Saturday, February 12, 2011

A swift kick

The snow is melting away. Yeah!!! Now there's huge puddles of water everywhere. There was a man standing on the side of the street today and of course he was standing in front of a huge puddle. So someone drove by not noticing and he got splashed pretty good. It wasn't me that did it. LOL. I may have accidentally hit a bird on the interstate when I was driving a Camaro a while back lol. My sister calls me a bird killer as she witnessed the accident ha ha. Anyways that incident with the guy was pretty funny. he shouldn't have been standing there lol. I think he got distracted by talking on the cell phone.

just look at this photo and want to say " I got the power" you know like in He-Man :)

So I was trying on my new Magnums for the EMT class and someone was trying to help me tie my shoes lol

I'm so sweet looking. This bear made the picture cuter. :)

I remember this moment. My sister felt I deserved a swift kick in the a$$. She was right I did deserve it lol.
I was a bad bad bad girl. I guess you can say I was 20 percent angel 80 percent devil. Im kidding. I'm 100 % angel
I love my sister Erica.

I'm on my way to meet up with some fellow Terre Haute North and South H.S. football moms I met during the season. Their kids participate in all the sports at the high schools. Great kids and they are a hoot. I went to a party last year and got embarrassed as they kept wanting me to flex my biceps. LOL. Now some of the kids are playing basketball and due to my contest prep I had turned down the offer of going to the games. If there's another one I may go. I went to all the football games when they were at home. Its fun but the parents are a trip and can get a little hot tempered lol. As much as I wanted dto go to the North South basketball game I decided not too :). I need to run to the store and head over to my friends house. My friends one son is a huge kid and is competing in a powerlifting meet which I hope its not the same weekend as my trip.

Okay need to run

blog more tonight