Sunday, February 20, 2011

Today's the Daytona 500 in Daytona, Florida. Woohoo. I have been invited many times but turned it down as I was working or doing something lol. I remember my first time going to race, it was small and dirty. You want to talk about seeing some characters here was your chance. Break out the camera as it was a redneck camo, overalls and John Deer fest. So innocent me that has no clue as to why the first few rows were empty and everything else was pack. I was excited I had a first row. I sat down the race started and the cars went fast around the track, now I'm sitting there watching and all of the sudden I get hit with rocks, dirt, etc. It hit me by surprise ha ha. So imagine sitting 1st row and getting hit with all this stuff every time the cars past by. Not fun bur it eas funny to watch other peoples reactions too. There's a term for the dirt storm but for the life of me can't seem to remember it. I will not do that again. Going back to the Daytona 500 I was and still am a Dale Earnhart fan. There will never be another intimidator like number 3. I really would like to have one of the pace cars ;)

On a very positive note....
I'm waiting to hear back from St. Vincents Hospital as I'm going to make a donation for the children at the hospital. I called and talked to a very nice lady and explained to her that I wanted to help out and see what can be done. There is a team that specialize with the donations. I am waiting to hear back thier ideas and I'm looking very forward to helping out. I'm also going to put in for volunteering to visit children in the hospital as well. It's wonderful helping out children and those in need. Since I was young I always invested my time into helping out families in need, homeless, children, single moms, etc. It has always been in my nature and always will be. I'm waiting to see what is needed such as toys, books, etc. If you would like to contribute in the cause by either sending toys, childrens books or a small financial donation please contact me. Thank you