Monday, February 7, 2011

Fun stuff

I always ate very hearty lol I love a good ole turkey leg and stuffing. The best turkey legs in the world that simply are delicious is Walt Disney World turkey legs.

Happy Monday *smile*
I'm up early LOL...Gee imagine that. Toss and turned last night. I got some fun stuff for you guys. This is the fun side of the blog. I will be posting pictures and video of classic Isabelle. Some of these are never seen before photos and some video of me. I was a dork lol.

Awwwww I look so sweet....we all know better than that. I loved the color pink. This was taken in Buffalo, NY which I drove there and it was LONG from Florida. I went to Buffalo quite a few times as it is beautiful not to mention that is where Niagra Falls is. I like the view better on the Canada side. Thats just me. I only did the road trip once there from Florida. Never again lol after that.

Me being cool for the camera posing with my Caddy

Me grandma and my mom. This was after Nationals a long time ago lol

Me and Sissy at grandmas. Her kitchen still looks like that till this day. Nothings changed and everything is in the same spot. She even has candy still in the jars from Halloween years ago ha ha

Victory pose or more like flexing my gun. Love my abs

I had to go to a costume party. So i think I tried to go Victorian. I have no clue

Keep posted!

I'll be back I wasn't tring to be like the Terminator