Saturday, February 12, 2011

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I almost threw my computer over the balcony as no matter how many times I tried to get into my hotmail account I couldn't lol. Maybe my caps was on ha ha. I went ahead and reset the password and it worked like a charm...for now. Hopefully I won't forget it but probably not with this one. Here's your sign :) I love Bill Engvall lol *whew that was frustrating though and I had no patience for it. I love technology but sometimes its a pain in the rumpshaker

I got a comment about on of my blog post about my bodybuilding. The other day when I blogged about bodybuilding I meant those things. I don't want to be big and bulky. Only one time ever did I come in big and bulky for a show 2004 Nationals 170 lbs on stage. That was the biggest I had ever got for the stage. here are a few pictures a few days out
It was nice holding that weight and I worked very very hard through eating high calorie diet and heavy brutal training to get to that point. Now a days I like my body where its at now and its only going to get better from here. But now its just about refining and sculpting. My ideal physique is my 09 Arnold with just a little bit more size. Nice shape, muscle bellies, small waist. I love it. Plus I need to fit into my work clothes. Its bad enough I have a hard time finding the right pants to wear. I remember I was trying on dresses for a cruise and it was not fun. I ripped one of the dresses I was trying on and just put it back with the rest of the other dresses and got my but out of there. I don't have so much that problem now. Well I still do with the zipper dresses. Yikes.

Now the not so good news I received today...
Well I got a call from grandma today that yesterday my aunt was told that she has less than a year to live more like 4-6 months. Of course I'm listening to this and my heart drops to the floor. I've braced myself for this as a while but yeah it's hard hearing stuff like that. Now on the other end of the stick I think she can fight this and prove the doctors wrong. She has had near experiences 2 x already and has overcome them. I am and will stay positive with this. No reason to be down about and think the worst as it just causes nasty stress and it doesn't solve anything.
Any prayers or thoughts I can get for my aunt is greatly appreciated.