Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thank you Iron Pit Gym in Bloomington, Indiana

I have to take a moment and say a HUGE thank you to the owners of Iron Pit Gym, in Bloomington, Indiana. They sent me a very nice email yesterday that still has me grinning ear to ear. I am very grateful for their generosity and help. Wow, I was really blown away. Its a real honor for me and I'm greatly touched. I can go on and on lol. I'm very eager to training at the 24 hour Iron Pit next month during my off time from the EMT training.

I have more great news to add as well but that can wait for a future date. :)
Feeling very very blessed as a lo of wonderful people and things have been touching my life in one way and another

Talked to my Charleston friend yesterday. Going to really try to see her and get away for 2 weeks first Miami then Charleston

BTW here is a real steak lol from Ruth Chris I had a while back.

night night