Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. President

I'm sure many of you are happy today as its a holiday and some of you don't have to work, go to school and are already on spring break. President's Day, an observance of our founding father of our country, George Washington's birthday which is always celebrated the 3rd Monday of February. His actual birthday is February 22. An interesting fact of George Washington was he is known as one of our biggest Presidents at 6'2 and 200 lbs. He also breed hound dogs and gave them unusual names such as sweet lips, and tarter lol. I like sweet lips. Bunnys original name was going to be Marshmallow but Bunny suited her better as when she sits down she looks like a little bunny, not to mention she runs like a bunny too. Speaking of Bunny, she has finally discovered I have a couch lol.
Enjoy the holiday, and take advantage of the sales today as there's lots of them :)

Then we got this guy
Spoiled rotten lol

Remember I talked about a throw down with food. This is room service I ordered on the ship to give you an idea of my appetite when I am hungry LOL. Now a days due to my smaller portions of 4-8 meals a day, I don't desire bigger portions of food. Once in a while I will get the urge to eat a little more than the norm but my stomach puts the brakes on as its not used to that. I remember dieting for weeks very strict with portions down to the grams and ounces. My measuring was dead on target never going under or over the amount I had to do. Once I was done with the competition I remember going to the restaurant and ordering everything my heart desire. I went to Bahama Breeze after the USAs and ate and ate but over did it just a little bit. I was stuffed more than a turkey on Thanksgiving day. Thank goodness there's doggie bags. :)
more later....