Sunday, February 27, 2011

Its going to be a really fun time as im soooo impressed with the Glory as shes a nice piece of work. I wished I would have went on it sooner :). I guess I was a little thrown off as I thought John Heald was the cruise director for the entire ship. Well he's not as Jorge is lol. What's really cool for me being a fan of this british comedian is that he is doing a bloggers cruise on the Glory so you have more of John time for a select few. I will post the events of his intenary for the bloggers later. One night is called cigars under the stars..nice. I'm happy to be here and feel special lol. More to come but these next blogs are going to be about my adventure. Im so excited and its too bad my sister couldn't come with me. My feet hurt standing here during the drill lol. Its taking people way too long to get to the stations. Got my cowboy boots on. Need to run. Im dying to just rip these boots off.

See yah