Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm a little beat still from this morning. I hope I don't have to go hunting for a parking spot at the gym. Yesterday wasn't bad at all. Today shouldn't be either, but one can never know can we. I need to kill some back today followed by aerobics. I don't care for the lat pull down at the gym as the movement feels weird to me. The bar is held by two pulleys and not one like the standard lat pull down. I know this boring talking about machine lingo LOL

Here's my Friday rant. It annoys me when I see people pump up competitors saying things like "you can win the whole show" etc. I'm talking this person looks like they never lifted a weight and there diet was mostly consuming burger king whoopers. Okay there is fantasy and then reality. I'm not trying to sound harsh but why do some people feel they need to sweeten their chances with someone by filling their minds with something that far a from a reality. Just be honest with them and tell them how they really look in a nice way. The athlete falls into this lie and then gets very angry when they place dead last and ask judges why didn't I win the show. Oh my maybe they didn't get the memo. You have to do the homework first. Diet and train. We see this 'situation" a lot with amateur competitors. I wish it would stop, but hey some of them are too stubborn and learn the hard way. On top of that. What are you willing to sacrifice for the sport? Your job, relationship, your life? Is it really that important to you that you have sacrifice things in your life that bring you happiness to compete at a show, etc. In my opinion its not.

DO they still make floppy drives? I need to find an external if they do. I have 100s of disc loaded with photos I'm trying to access.

Waiting to hear back from my Charleston Friend, before I make my plans. I don't want to just show up and then her not be there lol. I would be sad. :( Shes a hoot and has been a wonderful friend to me. I'm sure I've drove her nuts a few times lol