Monday, February 8, 2010

The Saints DESEVERED to win

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As much as I love the Colts and was feeling BLUE yesterday and today> I will never forget what a great game the COlts played especially Dwight Freeney with his ankle and who can forget Addai. I do believe that this game belonged to the Saints. I am happy for them, and they deserved to win. Drew Brees defeated the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He deserved the MVo and then some. My heart went out as the SAINTS played with all there might and God was thier pilot. These players played one heck of a game for the City of Louisianna.
I think the moment i will never forget was at the end Drew holding his son and what appeared to be a tears coming down his face.

As for me....
Currently for the last few weeks I ave been dealing with something that really hits my heart hard. My mom has been in and out of the Intense Care Unit at the hospital. She has a few tumors and one very close to her heart. The doctors have been running lots of test on her. I am worried as My mom is not in good condition right now and is very ill. It breaks my heart as I haven't had a mom and daughter relationship in the last few years. Its been hard on her as she has been on a bumpy road with lots challenges. I give her credit as she has still made the best of things even when the worst has happen. I have poured my heart out to God asking him to help my mother and to give her a healing. She is only 45 yrs old, and I ask for your prayers and to keep her in your thoughts for me. In the meantime, I am thinking about the positive things and that my mom will get through this and be healthy again.
I always apperciate all of your support.
On another note I do have people asking about my competition and wishing me the best this year. I will say its been a long time since I had a vacation :) or offseason break from the good ole yummy bland dry chicken breast and the freezer burn green beans LOL. I'm kidding abiouot the freezer burn and dry food. Isabelle Turell can do some pretty good cooking with a bit of spice. On my competition plans you know I can't let those girls have all the fun on the stage. *wink. I love the sport for the challenges it takes to get to that piont on contest day. Anybody can do anything when they put thier mind to it. So be looking for me this year on stage. :)
School and personal training has kept me pretty busy. I had some new classes added this week so its more to my workload but I like it as it keeps me on my toes. WOOHOO.
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