Thursday, February 10, 2011

Boom Shaka Laka Laka

I was a big girl back in the day LOL. Call me twiggy. SO I am here with one of my close friend Rosie. She is from Sofia, Bulgaria and she is tall. Very sweet woman. We both worked in entertainment at Universal Studios back in the day. She was a famous synchronized swimmer.

The AHHHNold is not to far away. If your lucky you may get to see the Arnold walking through the crowd with his big gang of security. A long time ago not only did I get to shake his hand and meet him at hid birthday party in LA but I also got close to where I got to be right next to him. I love this man for his accomplishments and sarcasm. A friend of mine is pretty good at doing his voice but I only got to hear it once lol and never again after that.

I'm being cool for the camera back in the day. I was such a nerd lol. How in the world I trained with those long nails beats the hell out of me lol. I find it hard for me to deadlift with long nails as I can't grip the bar the way the bar should be griped. The nails just dig deep in my palms. Doing dumbbell curls too is another pain in the butt when you have long nailsI was the hardcore bodybuilder during these times. All I cared about was working out, feeling good, and nothing got in my way. I was so drawn in to how my body blossomed into something I didn't really think was attainable. I felt like a super hero and I still do to this day of course. I would have to say being fit as its plus sides such as anything looks good on you even a potato sack lol.
I got an email today from TLC about some documentary show and they were casting for a female bodybuilder. I won't go into too mch detail about it but I didn't care for it and of course they made it out to be as if it was a positive light for fbbs. That was a crock of baloney. I don't want to have anything to do with that stuff. Now if it was Survivor, the Great American Race and if they still had it Fear Factor, I would be all over it. I'm sure they will find some fbb to do the show who doesn't know any better.
As I'm writing my blog I'm looking across the room and pookie mouse is staring at me and its creeping me out lol. I think shes tired. LOL Earlier I was eating my meal, my bulldog likes to sit there and stare at you while you eat. Today it got really bad as she had big sloppy strings of drool on the sides of her mouth and she wiped it on pookies head. Poor pookie.
I'm loving the Iphone a lot :O) and yes I still have my droid X. My tech friends are right about the phone as it is pretty nifty. My Ipad is pretty neat too and very handy with school work and on the go projects.
Its now a Happy Friday. TGIF. I'm sure you romantics have some wonderful things planned this Valentines weekend. I would but then again I would probably just wing it and see where it goes. :), but it really doesn't matter what you do. I love Valentines day, and love seeing people happy, its the romantic in me. Don't be bummed if you have nothing special planned. Who cares if you didn't plan anything. Just value and treasure your time together. I'd rather be cuddling and rubbing noses all day or just being somewhere scenic and peaceful. ....The beach lol. Oh A candlelight dinner would be nice on the beach too ohhh la la :). Many people think love sucks. No it doesn't suck, especially when it hits you when you least expect it..yikes. You just have to be patient , and not picky lol. You could meet someone who you never even thought twice of, it could be one of those things where you think you hate that person but in reality you actually care for them, and then there is that instant spark or connection that makes you ga ga for that person. SO you see just be patient as those things I just mentioned are a tip of the ice berg. The best thing to me is the spark. Boom shaka laka fireworks. I will give my love thoughts some time this weekend if I dont go away cruising or just do something lol. It doesn't matter as I will be bloggin anyway. Its suppose to be warm here in Terre Haute the next few days, possibly a high in the 60s. Melt baby melt.