Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I wonder

I spent a good amount of time, roughly about 30 mins looking for a parking at the college today. I can be patient but there's a time limit for my patience. I thought of Mr. Bean when he wanted to get a parking space and what he would do LOL. I would have made my own parking space. I thought it would be fine around 12 being that some students would be done with morning class. I was wrong. Hopefully won't have this problem tomorrow. Today was an off day from training but I still had a cardio session to do. I don't get off that easy. Remember from my previous blog I'm more determined than ever.

Leo is feeling sick and had me a little concerned earlier today as he wasn't his normal self. I had to watch his bathroom habits as I need to make sure he doesn't soil my clothes again. I gave him some cold medicine which should make him feel better. I caught him off guard in this picture. Look he's roaring for the camera LOL. He's probably telling me to fudge off

and then theres 32 lb mini BunnyPookie was moody, so I didn't want to push her buttons any further.

I enjoyed Idol tonight .I got a kick out of monkey boy or whatever he was and transformer guy. I couldn't stop laughing at transformer guy. His singing was crappy but the fact that he made the costume out of a power wheels mustang was pretty cool. Here is the video
Tosh.0 was pretty funny tonight too. The stuff he finds is hilarious. You know I love my sarcastic comedy. I'm looking forward to seeing the romantic comedy "just go with it" and the action comedy Big Momma. Looks pretty good another one that looks good too is the Unknown.

It's a short blog unlike yesterday's novel. I'm trying to update my blog at least 2 times a day. It's really amazing the amount of traffic I have from all over the world. Places I never even knew existed. I can't seem to shake something off my mind especially after all this time. I need to take on more activities :). Hopefully in the next coming weeks, I can be in a more tropical environment surrounded by close friend(s). No, its not a bad thing thats on my mind, there 's nothing I can do about it lol. Its out of my reach. But I sometimes wonder and wish things were different. Some of you look too much into my post, so don't always think the worst as its not. Och, its late, time for bed as I have to be up in a few hours. Its going to be COLD tomorrow here in Terre Haute. Bundle up.

If I ever do a training video. I want Bear Grylls to be the narrator LOL

Till tomorrow