Thursday, February 3, 2011

I got it

Good Morning and Good Night LOL :) I'm up going to do cardio here in a little bit. I know I told you I would be back later yesterday evening but someone *ahem* feel asleep on the couch ha ha.

I personally don't believe the Groundhogs prediction this year. Sorry Phil, your cute as a button but your accuracy is only 39% lol. There are still several thousand people without power here in Terre Haute. Its still icy out there and dangerous especially if your walking around. Be careful and check road conditions before heading out.

Best of friends
You don't see this very often at all. It's more of a hissing match.

and then Pookie got sensitive and it was only one

Bunny's in the other room snoring and its LOUD. Yesterday we went walking and Bunny likes to run and play. So I let her lose to run and she starts running and then slides on the ice. I'm laughing writing this as it was so funny seeing this little dog running and then sliding the rest of the way. I have to take a break for a minute here as I can't stop laughing at the visual.....It was really funny and cute at the same time. She didn't know any better. That could have been on America's funniest home videos
I actually may be going to Charleston a little earlier than I thought to see a old friend of mine. It will be a happy time but I know there will be those" You had me at hello" moments for me