Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Going to make this another short one....Boo Hoo :0)

I really have to say I enjoy hearing the feedback on my blog and its makes me all warm and tingly inside to know that readers like it...for the most part. *smile. Its a fab day today and yes it is a short blog. Don't worry I will write more later. But I'm feeling in the mood for some James Brown and wanted to share. James Brown is the man!!LOL

Now I want to go dancing lol
Do I need the Angry Birds app. I am very curious about this. I got a spongebob ap that makes him laugh and say silly things. LOL. It seems there is a Angry Bird madness going on.

Real quick story then I got to run. I got up in the middle of the night to get a glass of H2o, and its dark and my carpet is a light beige color, so I see this long whatever stretched out on the floor. I kid you not I thought it was a snake. I had watched an episode of a 1000 ways to die and there was a story abot a python getting into this girls house. SO that didn't help me as thats what was goign in my mind "snake". I stood still and then flipped the light on and it was my belt..stretched out LOL..

Time to put my Braveheart makeup on and fight for a parking spot at the college, I may just go do some cardio around the stadium to kill time and then make my way over.