Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nip it in the butt

Those lunges are killing me from the other day. I'm now feeling it and it is hard for me to get up from when I sit down and also walk around. I couldn't put my jeans on yesterday. LOL. I may have a painful and stiff next few days ahead of me. Training is going good and today yesterday I did the following
standing dumbbell curls superset with barbell curls
seated incline hammer curls superset with reverse incline dumbbell curls
rope hammer curls
Pushdowns on a lat pulldown bar
Skull crushers
rope overhead extensions
3-5 sets 10-20 reps depending on weight and intensity

I have put red meat back into my diet again and it feels great but very filling. I had a hearty new york strip today when I was out and about and it was a lot better from my previous evening with my bad experience with steak. I like my meat medium rare bloody.

If you want to talk about an entertaining blog check out John Healds blog very funny stuff about crusing and everything else including the kitchen sink. I will be embarking on a blogger getaway starting Sunday. Yeah!!