Friday, November 7, 2014

Family Pics

I normally don't post pictures of my family, but recently I visited my grandma and my mom. If those of you don't know my grandma is not in good health right now. She can't walk very well and will need surgery. Every time I go to see her I always try to make the best of it and then some. Taking her and the family to dinner and showing her a good time. I have one of the coolest grandmas around. She raised me as a kid. So we go waaaaay back. I love her very much and will do anything for her. 

Here are a couple of selfies with my mom. She thinks she's cute lol. 

 ME and my crazy sister

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Thank you so much to my fans

I received some lovely things in the mail from fans who got me a few things off my amazon wish list. Thank you so much. I am very grateful. Any little thing helps.

Here is my Amazon list :)
Isabelle Turell Road the the IFBB Pro Stage

I also received my 2015 pro card. ;) 

You can be assured I'm not doing all this dieting for nothing. Im working hard and getting ready for my return. 

The website will be featuring a Road To 2015 Comeback Section in the members gallery. Here is one of the banners

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Pictures

My Halloween was basically me going to the gym, prepping meals, and putting on a few costumes such as the ones. Enjoy!!!!

My diet is coming along great and I am soon excited as I am seeing change every day in my body woohoo