Friday, February 18, 2011

Lucky :)

Friday ..its Friday YEAH!!!
It's no surprise I'm up at this time in the morning.

I'm so jealous as my sister beat me to skydiving. LOL. Lucky girl

Yesterday I bought the movie Sherlock Holmes as I really enjoyed the movie a lot and it was another movie I rented and decided I wanted to have it. Robert Downey jr and Jude Law are a hoot and made a great pair. As I was checking out in line, I overheard a lady talking to the cashier saying she was going to Orlando and of course I chimed in my 2 cents as Orlando is my home town. So the lady got really excited and wanted me to write down the top spots and things to see in Orlando. My speacialty lol. She waited for me to finish checking out so I can help her with what her and girlfriends should do. I explained and pionted out several places and also shopping places too *wink. She was so grateful she wanted to give me a gift certificate to a restaurant she had in her purse lol. I told her theres no need for that and I'm just happy I can help. :)

I got a jammed pack adventure weekend ahead of me. Time to head to the gym and then get a tan

stayed tuned for an update later