Monday, January 31, 2011

Yuk Yuk...Booo to Mondays.
Well we are now down to final stretch. I just moved my stuff into my new living quarters...........the gym. from here on out I need to take a sleeping mat with me. I like to go to the gym when the crowd isn't crazy if you know what I mean. One of the problems is I can't put my stuff anywhere as all the cubby holes are filled. I'm not going to leave my stuff lying around. Too much theft going on.

Time to make the doughnuts in a few hours. Oh Joy! I'm so excited. I get ask all the time "why do I bodybuild"? Well this is NOT a career for me, but it is a part of my life and will always be. I've always been an athlete and bodybuilding working out can be quite a challenge. I live for challenges and obstacles. Makes my life fun :)

I told you a while back that I have I been cleaning up my FB account. If your not on my list or if I dont add you, theres no reason to send me several emails about it. For Pete sakes, lets be adults here and not get overly sensitive.

I need to take a nap before phase 1


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Silly Me

This is the most adorable thing I ever seen. This is Emily and Rishi. :)

Its already starting out to be a unique day. I wasn't even thinking what time it was and I got dressed and headed for the gym at the college. I felt like it was Monday for some reason. Well I park and make my way to the entrance only to find its closed and doesn't open for a few more hours. ha ha ha. Silly Me. I remember I would do this with school too. I would get up look at the time, realize "oh no I'm late for school ..crap", so I would quickly get dressed and hurry my butt up. It was Saturday ha ha... I have seen my sister do this too when I stayed with my mom when I visit. Its funny, but I didn't tell her and played along. I know I'm such a great sister.

I guess I will wait for now.

Btw this is a quickie blog nothing more :)

check back later gator
Got a massage yesterday as it has been way overdue. it felt great and my body is thankful although now its feeling a little bit of soreness. My muscles were tight and needed some relaxation. Later in the evening I went to MCCORMICK & SCHMICK'S. Bill Dobbins always told me to enjoy the precontest as you need to make it fun. We all know the diet and training can be a bit demanding, and exhausting. The food was made just as I like especially now a days. It was nice going out as I had a delightful time, and would do it all over again.

I was surfing you tube as I couldn't sleep and this song popped in my head.
Love this song from Ghost and its grandma and grandpas song. I always loved this song personally. U2 did their version of it and its cool but I still like the original.
I will be back later..........Night

Friday, January 28, 2011

To blog or not to blog....

I came across some pictures and laugh at myself and how innocent I was. I didn't know any better. I had a crush on this boy, I thought he was so cute. It was my birthday that day and I didn't realize I was flashing people.

I'm ready for Hangover two to come out. LOVE VEGAS!!!!! WOnder what the plot will be in this one

A quick update on my mother post surgery. She had a benign tumor taken out of her body, and had she not taken care of this it could have been lethal. My mom is very stubborn about hospitals, but she finally gave in as she couldn't bear the pain anymore. I talked to her earlier and she is happy and relieved that the tumor is gone. She did say she was in a little bit of pain. I'm just happy she is alive and alright. We've butt heads a few times but she is my mother and I do love her. I sent her 3 dozen red roses today as a sign of love and get well wishes. Hope she likes them.

The picture quality is not the best

from left to right Blance, John (Ericas Dad), Mom, silly me, Gma, and ALbert(grandpa) Of course me and grandpa again

Speaking of which, I'm flying my mom, my grandmother, and my sister out to Columbus for the Arnold. It will be an experience for them I'm sure. My grandmother will get a kick out of all the muscle Grandma may try to stuff a dollar down some poor boys pants or pinching some guys butt. She's a dirty ole lady lol. Love you grandma *wink. I'm also going to fly them all out to Indianapolis when I guest pose for the Anderson show the 2nd week of June. They never been to Indiana, and they don't know what their missing, nothing but corn fields galore. If you hear a loud crowd screaming I'm sure its them. Now when I get on sissy will probably be screaming "that's my sister" lol. Grandma may say "shake your money maker Liz" (my nickname.. and don't ask). When I worked for Universal Studios I got to travel all over the US being in Entertainment. It was a lot of fun as I was always surrounded by great friends and we use to play around and this one was one of the jokes lol..

I met a really cool guy this evening when I was in Indianapolis. I was just strolling along and he caught me off guard by saying said nice boots lol. Then I noticed he had all the Superbowl logos on his pants and then the Colt emblem on the the side of his beenie hat. Turns out he works with a lot of the top NFL athletes, helping with nutrition and chiropractic stuff. One of his clients believe it or not is Dwight Freney from the Indianapolis Colts. I didn't get to talk to him too long as we both were in a hurry. I got his card as I'm always interested in stuff that helps us athletes be the best at our talents. There are some amazing people out there big and small. We all carry that little special something that makes us stand out from the rest of the pack.

I want to take the time to say "thank you" to everyone even those that view my blog anynomously (you know who u are)*wink. Without you I wouldn't have a blog. I have been blogging since March 2005 I thought it was later than that, but I remembered I had a old blog called Isabelle's Diary located here

I started my blog years ago as I do and try to live a fun adventurous life. Trust me it has its moments ha ha. But we take that and make the very best of it. I've experienced so many beautiful things such as meeting Governor Arnold at his b-day party, my pets, People that have touched my life, my gym, cursing, happy moments, you get the idea. I like to let people in my life to a point as I'm an enigma, and unique in my little ways and want to keep it that way. I express myself and that's just me. But I am respectful as well. I know some people that blog and say some pretty harsh and tasteless things. Not far. I'm better than that. What can you do there's always someone out there whos a party pooper. Oh well, not my loss. I express how I truly feel. I'm iron-willed or "head strong" and I won't let anything hinder me from expressing myself. Through my blog you share my journey and experiences through my eyes and my words. You share my laughter, my tears of joy, my passion for success, my dedication and discipline for the sport or anything I do, my desire for excellence, my love of life, get the picture.

In the next few months I have many adventures coming up. Arnold Classic, Indiana Bodybuilding Shows, IFBB Pro Shows, Olympia, EMT, Paramedic training, Great White shark cage diving(I'm ready), cursing including the inaugural cruise coming up for Carnival and many many more great and totally awesome things...keep posted. Oh yes I noticed earlier today in the bodybuilding contest world the leg veins are back lol..

I also got my special invitation for the Iphone 4 from Verizon. I can't wait..goodbye droid. I don't know how many times I have talked to people on the phone and it has dropped calls on me not to mention the delay is very bad. I just want it out and let the Iphone in :)

Happy WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Looking forward to it...

I can't wait to get away, which will be after the show in March (March 6th) and then the first week of May. Looking very forward to that. I just came back from the gym this evening as I had some things on my mind and couldn't get them out of my head. I figure the gym could help me with my thinking. I'm the type of person that when I have ideas running in my mind, I tend to think and think. I worked myself pretty good this evening but not as bad as this afternoon. Then I came home and started cleaning lol. I cleaned out a few things and came across some stuff I totally forgot about. Now, I'm exhausted and will have another fun filled day tomorrow again with the gym. Some time here in the next couple of days I'm suppose to go down to Kentucky to pick up my stepper. This cold or flu bug ..whatever you call it had got me pretty good and usually does sometimes when I diet. I didn't feel like taking a long drive as its not worth it feeling the way I did the last few days.

This evening I was putting baby powder under Bunnys nose and somehow she bumped me to were the baby powder got all over her nose and face. It was so funny, I couldn't stop laughing. She was running back and forth around the house with her face full of powder. I swear she looked like shes been sniffing white gold if you know what I mean. I tried to get a picture of her but she wouldn't stand still. Then I got leo later on growling at his mouse. I never heard a cat growl like that lol...

Going to touch up on something...I received emails from fans wanting to have me add them as a FB friend or if I can send them pictures form my FB so they can see. They got upset with me as I told them I won't add them to my facebook. I actually recently deleted over 2,000 FB friends. I'm not trying to win a popularity contest by having a ton of FB fans. I'm still working on my friend list but mainly have people on there that I personally know. Please respect my Facebook and my privacy. There are some other subject matters I will touch up on but will save that for later.

February is right around the corner and that means L O V E is in the air! Love is a powerful thing and there's nothing like it. The force is strong. I can go on and on about that. You know me as I already touched up on that earlier in my previous blogs if you have been following. ha ha. You don't need to do anything fancy for your S/O just enjoy that person's company and make the best of it...There's still a ways away before that sweetie time comes...

Night night


Today was one of those days that I covered up head to toe (matching colors :)), put the earphones on, then put my hood over my head, and just tune everyone out. It was me against the gym. I didn't want to be there at all. My body is recovering from a cold and I got little sleep the night before. Well, I wasn't turning back and I sure wasn't gonna settle for less. It was "on like Donkey Kong" (American wedding), not to mention I was a little hyper already, having some blueberry green tea and yes lots of caffeine.

Now I am Dead Sexy lol...No I'm dead tired. When I was in the gym I was in pain and my legs right now want to fall off. I was a mess and didn't care as I'm not trying to impress anyone. LOL This is part of the game, sweat, blood, tears, messy hair.. you get the picture. I saw a pair of guys dead lifting heavy and I wanted to join in on the fun but just coming off a cold, I wouldn't have my crazy full dead lifting potential. Oh time.

I'm hoping I can crash and burn here in a few minutes. That's a big hope. I will put on a movie and that should do the trick.

You ever had a experience of deja vu? I swear I did today, I just ignored it as it was probably a figment of my imagination anyway. . For a quick second, I felt ...never mind. You don't want to hear any of that and it's pointless. Very pointless. But its cute and comical at the same time as its typical.

So I was sorting laundry this morning and one of my cats as it couldn't of been Bunny took a rest stop on my gym clothes. Hint hint. I got a little upset as it got all over a couple of clothes. Hopefully Oxi Clean will get it out. I was turned on to that stuff a long time ago and I actually got my mother hooked on it. LOL. I swear by the stuff as it really does get the hard duty stains out. Its a miracle :)

Someone asked me if there was one thing I can eat today what would it be...Good question. I would say chicken chicken chicken. I made some veggie stuffed chicken breast wrapped in Spinach soaked in a homemade salt free marinade I made last night . It's pretty tasty, but I have to pretend sometimes as the diet food can get a little bland and boring for me.

Here is Leo acting cool but this is before he attacks my arm.

Then we have a couple of us together. He's a cutie pie

So I end in saying that I can never let go of certain things that have captured my heart and life. I am blessed and treasure the little things I had. I treasure those moments and forever will. Sometimes things happen for a reason but those things make us stronger in the long run and a better person inside and out. :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A good laugh or two

I spent some my evening watching a couple funny videos. A girl at Starbucks was talking to me about Will Ferrell and his daughter Pearl's you tube video. I had to see it and sure enough this is hilarious. I was then turned on to where they have a boatload of funny video clips. here is Will and his daughter Pearl. I promise you will laugh your butt off

SO then I was tempted to you tube a video I saw a long time ago as it is funny but painful to watch at the same time. If your a heavy squater you may want to take caution in watching this video.

Mom, Wedding Cake, and much more

Earlier this week I canceled my trip to Florida as I had a case of the sniffles. My mother had a blood transfusion and Surgery earlier today. I got an update from my grandmother Juana. Mom is doing good. She will be in the hospital for a few more days. My sister is staying with grandma for the time being and I'm sure she is enjoying that. My grandmother is funny, very funny. She would do some crazy stuff like for example. Say you and me are talking on the house phone right. She will pick up the other phone in the house and rip a big fart on the phone. ha ha ha ha. I remember one time I was on the phone and she did that to me and my boyfriend at the time was on the other line. He was like what was that noise. I was so embarassed, but now laugh at it as its funny.. to a piont. She does whacky stuff like that. Oh thank you to the many comments I got about my grandma and her looks. She was a catch back in the day. A former macy's model and runway model in NYC and now when she can she is a home aide helping take care of people

And now how about some wedding cake.........

One of my favorite things that taste absolutely good is wedding cake. I was checking out my facebook and noticed that one of my old friends got married to his long time sweetheart. Seems to be a great time to get married
and engaged *wink *wink. I must say for your newly engaged couples, a great place to get married and full of romance is in the Caribbean. Places like Antigua, Grand Cayman, St. Thomas, St. Martin, Tortola....Beautiful. Just to name a few. Look at them...cute as a button! I never seen Mike smile like that. She brings out the best in him. Congratulations to you both. His wife also recently graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, a very top notch culinary school on Orlando, Fl.

I just love romance and love. I'm a sucker for it. Materialistic things mean nothing to me, it's whats in the heart that counts. Funny story I read a while back that a lady married herself. Here's information taken out of the National Post news story from Nove 30th.

Like most people in today’s world, Chen Wei-yih felt pressure to settle down, but there just wasn’t anyone good enough. But then she realized that the person she was meant to be with had been there all along (like you see in the movies). And that person was Chen Wei-yih.

To be fair, Chen isn’t really in love with herself. She just wanted to add some spice to the age-old tradition and enlisted a wedding planner, bought a dress and made plans for a reception next month.

From Reuters:

“I was just hoping more people would love themselves,” said Chen, who will go on a solo honeymoon to Australia.

“If I had a steady boyfriend, I wouldn’t do this… it would be offensive to him, anyway.”

RWow!..that must have been some wedding night ha ha . Okay, if that's what makes her happy..I guess. People now a days. Nothing surprises me as to why people do certain things or get married for certain other reasons outside of love. Call me old fashioned, but I like the old traditional values of a marriage. Speaking of which a well known bodybuilder (which many of you know) friend is getting married in March. I won't say names, but they are the happiest they have ever been and I am happy for them. They deserve it, and waited a long time for this special moment.

Now someone call the Fun Police

It seems that people just don't know how to have a good time anymore and enjoy themselves. There always is a reason why they can't do this or that. Stop winning and making excuses and just let loose a little. Some people are just too afraid to be a little adventurous or daring. I live in Reality but also have fun too. I don't let party poppers spoil my parade. BTW, I'm not saying to be like Frank the Tank from Old know, getting naked and going streaking lol. No thanks. That was a funny part in the movie. I think I really like the character Blue. "your my boy Blue". This whole thing reminds me of people who are afraid to go to the gym or even eat a clean diet. Its not going to kill you but make you healthier inside and out.

Earlier today I received an email from a person asking me if I needed a bodyguard and that he would love to provide me with services as he works in security and law enforcement. How sweet of him to offer this to me. LOL...Um no thanks. Seriously, really?? Are you kidding me.

Goodness what in the world am I wearing here. Ha ha. Call the fashion police. I think the one thing I miss is my Armani Sunglasses. I loved these babies as I got inspired by BONO for these shades. They cost me a hefty price and later I accidentally sat on them. Oh I was not happy about that. This day at the Arnold my eye was bothering me so I wore the glasses and remained incognito but some how a fan snapped this picture lol. Look at me sporting my Blackberry on the side and not to mention those pants got to go lol. They were my workout pants believe it or not. Nina Bucci from Brazil. 125 for the pants. LOL...They lasted a long time, and made out of supplex which is a great material for sweat. I kinda remind myself of a wanna be J-LO. I got rid of those spandex.....

Now I heard a little rumor today that the Ms. Olympia may go on Probation next year..I don't know how true this is, but there's a reason for everything.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I haven't talked about it much but I am in school part time and that keeps me busy, but not busy enough. So I decided to learn a language. I have studied quite a few languages over the years such as German, Spanish, Portuguese, and a little little Italian like mozzarella, tiramisu (kidding). The last language I tried to learn was Russian, but I need more patience for that, the Rosetta Stone, and a Hail Mary.

I decided to learn french and I had my first lesson today. I learned a few basic things such as counting from 1 to 20 and then learning a few basic phrases. You know its not really that hard as I expected. It flows nicely and I sound pretty good too. Oui (yes). I love culture and love learning as much as I can. Exotic foods are another love of mine too, and when a opportunity knocks to try something new, I take it. Now I'm not like Andrew Zimmerman from Bizarre foods lol. He can handle pretty much anything. We need to have a show with a fit person such as myself (hint hint)who travels around the world in search of healthy foods and what people do in their cultures to stay fit. We would or I would participate the activities and test my physical fitness in their culture. Can I handle it? :) It would be a teaching show with some entertainment and also a great way to market travel destinations around the globe. Sounds fun to me.

Before I call it a night, I want to say one thing........

Be bold, take risk and don't fear rejection :) DO things you don't or wouldn't normally do. Legally of course :)

I went to the store this morning as I needed some advil, I've got a headache from hell, and my hamstrings are sore as can be. Things happen for a reason I guess. I decided to change my plans and not go to Florida today. Which reminds me I need to call my Grandma up and let her know. She's a worry wart if she doesn't hear from me.

Well at least I will go to the gym today despite the snow outside. As I am writing my blog Leo is holding on to my arm for dear life nipping and clawing the crap out of it. He's in a playing mood. Boys will be boys always excited in the morning. He's really cute, and very cuddly. Leo acts like he owns the place and we need to bow down and worship him. :)

I've recently made some friends. Yesterday, I was smiling as its nice to know that people respect me in my bodybuilding. I have people who don't understand it, and yesterday when I was out and about I met several people guys and girls, who had nothing but great things to say about the sport. As always I try not to draw attention but somehow still manage too with my sweatshirts and lose pants now a days. Oh darn it.

I was listening to Bob and Tom this morning and I heard something funny, they were talking about A.A. Milnes' birthday and how the author became famous by changing the title of his book Winnie the S**t to Winnie the Pooh. Oh my, this had me crying laughing. Then they went on talking about how Winnie the S**t had a cooler name then the typical mafia names like Jimmy the wrench. I really enjoy listening to them as they are a HOOT! I love comedy and love sarcastic humor. Of course it take me back to memory lane, and its hard for me as again brings back fond memories. You know when you can let loose and be a clown and have a few very good laughs with someone to the point where your choking on your food or squirting soda out your nose :) Nothing matters or mattered. I enjoyed getting heavily intoxicated with laughter. Of course there were other things as well but that's my business, my happy thoughts, and I will always care. Ah, my furry animals btw love the talking tom as well as the other funny talking applications. Its so funny how they get. But above all the laser beam rules supreme over all pet toys. :) about them Packers. Seems like everyones' giving Bears QB Jay Cutler crap today after yesterdays game. Leave the guy alone. Bears had a good year. best of luck to them next year. My pick for this years superbowl. Wow that's hard. Rodgers is very good. You know I am a big Vince Lombardi nut believe it or not and he was the Coach for the Packers (1959-1967). I would have loved to be there in person hearing him speak to his players, I would have loved to heard his inspirational words of wisdom.

Can someone please tell me a good kitty litter that immediately deodorizes when you have multiple cats? I have tried a lot of kitty litters but for these cats I need to do something lol. When they go potty they GO and its stinks..bad. I tell you what I wish Bunny was potty trained as good as these cats are ha ha. Earlier this year, we were outside and I did snow angels and she did..well butt scoots lol. It always amazes me looking at her how small she is and then muscular. She's my best friend.

My Family and My Grandpa

Here is my family growing up as a child. I was so blessed. My Grandpa Albert and Grandma Juana raised me as there own. In my eyes they were like my mom and dad.

Here's a classic pic of me being silly
Me and Grandpa Louie Turell, I got a fever for Coke a Cola

Yesterday was quite an interesting day for me. I will go into more detail later. I would have been more thrilled to see the Colts in the Super Bowl, but this years SB is going to be HOT! Packers Steelers woohoo. Next year Colts will be in Indianapolis for the Super Bowl making history in the NFL. My eyes are getting tired. Sorry to make this short but I will touch on more things later today

Sneaky snake goes dancing..... :) Ever heard that song before?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Nice to see

I was looking back at my blog archives and started remembering some of the silly things I wrote about such as Dairy Queen pumpkin blizzards, crazy bodybuilding moments, talking about a mooner I saw at a festival, etc. You get the picture. There were some happy and sad moments in my blogs and some moments that I will forever treasure. I really have enjoyed expressing myself since I started this back in 2003. Some bloggers take things a bit too far that makes you go Hmmmmmm. Look, I really love my blog and I love blogging. It's my spotlight or as one of my friends told me my story and I am the main character. I don't cater to people with my blog. It is what is, and I keep it real. My advice those that don't like it, you shouldn't be reading it anyway. :) My blog is a way to to express myself and let people sorta in my life. It's nice knowing that people read my blog from all over the world. Places that I have yet to seen and venture such as Sweden, Egypt, Australia, just to name a few.

Something caught my eye today and I was taken by surprise, but I'm glad to see it still exist and not thrown out like some other things were that I got with good intentions. :)It did get my attention. Brings back sentimental memories to me. When I have my heart set on doing something I DO IT. Thats me. But that's all said and done now, but too stroll back down memory lane was a bit of a treat. Especially my cruising moments. One thing I must say to the traveler or cruiser in my case. Never ever ever wear things that draw attention when going to foreign lands lol. Sometimes I forget the kind of t-shirts I wear. I specifically remember going to a certain island and wearing an FBI shirt, and no its not the "other" FBI shirts, you know the ones I'm talking about :). Everywhere I went all I heard was "FBI". I wanted to change out of my shirt so bad. It got a little annoying every 5 minutes, hearing the natives among the crowd shouting "Hey FBI, or Don't mess with FBI". I wanted to get the heck out of Dodge and back on the ship as fast as I could.

Some things look better on others. *wink ......That shirt..well it didn't cut it for me.

My eyes are sleepy, but at least I will have a good nights rest as I'm relaxed and at peace until I go to the gym later today and all hell break's lose. Beyond all of this its nice knowing I'm thought of and how much of an impact I've had. I really had no idea. Now please, can someone tuck me in and tell me a bedtime story pretty pleae with suga on top :)

Stay Classy
I always want the best for people, and 2011 is starting off as a great year for a lot of us. :) I'm happy to know the things I know now. No worries about me, I've cut it lose and let it go.
Seize the day or else suffer the consequences. Life is too too good.

A few quotes I want to share

Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.
John D. Rockefeller

Whatever ought to be, can be.
James Rouse

See you soon

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Go Away Snow!!!

Aww gotta love the Mid West. Today we had a good amount of snow come in. It was beautiful to look at "this morning" and then later on on the streets it was dark brown mush.

Regardless of what the elements throw at me, I still made my way to the gym to train and do the cardio thingy. Speaking of which, next week I'm picking up a commercial piece of cardio equipment for my off days and for those late night "Cardio Carvings". A few more weeks to go and I'm home free.

Yesterday, I was on a mission to get a nice pair of headphones as the Ipod headphones weren't doing it for me. I LOVE MUSIC. There's nothing like a good tune to set the mood and get you feeling the vibe. I picked up the Dr. Dre Monster Beats, and I must admit they are really good for sound quality. The price was a bit step for headphones, but since I will be using them A LOT, its more of an investment. I also fainted when they told me the price at the checkout counter.

Sorry to make this quick, but I need a nap or two.....

Before I sign off, I will try to post some sneak shots later in the week.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Indiana NPC Show Dates, and then a friend in the Nick of Time

We have a great lineup this year with National Qualifier shows for NPC Indiana. I hope many of you can attend as a athlete and of course as a spectator. You may be seeing yours truly guest posing at one of these shows. Our newest show this year is the Indiana Muscle Madness in South Bend, IN. Be sure to check out our Indiana website :)

Now with much ado(excitement) is the show dates, but don't leave me yet as I still got some things on my mind :)

March 26, 2011
Indiana Muscle Madness
Century Center
South Bend, IN
Contact: Coming Soon

April 2, 2011
Southern Indiana Bodybuilding & Figure Championships
Harrison High School Auditorium
Evansville, IN 47708
Contact: Eric Schmidt
(812) 402-9900

June 4, 2011
Indianapolis Championships
Convention Center Downtown Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN
Contact: Tim Mobley
(317) 867-4993

June 11, 2011
The GNC Classic
AHS Auditorium
Anderson, IN
Contact: Dave Cravens
(765) 778-3947

July 9, 2011
Mid-Western States
Embassy Theater
Fort Wayne, IN
Contact: Rick Walters
(260) 436-9326

July 23 2011
Indiana State Championships
NPC Hoosier Muscle Classic
Convention Center Downtown Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN (both shows)
Contact: Tim Mobley
(317) 867-4993

Talk about being at the right place and at the right time. I have to say a special thanks to the Indiana Chairman and my friend Ed Sanders. I can say he has always been in my corner especially when I was in hopes of getting a pro card, which I later did. But now for the Arnold, its a tough journey and its been a tough week. There is not one person who does not know of Ed. He a funny down to earth country guy that enjoys and loves bodybuilding and he is always for the athlete. He gave me a few knocks on my head tonight as sometimes we all can use that. I consider him that Mickey from the movie Rocky,but he doesn't cuss as bad as Mick. My favorite line in that movie "get up you son of a b*t*h" and of course my absolute favorite Mickey quote "You're gonna eat lightnin'; you're gonna crap thunder." woohooo. Thats some words of encouragement. Let's just say I feel good.....real good.

I got a some upgrades in my apratment today such as a swan facet for my kitchen sink. I now feel like I should have went with another option lol. Its just a little too big for my sink. Then they replaced one of my blinds that Leo tore down...jeepers peeper Leo. Earlier today He was litterally hanging onto my arm. He would start "playing" nip bitting and hugging my elbow and then he didn't want to let go. you can say he had a death grip on my arm lol. It was funny. He is indeed WILD.

Oh my heart skiped a beat or two today, no comment to why.....*sigh "P

heading to the gym

Monday, January 17, 2011


Oh what a day today. *whew* I will tell you more later on this evening. I have to run back to the gym and then do some school work later tonight. Oh joy.

There is a cool website called, where the fitness minded athlete or the bodybuilder can order bulk amounts of protein at very reasonable prices. Now why didn't I think of that lol. They also ship worldwide. I give this a thumbs up as great quality meats at an afforable price. Not to mention you have superior Pro Mr. Olympia athletes like Dexter jackson and The AWESOME Jay "Cuts" Cutler. I predict another win for Cutler this year :)

I was trying to take some pictures with me and Leo but as you can see by his expression he was a bit PO'd. It was a bit chaotic holding the little man.

I like to read the dictionary sometimes believe it or not lol and today I wanted to go and read the Urban Dictionary. I looked up Terre Haute and then Hautian as in a native of Terre Haute and this is the definition or "someones'" definition of it :)
Hautian: A native of Terre Haute. These people are among the slowest humans on the planet both mentally and physically. They enjoy mullets, walmart, and romantic dinners at the Ponderosa steakhouse. They have trouble properly operating automobiles and like to leave appliances in the street.
LOL ..okay, I guess that's how that person see it. I must admit its a cute city with interesting people that live in it. I remember when I first came here to the city and my first experience at Walmart. WOW!!! I had a few good laughs that day.

Talk more later

A little surprise left for me

I'm in the bathroom listening to music as I get ready to go to the gym and I start hearing something banging against the wall. I go into my bedroom and my closet is open and I see my shoes thrown everywhere. Pookie was playing with my shoes. I didn't really pay close attention so I left the room, and went back to the bathroom. I then went back into my closet hunting for a t-shirt for the gym. I then smelled something funny but it was a familar smell. I then looked down and the smell got worse. I started looking around my shoes and finally found what it was. See if you can see what I saw in the picture....WARNING a bit graphic. :)

It turns out pookie was trying to paw invisible litter and was pushing my shoes around. LOL
Pookie was not responisble for what occured in my shoe or I should say heel. It was Leo my innocent Bengal..NOT! He is more calm now a days. He has been very close to mommy lately as I have been feeding him chicken scrapes. It was cute as he slept next to me last night and earlier today when I was watching the game.

I don't know how but everytime I took a picture of Bunny I seem to get her when she was licking her face lol. Such a tiny Bulldog but very special and sweet.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Being strong for a friend in need

What a day today. I arrived back in Indianapolis around 3 pm yesterday (Saturday). The airport was quiet and dead. I had to go and see my friend who is seriously ill at Methodist Hospital.

A week ago I got a message on facebook from my friends mom about her son Chris W being very ill. I thought it was something like pneumonia, but I didn't know exactly how ill he was till a few days later when I read on his mothers FB page that her son needs a heart transplant. I was in shock and started getting emotionally upset as it brought back memories with a loved one of mine that passed away years ago from heart failure. My instant reaction to hearing this news is to be there for him, and be strong for him. We don't know how things will pan out. One greatest gift that someone can ever give someone who is ill is being there for that person and showing them you care for them.

I was running late in seeing him yesterday as I was suppose to be there around 3-3:30 pm. I had a good idea where the hospital but my problem was getting him flowers as I can be a little picky. I'm not just going to give any type of flower to someone. I wanted to make it special and I had to run to a few places before I found that right one. SO that took me a hour or 2. I didn't get to the hospital till around 5 pm and then circled the vistor parking spot 1 trying to find a decent parking space. Then around 5:30pm I found a space and made my way to see my friend. I walked into the gift shop and saw this cute medium sized bulldog stuff animal and had to have it. SO I bought it to give to Chris, I know how cheesy. I wanted to cheer him up.

I make my way to his room and as soon as I proceed the entrace to the unit there was a sign on the door that said "please refrain from being flowers to patients" I had no idea and then told myself "good thing I didn't a bunch of flowers" which was my originally plan as I like overly doing things :) Well then I hear my name called out and there was Chris, his mother and his brother. I saw Chris and couldn't believe how great he looked. I was expecting him in bed and looking ill. He looked more healthy then you and me combined. LOL. He was walking around and had a smile on his face. Then his mother came over to me and what a sweet sweet loving woman. Then I meet Chris's brother and there was such an identical difference and it reminded me of a chris before and after shot. Then they both have the same similar voice. SO for the next few hours it was us four hanging out and having a few good laughs. I think the one thing that really touched my heart yesterday was when Chris' mom sat next to me and pulled out this HUGE book she put together for Chris from his first surgery. I wanted to break down and cry. You can see how much time and love she put into this book. Not to mention listening to her and going back down memory lane. I just wanted to give her a hug and hold her tight. This has been a long journey for her. I can't even imagine what she is going through but she is so strong and keeping a uge smile on her face and making jokes. She has been sleeping in Chris room at his side. What a mom :)

I will be back later today this afternoon after training at ISU to see Chris and spend time with his family. I was going to bring him some sushi and some other yummy foods, but he can't have anything high in sodium. I teased him and told him I was going to buy him some plastic sushi so he can look at it and pretend LOL

Well this is hard for me as I never want to see my friends, family or even strangers suffer. I guess this is why you can say I want to be the EMT paramedic then hopefully a RN after that. I want to help people, save lives and be there for people at all times. Letting them know someone is there in corner and not going to let anything happen to them. I am there guardian angel.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Loving the Britney Spears New Single and the iPhone 4 finally for Verizon...Goodbye Android :)

I am loving this new single by Britney Spears. Perfect for dancing on the cardio machines and popping out a few good reps working out ***thumbs up!!

With long long anticipation, Verizon finally has the iPhone and you can guarantee I'll be getting my hands on an iPhone as I have been wanting one the longest time. Don't get me wrong, I like my Droid X but It isn't my first choice. The android has its downside. A couple of things that I don't care for is the short-lived battery life, delay with applications & receiving messages and emails unlike my Blackberry, and not to mention the touchscreen sometimes freezes up. My Heart belongs to the iPhone. It's says me all over it.
IPhone here I come :)

There's also some great apps for the fitness minded such as myself. The possibilities with this phone are endless.

Talk to you soon.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sure it Bothers Me

I am hurt about yesterday's game. I had the best seat in the house and was surrounded by awesome people. The club level is such a nice experience. I absolutely loved it and would do it again. But what really mattered to me the most was a Colts win. It was a good game. The Jets had healthy players, we on the other hand did not. I saw Austin Collie and Dallas Clark on the sidelines and wished they were in the game. Regardless, our boys gave it all they got. I will write more later today. My seat an aisle was awesome. I got to see all the players up close and got to see a lot of good plays unlike my other seating arrangements in the past. I am so bummed that we lost. As manning said in a interview tonight, the loss is disappointing especially after that field goal by the Jets with only secs left in the game.
For right now, I don't want to talk about it. I will post

some pictures from the game later. I was really hoping for a Peyton bootleg here. Nope didn't happen.

Nite Nite

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Random Pics

a few pics

Had to go visit Snoopy at my best friends house and he looks like a cotton ball

Sissy and mom
Someone got sea sick the first day of the cruise lol. She couldn't handle the rocking lol

The next day Chipper as can be and behind her the Carnival Freedom backing in to the pier

my boat

and my other one

My favorite cocktail "tiramisu" A must have for the cruiser

The End!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Eat some cheese for me please

LOL.....I sure could use a cheese stick right now. Instead I will settle for a leaf of romaine lettuce, and play pretend.

I took a short break from cardio to write a blog. I'm doing cardio and watching the movie the "Great Outdoors". How exciting. The stutter guy is funny and the bat moment..classic. I love a good ole laugh. I used to be or I still am a comedian in some ways. Friends sometimes consider me to be a class clown in a good sense of course.
The gym scene has been nice as its slow and I can get around and do my training without having to wait for a machine. How nice, it won't last for long. Its getting closer to the show. :) Chicken breast has become my very best friend. I have been taking in a lot of veggies too which is nice as its good to have some roughage in your diet. I try to be make a colorful mixed veggie medley and mix it in with chicken. I've also been making chicken pate'. Very different but I use my imagination. I love adding herbs to the mix and one of my favs is rosemary. I'm getting hungry again. Every where I go in the house Bunny follows wanting scrapes and then on top of Bunny I also have Leo wanting some scrapes. Leo can eat!!! Oh my body is sore!!!Its a good sore but also bad lol. Bad for me as its hard sometimes to walk around. I sometimes waddle like a duck. Today was a great day for that. Oh boy...

The weather is nasty here in Terre Haute. It was fine a few days ago lol. I was in Florida for a while and man it was NICE compared to the snow. It can be very dangerous driving out there especially when there's ice on the road. I already had my excitement a month ago with the snow. I will be in Florida in a week or so for some training, should be a nice change of pace from here. I was already in Florida for a few weeks. Right now I would like to be on a cruise going to the Eastern Caribbean. I think one of the prettiest places I ever seen was Virgin Gorda, Antigua and St. Thomas. Now I really want to go to St. John. Now if Erica is on spring break around the end of March, maybe I can take her with me and we can go swim with sting rays and she can meet my beautiful girl Frisbee. SO adorable. I miss her. She was born without a stinger.

I can't wait for the game. Its going to be crazy. section 141 club level, row 17 yes!! Now this is my treat of the week. I just hope I can walk. My only concern for tomorrow is the weather and parking :(

I love the raccoons in the Great Outdoors. They are so cute! I want one

I still have to upload some photos from Florida with the family.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thank you

Thank you again for having me featured on the front page. I love the Colts and I am so proud of our boys.

Blue " fabulous " New Year!!!

What a great way to start the New Year! THANK YOU COLTS!!!! As a Colt fan we want the best for our team and then some. Even with a long injured list, it didn't stop us fans from believing in BLUE and keeping the faith. No WAY. It didn't stop our beloved players from giving it their all. We had some setbacks this past year but we came back strong. With Blood, sweat, a few bumps, scrapes and tears we showed everyone the Colts mean serious business. I predict we will be in the Superbowl again this year. Count me in for that one.

I'm excited about the game this coming weekend. We will smoke the Jets AGAIN..:)

I got my Playoff ticket immediately yesterday. Section 141 row 17 woohoo!!!!!

"Doing the colts fan dance" :)

Superbowl here we come.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

GO COLTS...WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it you non Colt Believers. Congrats to the AFC South Champions!! I already bought my ticket for the game coming up. Tickets were on sale through Ticketmaster and I know they will go fast. So I went for the best available and I got section 141 row 17 seat 20. If I am correct that is a club level seating woohoo. Should be a fun game. Look my family is all New Yorkers so we have Jets and Giants fans in the family but hate to pop you "jets" fans bubble, but we are going to royally stick it to you. EAT THAT!!!!!!! hahahaha

Now for a fun memorable Kodak moment.....My sister being a silly as usually. Reminds me of Shrek

We've had a good time the last few days. Today was her birthday and she had a good time as she spent it with her boyfriend Christian at Universal Citywalk and then we had a party for her tonight. Of course being the sweet little devil I am I took some cake and smashed it on her face. lol It was funny and yes, she got me back but not like the way I got her. I got skills :)

I went looking around today trying to get an idea of whats on the market in Orlando. I saw this condo and feel in love. Just to give you an idea of what is on my mind. This is located in Dr. Phillips in the Phillips Bay community. It is absolutely gorgeous, and not too bad for the price. Of course its not Terre Haute cheap. It is located at
7004 Stonehedge Drive, Orlando, FL 32819
3/2.5/2 townhouse
1985 square feet. I love this a lot. SO me, very spacious and open

Training is good. Speaking of which I'm going to the gym in a half hour :(
Poor me

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'm so's drving me nuts.

HaPpY NeW YeAr!!!!!!!
New start, New beginnings, Time to move forward.....
"Live the Adventure"

I'm in Florida right now then again I may be on a cruise. Never know with me. As long as I have a gym to train that has everything I need and I'm able to prepare my meals according to my plan. I'm all set. I don't let people or what they say not to mention things stop me from my goals, dreams, ambitions or things I want to achieve in my life. No Way!! Enjoy life :)

For my journey to the Arnold I would like to inspire children and people from all walks of life. I am putting together something for this. I have been working on it, the last few days, writing down ideas, etc. i will keep you posted.

If you remember my previous blog about Pepper. She is so cute. I want to take her home. She is so sweet and very playful. Love that little girl. I'm sure I will be seeing a lot of her.

Tomorrow is Ericas' Bday the big 17. Well actually in less than an hour