Monday, February 28, 2011

Making an Impression

I’ve been up since early this morning, Imagine that. I got a fever and the only prescription is training. Which I am going to do here when it opens. The gyms on the ship have a very nice set up with equipment and cardio pieces. For starters, they have Hammer Strength and Life Fitness equipment. Vast variety of cardio equipment, yes even a stepper and rower. SO I have everything I need and the dumbbells go up to 100. The big downfall and it scares me is out in sea your rocking. I get to scared of injuring myself if you were to lift heavy. No thanks I will just wait till the ship is docked. The gyms are pretty packed here as people are trying to rid themselves of those extra calories lol. There’s no excuse on here for someone to say they can’t train or eat healthy as you can. Sure they have a vast variety of exotic to fatty foods but they also cater to those who eat healthy and cautiously.  Don’t say you can’t cause on here you can.
It seems I tend to make an impression on people no matter where I go. It must be my big deep brown eyes or something lol. You and I know what the answer to that and its not my brown eyes or my AWESOME personality. Yes, you guessed it’s my physical attributes or the way I am put together. It happens a lot on here as people are not used to a “fit” chick . I had my room steward stop me before I went into my room wanting to squeeze my bicep and then he screamed like “OMG Wow” I guess the best way to put it is the way a teenager would act at a Justin Beiber concert lol. I ran into several crew members on here that I know from previous cruises, and they remembered me. LOL. Its pretty nice when someone you’ve seen a long time ago remembers you. Last night was the introduction party for all the bloggers and it was a lot of fun. Free stuff is always good.

Gotta Run. I LOVEEEEE the Gym on here, really nice. Food is good too.
till later