Saturday, February 19, 2011

Out with the Old in with the New

Today I get asked my 2nd favorite question in the whole(wide)world "excuse me, but do you workout?" at least it wasn't the "how much you bench" followed by them doing the benching motion with their arms ha ha. Goodness ...So I responded back to them that I do compete in curling like in the Olympics, then give me the shock expression and I just say "I'm kidding". Earlier when I was out and about I got asked if I do competitions. It is very flattering when people respect and admire your hard work and discipline as an athlete. I respect all athletes in any sport. I have leaned down and I wonder if its starting to show. I told you I have changed up my training, and this week I noticed a a huge difference. Maybe I can post a ab shot.

here is also a nice workout song for yah

Since we are on the topic of sports. The colts made a big annoncement recently that #21 "Demond" Bob Sanders or the "eraser" has been released from the Colts. He was the highest payed safety with a 5 year contract of 37.5 million not to mention he was awarded the defensive player of the year in 2007. The guy is very talented on the field, there's no doubt about that. But he has had injury after injury. I have no idea who will pick him up but Bob is a valuable player "when he is healthy". I think in some ways that was a great move for the Colts. Now I have to find a another jersey for the games as yes I have a Bob Sanders jersey and need a a replacement ha ha. I have no clue which jersey to get now. I will post a vote poll and see if anyone responds *wink. Here's my picks so far. I don;t know which way to go
A) #18 Peyton Manning
B) #44 Dallas Clark
c) #87 Reggie Wayne
D) Make my own
E) none of the above :)
F) #7 Curtis Painter (I'm teasing here)

Decisions ..Decisions.....I'm sure I will figure out something. I sure did get spoiled this past year with Colts games. It was well worth it and I had fun.

I meet a wonderful girl at Starbucks and we started talking about training, etc.. I'm helpful and I love to help whenever I can with anything doesn't always have to evolve around bodybuilding. Now on the other hand if she wants to offer me a carmel macchiato quad, I don't think I will say no

Till tonight stay tuned. Btw the picture quaility is horroble when you use the mirror camera. I was testing it out ..later