Sunday, February 13, 2011

Old Country Time

I mentioned my aunt in a earlier blog and I wanted to say thank you to the many people who have sent their thoughts and prayers to my aunt. I appreciate that so very much. Thank you

I love my little private spot at my place as its nice and quiet. At night I like to leave the window crack to hear the trains going by making that chu chu sound. Every now and then you may hear a pack of coyotes howling too. Beautiful day today.It would be nice to go to Mansfield and sit by the little river and feel the breeze. I didn't even know what a covered bridge was till I came to Indiana lol. Mansfield is known as one of the many here in the state. Very cool but can be a little scary to walk across.

Time to hit the gym here and get a little pump up to get the blood flowing. I train at a nice gym as many of you know. The only problem I have is during the Xmas and New Year holiday as they are closed for almost 2 weeks or it seems like that. I asked about a prorate and they told me NO lol. I makes sense for us paying member's but oh well we just have to deal with that and suck it up. By far it is the best gym in town. I wish they had a place where I can do t bar rows but for now all I can do is just have to try and improvise.

Omg I didn't know my friends son made videos so she showed me a few from his facebook page and it is hilarious. Its a group of guys dancing around and her son is lip singing to the lyrics. You know young guys and how wacky they can be. I guess they are called the Wolfpack. These videos are so funny. I was trying to see I can add one of them on here from my Facebook but I can't. I love her kids, they're great and loud lol. I'm waiting to take them on a xbox challenge like call of duty "black ops". :) I had a nice time last night but no matter how much fun I had or how much tears of laughter I had, I still think of certain things. boo hoo :)

I looked at Charleston and omg flights are not cheap from Indianapolis. I remember going to Charleston a lot when I lived in Orlando, beautiful southern place lots of history and great food. I always drove there as it was painless from Orlando. There's a bloggers cruise which is on the Glory at the end of the month and that would be fun to go on. I found out today that one of my most popular blog post is my Carnival Legend pictures blog which I binged it and my blog came up as #20 out of 4,660,000 results. LoL I thought that was pretty cool.

So I watched Dear John this morning and I never seen it, and it was so sad. My heart goes out to John and yes I did shed a tear or two. Isn't that sad :P

Later gator