Sunday, September 28, 2008

R.I.P Steve Stone, Congrats to the new Mr. O Dexter Jackson, & Ms. O Iris Kyle

Steve Stone was an amazing man and a great asset to the IFBB and NPC community. He will be greatly missed.

I received this email from Heather Foster regarding the arrangements for Steve Stone.

Please pass the information along.
Thursday 10AM Mass at
St.Margerets Church
Central Ave ,
Pearl River , New York, 10967

I want to give HUGE congrats to Dexter Jackson, the new Mr. Olympia.Dexter has a physique that I highly admire and I am so happy for him as it has been long overdue. Congrats to Iris Kyle for her Ms. Olympia win. She looked incredible.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Guest Posing

I wanted to annouce that I am available for guest posing and making appearances at events. If you would like to contact me in regards to having me guest pose or make an appearance you can email me at

Saturday, September 20, 2008

BlueBerry Hill in Indianapolis

I got off exit 46 from interstate 465 and David spotted the BlueBerry Hill Restaurant. I went to Blueberry Hill in Las Vegas and I was in HEAVEN. They are know for their pancakes and home style cooking.

Okay you know I am off season now, so I get to enjoy my diet. Being off season I can be more open in with food selections. For example, I can eat more eggs, and steak, and I dont really have to watch my calories. I am trying to put on some mass, and the last few days I have. I am amazed of how well my body is taking the extra weight gain. Every year its gets better and better with the off season. here is a picture of me at BlueBerry Hill with our waitress Amanda. She was super awesome and a real sweetheart. Theres a funny story behind our booth were we where sitting. A week or so ago a car had crashed through the window (which is why there is newspaper over the window) and theres still a tire mark on the carpet(see photo).
I admit I was a bit nervous eating at the booth in fear that a car would crash though AGAIN lol. Overall breakfast was awesome. Thanks again for the great service Amanda.
I then headed over to Lucas Oil Stadium (Home of the Indianapolis COLTS). The stadium opened this year and is state of the art with a retractable roof and it seats 63,000. I then went over to the spot where the Market Square Arena once stood which was where Elvis A. Presley performed his last concert June 26th 1977 for a crowd of about 18000. Market Square Arena was torn down in 2004 and all that stands is this monument

I am very excited with my off season as I have already made some great progress. Well I am sure you want to know my weight right now and I won't be shy to tell. My current weight is 188 lbs. I am amazed at how well my body is holding on to the weight. Yesterday I trained biceps and I thought they were going to explode. LOL. I love it!!!!!! I was proud of myself as I did barbell curls and I did a 45 and a 10 on each side which including the weight of the bar comes out to 155 lbs. That's the first time I ever did anything like that and I felt really good. But It was funny as I couldn't move my arms and take my headphones out of my ears as my arms where so pumped with blood...haha. One step at a time for me. I will be keeping you guys updated with my off season prep. I am doing things differently this time and I am excited about 2009.

I am sure you want to know my weight. Well right now it is 188lbs. I got a few aces up my sleeve during my off season prep and pre-contest for 2009. I am so honored again to be a IFBB Pro bodybuilder. It is a big achievement for me and I will represent female bodybuilding the best that I can. Bodybuilding has brought out the best in me and it has been the greatest thing to enter my life. Bodybuilding is a huge part of my life and my goal is to educate others the best I can about fitness and health. I am a very giving person and will do anything I can for someone. I love helping people in any way I can. It is amazing what Bodybuilding has done for me and my life. It has made me a better person inside and out. I believe that God intended me to be a bodybuilder as it was something I never expected to be and it just happened by accident. Everything happens in life for a reason. I plan to give this sport a 110%. I love the sport very much and the athletes and people who keep the sport alive. Thank You

I am a strong believer that anything is POSSIBLE when we put our minds to it. It really is true you just have to have faith and believe in yourself and your dreams.

I want to leave you with a few of my favorite qoutes..

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.
-William A. Ward

If you can dream it, you can do it.
-Walt Disney

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
-Mark Twain

Monday, September 15, 2008

Atlantic City

Hello Everyone,
I got back home from Atlantic City Sunday evening and went to Buca Di Beppo and had spagetti with meatballs and calamari. It was YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!
The next day guess where I had to go for an appiontment....the DENTIST. I was tickled pink about it as you can see in my photo. I went to see the top dentist in Terre Haute, Dr. John Roshel III. I am very blessed to have a Dentist like him as he has taken very good care of my teeth. He is very good friends with my finace' David. Dr. Roshel Used to compete in bodybuilding and he is going to the Olympia. I just want to tell Dr. Roshel thank you for everything. I didn't feel a thing when he was working on my teeth as I got several injections to numb the area. David was sitting next to me laughing at me and making fun of me. I couldn't feel my teeth or my lips. My lips were so numb that when I took a drink of water the water fell out of my mouth and went everywhere lol. I should have took a picture. I love Roshell dentistry and I recommend them all the way.
Okay now to go on about my Atlantic City Debut.
First I want to thank Ron Goldstein for a terrific show. It was very well run show and everyone was very helpful backstage. I liked the venue a lot too as it was very convenient that everything was taking place at the host hotel the Trump Marina.
On Friday afternoon I was the best I ever been. My physique was better than USAs. I met up with Dave Palumbo that evening as I wanted him to critique me as Dave has helped me in the past. He was very impressed and told me not to carb up anymore as I was already full. I mistakenly took in more carbs and caused myself to smooth over making me appear soft at prejudging. I paid the price alright. I looked at the score sheets and placed 6th. I was 3 points away from a possible 5th. I won't lie it does get to me a little as I made the mistake and its a learning process. i won't make that mistake again. haha. Next year my physique will be 110 % as I am now hungry and I really want to victorious. I don't even want to think where I would of placed had I come in tighter and listened to Dave on not taking in any more carbs lol. On a positive note. 6 out of 18 for my first show isn't bad at all. If I recall Iris Kyle came in 15th in 1999 for the Mrs. International and later that year placed 4th at the Ms. Olympia. Now look at her. She beat Lenda Murray in the 2004 Mrs. Olympia. She has held her crown since then along with her consecutive Mrs. International titles. We all have to start somewhere right.

I was a little nervous as I didn't know what to expect from my first pro show. The only difference from the national shows to the pro show was that the free posing round was first and the comparison round. I was pretty pleased with my free posing and my posing in general.

The Female bodybuilders were very helpful backstage. It was so nice seeing Angela Debatin again as we used to train together in Orlando She taught me a few tricks here and there. Angela is know for her superb ripped conditioning. She also has a great set of calves. One person that I really enjoyed chatting with who was an absolute sweetheart was Mah-Ann Mendoza . She looked sensational at Atlantic City and her conditioning was out of this world. She has a physique that is like no other. She is very attractive and carries her muscle very well. Its so nice meeting people like herself who are down to earth and are genuine. I talked with a few other ladies like Charlotte Collins who was stacked for this show. She had a lot of mass and density. Basically she was thick. Which I wish I could be...maybe one day. She was so funny, and she tells it like it is. I met her husband who was also very nice and big fan of muscle. i chatted with Lisa Aukland which was also another real treat. Her calves are just huge. I want big calves lol. Lisa has done a lot for female bodybuilding, as she is a representative for the IFBB Female bodybuilders. I also talked to I also met Mercedes Bazemore who was a very sweet person. It amazing hearing her story of how she turned pro and also the fact that she has been happily married for 30 years. I was very blessed as I chatted basically with all the ladies backstage. Emery Miller was another one that was a real sweetheart. Marja Lehtonen was a sweetie too. She reminded me of a buff barbie. Marja has awesome biceps and her conditioning was spot on.
All the ladies where awesome and complete dolls. I felt right at home. I was right where I belonged. I am very proud to be an IFBB Professional and I look forward to my future in the IFBB League as I know I can go far. Bodybuilding is something I was meant to do, and be. I am blessed and thankful to God as he has put me on the right path.
I will chat more with you guys later.