Sunday, February 13, 2011

Take Advantage

Its nights like these where one should embrace the twilight with open arms and value the earth's beautiful sparkling diamonds glittering in the night sky. I love nights like these. If I had a truck I'd put a blanket down on the flatbed and gaze at the stars. Instead I have to opt for a "dry" ground or concrete with my Spongebob blankie to lay on. I heard the coyotes howling tonight in thier pack, but it wasn't too long. Short and sweet. Clear nights like these every now and then if your lucky you can see a few shooting stars across the sky. Its moments like these that I treasure and captivate my fond memories. I can tell you my most favorite time to star gaze is when your out in sea. I like to take the deck chair and just lay down enjoying my pina colada and occassionaly a nice cuban(now would be nice) in the mix and just unwind. Theres nothing like it.

I'm addicted to Iphone so much I have dreams about aps lol. I actually would like to make my own ap and put it on Itunes. I did a little research here and there today. It looks a little complicated but I like things that are challenging. One of the cool aps I love love love A lot. Call me a kid cause I don't care, but it is the Star Wars ap where you can turn your phone into a light saber with sound effects. I was playing with this a little bit and Bunny would just look at me like I'm nuts and Leo would follow the light saber. I'm picking up a Wii as I already have a Xbox in my collection so I wonder how the animals are going to react to that one.

I saw a bulldog today he was cute as a button and Chunky. His face looked like it was sporting a goat tee lol. Cute! This bully was out of shape but he was huge. Now I'm proud to say Bunny may be smaller than the average but she is fit and stocky.