Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Be Diffrent

Caboodle cupcakes...yummy yum yum. I have been dying to try out this place for the longest time and they have over 40 flavors of cupcakes. It looks very gourmet and upscale. Maybe I will stop by there today and sample one and take a picture for you to tease :) I can't stop thinking about them along with a few other things that's been lately on my mind *sigh. The rain has washed away the dirt and the little snow we had remaining here in town. Some of the roads yesterday looked like you needed a canoe to go down them, others roads look like the remains from the explosion of small bombs leaving behind decent size potholes on the road. Its not fun when the water is covering potholes and you just so happen to go over it not realizing what lies underneath. hint hint :) I was taking my movies back and the journey there was a doosey trying to avoid them

I'm going to Disney World and your all invited because I just received an email stating that I won a million pounds. Don't be jealous LOL. If you don't believe me here is my proof

You are a winner in the ongoing UK-National Lottery Promo.you have been approved to be paid the total sum of Onemillion pounds. For more information, Kindly contact claims agent (Mr.kenny brown) with:Serial No: S/N-472-9768-79/Full Name/ContactAddress/Tel/Age/Country
I'm going to contact Mr. Brown first thing early in the morning. lol

So I gotta ask...Who puts fresh blueberries and bloody red meat in the same grocery bag? Apparently my cashier did at Walmart. I wasn't too happy about it as its very unsanitary and I don't have any desire for bloody blueberries. Bagging fresh produce or vegetables with raw meat or seafood could cause food borne illness or alos known as the stomach "flu" bug. Not fun to have. For food safety, this is why we separate the two. I kindly told her about it and I moved the blueberries into a separate bag. To make her feel better I told her a joke and moved on about it. Now the other day, I was at the restaurant and the waitress dropped the menus on the dirty floor and then handed them to a family of 5 and said I'll just give you these menus. lol. That's really professional. How about when your eating your meal and the person comes by sweeping the floors right next to your food. Super Duper. I'm cool about things but to a piont ha ha.

I see people are leaning more towards me getting a custom jersey. I don't know if I can do custom on an authentic jersey if I made my own. I can with a replica. I don't even know what I would say in the back of it. It would have to be something very unique and has to stand out. I'm sure not going to say the typical fan thing you know like "Peytons Girl" "whos your daddy" or my last name. I have to be different from the pack and I'd like like to do something funny. I won't be putting sweet lips back there either :). It seems some people I meet now a days are shocked because I am not like everyone else they meet. I refuse to be, no way. I find it very very boring *yawn* and its not my style nor will it ever be. I've always been different and back in the day was known as the class clown or the life of the party. I even won an award for it. :) I have fun, and I'm not afraid to express myself. Its like animals. They don't worry about who's around the or where their at they will express themselves. Take Leo, he doesn't care and just does his thing. Here he is sleeping. lol. Animals are always full of surprises and we never know what to expect out of them. Their just precious except, snakes, spiders, slimy and creepy things LOL. One of my favorite things is going to the zoo and sometimes you may just catch that one thing that you least expect. I can tell you a few stories. I've been eyeing a sugar glider but I don't think I'm allowed to have one :)

The Northern Kentucky is here in a few days and I have 2 friends competing in it, not to mention my friends son is competing the same day in powerlifting. He is as strong as in ox and he's only 15 looks like he's 25 and plays for the NFL lol. Great kid with lots of potential. I'd like to see him play for Alabama in college football.

till later