Monday, September 20, 2010

Team Spirit.....Colts smashed the NY Giants

It was game day yesterday and I had to get a workout in and some cardio. My weight has dropped down and I am now in the mid 170's (you know girls don't reveal their true weight) lol
I feel great other than the elliptical is kicking my butt. I almost fell off of it the other day ha ha. I was afraid my legs were going to give out on me. it has happened before.

After the workout it was time to get ready for the big game. I did the e-ticket thingy from stub-hub and had some problems with the printer that I had to run to the library to print my ticket out. I thought they closed at 6, come to find out it closed at 5 pm. I got there at 4:54 pm talk about being lucky. Well I got to the stadium around 6:30 from Terre Haute. There was some traffic but not to bad.

This was an awesome game and I had an awesome seat I think :) I was so excited. I have really grown a love for football and now I really get into it. Oh yes I was sitting next to a NY giants couple..boooooo. Thats okay cause on the other side of me I had my friends Brandy who is a personal trainer like me and Stacey who is a pro golfer. Here is a picture of us. Forgive me on my looks. It was very very hot in the stadium and I had a bad hair day lol.
Me, Brandy(mid) and Stacey Right

Time to share some of my many pictures.
These pictures were taken from my seats. TOTALLY AWESOME! WOOHOO. Now I am spoiled.
It was just soo cool. I was a little kid in a big playground. I loved it. I just love being at the game in general But when you are around the fans and then to see the most gifted athletes in the NFL ..that Rocks. I can't expressed how much people like Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Jeff Saturday, and the rest of the team really inspire people like me. Especially Peyton Manning. I am on a quest to buy an official Helmet and have Colts players sign it :)

During intermission I was walking around and then I noticed someone I knew. I screamed out Bob. LOL...It was Bob from the Bob and Tom show. He was very nice. I didn't ask for a picture as I didn't want to bother him. I really love their show. They are so funny. I listen to them on the radio in my ipod. They make my morning cardio fun. :)

I sometimes like taking pictures of the fans or anything that catches my attention. Of course at games you are always going to see interesting people :) I love it. I have tons of pictures but here are a few.
These Guys are SO cool. LOL. Can you tell they are hardcore fans or in this case the #1 FAN :)
They are well known

Don's ask me why...but I just loved the mokey. He was so cute! Talk about monkey on your back lol

These Boys were absolutly adorable. They had these huge mohawks LOL GO COLTS

Its Pappa Smurfs long lost brother LOL

This guy is also Well known as a Die Hard fan. He reminds me of either Willie Nelson or a member from ZZ top. Notice the stack of tickets on his chain from all his games :)

He was getting down here.

Santa came in on his sleigh wearing his BLUE

Okay here are a few pictures from my seat :)

Reggie Wayne ..the magic man #87

Dallas Clark taking a break

We smoked the Giants. I would have at least like to see the Giants put up some sort of fight. Eli wasn't too great on his passes last night. Poor poor Giants. Check out the score in the 3rd qaurter lol 31 indy 7 NY

I got home late around 12:45 am or so. I was dead tired and came home and walked bunny and then it was lights out.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Game Day

I got my ticket to the Colts and Giants game today. Manning vs Manning. I'm really excited to go. I have a great seat. Field sideline section 137 row 17. Thats not too bad I think. here is a picture from the section

I'm pretty excited. I am going to bring my camera and take some shots for yah'll. I have to leave early to get a parking lol. Its going to be crazy. The game isn't until early evening like 8 or 9 but you want to be there at least a few hours early. I will be sporting my Sanders jersey as 21 is my favorite number. WOOHOOO there is nothing like the sound of a roaring crowd, horns going off with a Colts touchdown, and you can't beat the music they it. I will say that the food is outrageous. I think a regular hotdog is 6 bucks. lol

Now I want to introduce the cutest little thing in the world.............

World meet Peppers. She is sooo adorable and I love her soo much. I have some video for you I just have to download it off my phone. She is a very sassy little thing and has an attitude lol. Its her way or no way. Peppers does not play nice with others.

Kisses and hugs to Peppers...

Yesterday I took Bunny to Petsmart to hang out with other dogs. Everyone loves her. She puts her paw out to shake your hand. Shes the sweetest stinkiest dog ever. Where ever I go she goes.
I bought her a pair of angel wings today :)

I will take a picture and show you later.

nite nite

Friday, September 17, 2010

Just do it

Hola! Feliz fin de semana a todos. Espero que son seguras y tienen un relajante fin de semana

I am tired today. I didn't sleep last night a wink. I did have some starbucks late so maybe that explains it.

I bought some thick juicy NY strips tonight mmmmmmmmm I have them marinating in a top secret marinade (shhhhh)

Thank you to those that enjoy reading my blog. You know I like to write about or "blog" whatever is on my mind or basically write about anything. Words can be very powerful

Have a good night....I know I will

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Having the World at Your Finger Tips

Dreams are truly possible you just have to believe in them. Just don't forget those close to you that are there for you in the good times and the bad times.

The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you.
-Tom Bradley

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. C.S. Lewis

Live life to the fullest and appericiate the little things in life. When we least expect it great things happen. :)