have gave up thier relationships, education, and employment just to bodybuild. I know bodybuilding and figure can be a selfish sport but I do think about those around me. Exercising has many health benefits but when is it too much? Its something to think about.

I'm watching "losing it" and the family Julian is working with is certainly corn fed. LOL. They are all over 6ft and they look like linebackers LOL. Speaking of which the Colts will be training here in Terre Haute very soon :)-

He's backkkkkk! Curtis Painter will be the Colts backup quaterback for a 2nd year. If you remember the last games of the season Painter did not hold it together. Oh Please please please don't let the Coach Caldwell do the same thing he did last season. That will be a season to remmeber and one that went down in sports history. I know we would have won those last games as "not to sound cocky" but the Colts are that good. I need to think of my outfit this year for the games :) There are a few Colts games I am going to attend for sure...Bengals, Chargers, Cowboys, Giants, and maybe the Texans. I found a ticket in section 109 :) and also 108 which are great places to be at as thats where you see BLUE :) and mini Blue lol. :). Yes thats a lot of games for me but its football :) and I have grown a love for it. Theres a womens camp in October teaching us girls about football. Its pretty fun, I never tried it as last year it was booked. So the registration isn't up yet but count me in.

Okay well I am up to my eyeballs in school book this week. Remember I am in the summer semester and everything is tripled. This week I have my midterm for anatomy. I took a exam a day ago and made a 88 on it, but I could of did better. There is another class I have a exam for this week too. There have been several times I have fallen asleep litterally with my head in the books. This is all part of it.

Okay I am in the mood for some oysters with hot sauce and crakers. :)

You know I am a Floridian and it breaks my heart this whole oil mess thats going on in the gulf. I actually tried to contact a few people down in Pennascola as I want to help out with the oil spill hands on. I haven't heard back from anyone. :( When I first went to college my degree was in Marine Biology : ) but I had some rethinking about a few things.

If your a Hoosier be sure to check out http://www.hoosiershelpinghoosiers.org/

I want to see Despicable Me ,Inception and Salt. They look like movies worth watching especially Despicable me lol. Now I am a Twilight/Eclipse fan and may go see this tomorrow. I am not sure yet. Depends on how my studying goes.

Well 4th of July is right around the corner. I love fireworks and I love BBQ. I am sure I will be back on here before the 4th.

Okay I need to finish watching Americas got Talent. Hey that guy Nation was a bad azz dancer.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chitty Chitty BANG BANG

I finally swung by Time Warner today and picked up my modem as the lady forgot to give it to me a week and a half ago. Now I just need to pick up a router so I can connect wireless.

I got up at 4 am this morning to hit the gym. I drove over to Anytime Fitness as its 24 hours so I can go to the gym in the wee hours of the night which I like. Sometimes I get up at 1am and its like the midnight munchies but for me its more like gym madness. To those that understand what I am talking about or can relate. The gym does something to you. When you go through the transition of sculpting or building a body it really changes you. Working out makes you feel good inside and out. Its such a great reward in the end knowing that you put all that work, focus, discipline and hard effort into something that requires a lot of heart. Trust me dieting and training is not easy.

I did a lot of cooking today. Recently I have been a fan of New York Strips and Fillet Mignon. I have been getting a heck of a deal on chicken breast at a $1.78 lb which is a steal for Terre Haute. I "try" to get my fresh vegetables at the local farmers market. I believe in fresh whole foods especially if it is organic including the meats. Yes its a bit pricey but its worth every cent.
Now I admit I do have tons of frozen vegetables in my freezer not to mention meat as I like to stock up.

I have been a little restless the last few days with school work. Can someone do my homework for me :). Tonight I will get some nice sleep ..finally. I have had a real kick for juicing and its very healthy for you. I also like wheat grass but I try to coat that bland taste with bananas, pineapples, and a bit of mango.

I was watching movies on demand and saw the movie Bruno. Well I can see why it went straight to dvd. I found some parts to be funny but it really didn't grab me. I love a good comedy, but I actually didn't watch the whole thing and changed it towards the end. If you do see this movie be warned you will see lots of male genitalia......LOTS. You have been warned lol

Well I got a few things lined up tomorrow so I will cut this blog short.

Happy Teusday

Oh I am tired and achy. I have been battling a cold and its no fun. Today I had a big anatomy exam and it kicked my butt. Its a tough class, but you just have to be on it and stay on top of it.

I went shopping today looking for antiques at Nancys here in town and then I went to Walmart. I won't even being to share how much I spend today. Of the things I bought I had to get a new ipod as I accidently left it at the gym. I hope that person doesn't mind my nice selection of music :). I think the sadest thing for me is not losing the ipod but losing the clip case my nano came with. That was hard to find. Everyones doing these armband mp3 carriers. I find them uncomfortable and also I think they look silly in my opinion. Back in the day I use to train with a cd player and even a cassette play wearing the big DJ style headphones. LOL. I meant business.

So now later today I have to run to Best Buy and hopefully they still have that clip on case. It cost $29.99...och. But hey when you train as much as I do or will. It comes in handy. I need to do some studying later today and get haead in my other courses.

You all know I love Bunny with all my heart. She has a companion friend named pookie mouse. Shes a cat and acts like she owns the place. LOL. Well I found Bunny another bulldog friend its actually her litter mate and her name is Venus Flytrap. Hopefully in the next few weeks i can bring her back home as the first day had her it was a very stressful moment for her. She is used to her environment and when she came to mins she had very bad anxiety and I took her back.

here is a picture of her... Isn't she beautiful

Sometime this month I don't know the exact date but I am going to the shelter and voleentering my services. You know I love animals. I am really excited about it and it is for a good cause.

I want to share some advice. In this sport and in life in general people will do and say silly things. Thats just the way it is. Trust me.... I of all people know that. The best thing to do is ignore the silliness and immature behavior. Keep pushing forward and remember to keep a smile on your face as it can go a long way. You can do anything you put your mind too. I'm goign to keep it short as i can go on and on about it. :)

have a wonderful week


Friday, June 11, 2010


As Mr. Mackey from South Park may say....."drama's bad M'kay"...lol

Well I am hearing lots and lots of nasty rumors. You know I hate this thing called drama. Nobody has anything better to do "save the drama for your mama". Let me stat off by clarifying a few things as this is coming directly from me.

God only gives us so much we can handle and everything is done for a reason. I strongly believe that. I have been and still am blessed to have so many wonderful people enter my life. whether it is for a few seconds or a few years. I admit I am not perfect and have made mistakes. A great example of that would be like dietng for shows and trying to perfect the diet but made small mistakes on the way torwards my goal. Well in this case I made a mistake/comment and paid the price. We live and learn from our mistakes....that is the bottom line. I won't go more into that as its my business and not the worlds but I never said I broke up with that person for the record. Go tweet that on twitter or fb or email :)

Secondly I clearly state things on my site as that is what it is. Theres nothing behind that. I am In college to be a paramedic/rn. I do personal training on the side which helps, and I have a website for a little extra side cash put torwards gym dues, and contest prep. Speaking of which I just joined Anytime Fitness again as the hours at the Indiana State University Gym for the summer are not long enough lol. The ISU rec center is fabulous with state of the line Lifefitness and Hammer Strength equipment. The Anytime Fitness has 2 locations. I personally like the south location more as it has a wide variety of equipment by percor and they have an awesome Hack Squat and Smith Machine. Ops almost forgot the t- bar row. So anyways, getting back to my piont. I have a lot of respect for myself and I am better than that or what people are saying about me. Not to mention going around causing drama among the internet. I have had lots of funny things happen over the years since I have been bodybuilding. None of these things amaze me in this sport. I know where my heart is and I know where I stand. I also know that these things being spread around are not true. I'm getting emails about outrageous requests.....STOP sending me that junk. Of course I haven't given Yah'll details but I am sure you get the idea.

Full speed ahead

So I have to go this weekend and judge a BB show this weekend and it is going to be HUGE! We have lots of figure competitors (lots) and some bikini. Not to mention the mens and womens bodybuilding. Womens bb is not as big here in Indiana. Mens on the other hand can be very competitive. This show is ginormous due to the Jr. Nationals are held the following weekend. I can expect a long long prejudging. YEAH!

I am so bummed right now as its raining and I don't want to go outside and get my hair wet. LOL. I went to macys yesterday and bought a cute little dress, very conservative for the night show as the judges dress up. Hopefully I can still fit in it.

On a sadder note my father recently has passed on. :( Theres not much to say about it as I knew him but not that well

I hoep I clarified a few things for those that may be wondering..