Saturday, February 26, 2011

Almost there

Just want to say a quick good Luck to Kaylee and Stephanie competing in the Northern Kentucky today. Kaylee is in figure and looks absolutly darling. She's worked her butt off for this, and is a lean mean muscle machine. :) Stephanie is a bodybuilder and carries a lot of good muscle on her pretty structure, not to mention she has a beautiful look that is what we need in female bodybuilding.I wish both of them the best of luck they will do super duper, I'm sure. Best of luck to the both of you, I wish I could be there but I have some unexpected plans to tend to today before tomorrow.

I'm not looking forward to today as I have to make a quick getaway this morning that involves my bulldog Bunny. Lets just say I'm caught me off guard and as much as I tried to work it out in my favor its not and I HAVE to take care of this and then enjoy my fun tomorrow. All I can say today is going to be a draining day for me and cold. Speaking of back home, we have a Golden Corral there and and its been inspected in the last 3 years 28 times..och. The health department may close it down, and I hope they do as it is a very unsanitary place and quite the dump. I won't go on about it but it reminds me of the staff from the movie "Waiting" with Dane Cook. Could tomorrow hurry up and get here please :) Going back to my original conversation about yesterday, I had a fun fun time. I LOVE ORLANDO.....not the people that live in it except my family lol..kidding. As I was saying I had a fun time cruising around and looking at a few neighborhoods and seeing whats on the market etc. I like to keep up to date. I love Dr. Phillips area alot. My highlight, last night was that I was the QUEEN of the world lol. I have some teaser pictures from one of my stops, of course one of my favorite places Bahama Breeze. You know I had to stop here and get myself ready for the week ahead of me. Great music and amazing Caribbean food made fresh.

For starters the seafood Bahama chowder is to die for and is sooo delicious

I did something different on the menu as they got rid of my margarita chicken. This is the Chicken Santiago with roasted red pepper sauce. Now it originally comes with yucca (I passed LOL) and substituted sweet potatoes instead as they taste great paired with chicken. Great dish and a must try if you like chicken

Lastly we have one of their most popular appetizers coconut shrimp with a mango marmalade. Its good but the shrimp need to to be jumbo sized as this was just a tease lol

After my dinner I cruised around and I had a blast. Later my travels ended here as I had a urge to workout and brought my workout clothes with me just in case. Sure enough I got a fever for the gym. By far this is an awesome gym 24 hours and has everything. The bad thing is the people who train here train more for show and its a pick up joint from 3pm-8pm. People are drowned in cologne and perfume and were next to nothing for workout clothes guys and females. Its insane. We have a lot of your top notch celebrities train here, so you see a lot of nice toys parked outside. I got to meet Tiger Woods once early in the morning and he was doing bicep curls lol. It was pretty cool and he was very low key. I didn't think about it at first but once you see all the Nike clothes and not to mention once I really got a look. Pappa John trains there too along with a few other celebrities.

Before I end this blog don't be shy to tell people your true feelings. I promise it won't hurt and it could take a load off your shoulders. Just my 2 cents as my girlfriends tend to be shy about certain matters and I am very outspoken and say whats on my mind. If I feel something deep inside your gonna know it. So act liek you got a pair lol. Talking about pairs. I am really tired of seeing the sacks hanging from cars and trucks. The guy who came up with the idea is a millionare lol, but now its just really annoying. In florida it seems everyone has it and ladies that is quite tacky if you have it on your car. I have seen this too. Now we are using body parts as ornaments to express ourselves. lol

I got to head out and take care of a few things. I will touch base later today. My wonderful day is just beggining