Wednesday, February 2, 2011

peek a boo

Here is something cool a friend of mine pointed out to me. At the playoff game for Colts Jets game which yours truly attended. If you look at the fancam, you can find your section which mine was 141 row 17 seat 22. So My friend looked for me and found me. I look like a goofball lol. I was actually walking back to my seat but if you look good you will spot me :)

I hope everyone is safe and doing okay. This storm has created a mess. Burrrr it's cold outside. I'm debating on whether I should even attempt to go drive or if I should just stay home. After being here for the last few years, I still don't have the hang of this weather. It's the Florida girl in me I guess. I want some chili :P

I may just bundle up and go for a walk at or get the camera out and see if I can take a few snapshots of what it looks like here. I didn't get much sleep last night as the trees were dancing and the wind was howling to the wrath of mother nature. I took a little stroll outside since I couldn't sleep, and it was too bad. I didn't slip and fall lol. SO i was up watching the weather channel and Jim Cantore was talking and then all of the sudden he experiences a thunder snow. LOL. I would be running and hiding for cover. It's pretty scary and goes to show you how bad Chicago got hit. Here's the video from Youtube. I just can't get enough of Jim's reaction.

That would scare the dickens out of me.

I'm looking outside my balcony and see the little birds and Cardinals playing and flying around. At least they are having fun.I would love to go ice skating right now. Everyone is sleeping here in my home.

I've got internet and cable so I'm set, for now. Right now I'm listening to VH1 Classic totally 80's. I love the 80s, and theres nothing like that music as it has in my opinion a lot of heart and passion. I've only met a few that share the same love for the 80s as I do. Here is a song I like LOL A all time favorite. love love love this song

well another one of my other many favorite songs just came on "bang on the drum all day". They play this a lot especially when the Colts get a touchdown at the game and the flag boys run out and of course its famous for the Carnival commercials. Not to mention its my ringtone.

I will catch up more this evening....need to get some things off my mind and it's hard to do that