Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Boogie Woogie

My phones been blowing up with non stop Valentines day text lol. Thank you and I get it :)
One of the best things about Valentines Day is not the day itself but the day after as the chocolate is half price lol. My favorite is the big Hershey kisses. If you recall the Spongebob episode where him and Patrick are selling chocolate. I'm the guy who is screaming around town chocolate lol.
I am a chocolate freak and proud of it. Raise your hand if you licked the utensil mom used to put that chocolate icing on the cake lol. I know I did. So yes I would say that is the best part of Valentines day, not so much the hugs and kisses but the chocolate. So take advantage of the post valentines day sales and stock up on marked down chocolate.
I called my aunt and she said she is back on her medicine. Which is a very good as her health really depends on it. She wished me a happy valentines day, etc. She didn't have much planned today as she just wanted to do her own thing. I love her a lot and remember when I was a kid, every weekend she would take me out like to Bush Gardens, the circus etc. I know these recent struggles she is going through will work out as she has a strong family behind her that loves her and supports her.

Earlier today yours truly personally put together a couple of gifts such as a few cards, chocolate and little stuff animals and gave it to people locally here who I in my heart needed to be uplifted. Someone out there cares for you, and that someone is me. It is the thought that counts, remember that. People are funny especially the guys. I get a kick out of watching guys buying flowers for their ladies as some of them have no idea what they are doing lol. Its the thought that counts and it doesn't take a lot to impress me but a good heart is a start.

Enough Vday talk lol. Its off to another great week and the end of the month is almost here. The Arnold classic is right around. the corner and that is going to be a great show for many.
The Northern Kentucky will be coming up here on Feb 26th. That is a full day for me and I'm trying to see how I'm going to work it out as I'm tied between going to a power lifting meet and then the Northern Kentucky show. This is where I need to flip a coin lol.

Time to go train and have a steak :)