Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Keep the Faith

Give me a few really good songs and I will be rocking that cardio machine which I did earlier today. I love breaking a good sweat and burning off a few calories. I will be going back to the gym tonight doing a chest workout adding in some old school training methods from back in the day. I'll be the first to admit I'm not much of a bencher as much as I'm a deadlifter. I never was, but it is the number one question I always get asked "How much do you bench?" I guess benching just didn't grow on me as deadlifting and squatting did. I got pretty strong though. Isabelle can't go down without a fight. I've been a competitive person since I was born from my momma's womb lol. But benching is not the same feeling or rush I get when I train for deadlifting. I wanted to add weight for my bench but wasn't going crazy about it as I heard horror stories of benching gone wrong. There I go rambling on and on.

Comedian and actor Jeff Dunham will be in Fort Wayne in a few days. I like his comedy and my favorite puppets are Peanut and Walter. Achmed scares me but he's funny. maybe next time I can catch him when he is a little closer to me :)

Here's my Iphone story. I finally played with it today. I went to Verizon last night and they couldn't help me with the phone as I had to bring my own Iphone cord which I didn't know. They told me to come back tomorrow (today) and they would snyc it etc. I went back and they still could not help me. Just to back up my pictures to the Iphone would cost me 20 bucks but there was a 12% chance as the guy explained to me that my Iphone would fry in the process and they would not be held responsible lol. No thanks....It turns out Apple does not want Verizon to touch or troubleshoot the phone at all. I think they were telling me if you call Apple support its 20 bucks a pop for technical support. Steve Jobs is a genius..lol. The phone comes with a hefty price tag. Iphone is a nice phone and when compared to the Droid X it is very similar and the android phone is a lot more application friendly and has some pretty cool features that would cost you a couple bucks extra with an Iphone.

I don't know if some of you ever watch Spike tv, but you got to watch 1000 ways to die. It can be a bit disturbing to watch but its quite comical and educational at the same time. I really like catchy endings at the end of each story.

A old friend of mine made an observation today that is very true and I want to reiterate that I am determined more than ever. You have to be, and I will take no prisoners. This applies to anything or adventure I might add, that I partake in my life. Some people expect things to just fall on their laps. It doesn't work like that. You got to put in the time, effort and hard work.

Quick note. So many people have been talking about this being the last year for female bodybuilding and that the Women's Physique WP is going to take that place. I support the NPC and IFBB in whatever they decide to do with this. Plain and simple. I have always been an athlete and played many sports such as softball, track, basketball(I sucked at it as I can't dribble for the life of me), soccer of course and a few other sports. When I injured my knee years ago, it crushed me a lot as I lost my chances of fulfilling my dream of becoming a professional soccer player which I had a very good chance. I was that good. I remember back in the 1994 Orlando was one of the lucky 9 cities around the country to host the world cup. OMG it was my highlight. My mother bought us tickets to the game and at the time, she was pregnant with Erica. I remember that well. We had fun, that day and boy there were a lot of drunks at the Citrus Bowl lol. Going back to my point. Yes I had a knee injury, but I wasn't going to throw in the bag, and call it a night. I refused too. I still had that itch for a competition. No matter what I did in my life I always wanted to be the best at it and top of the class. I accidentally came across bb and you know my story from there. I'm a professional bodybuilder and earned what I had dreamed of when I started the sport years ago. I'm still going to be an athlete no matter the outcome is. I took a direction in bodybuilding and worked towards a goal as I noticed it was hard to achieve and it heighten my interest even more. I invested my time into the sport and made the best of it no matter what was thrown at me. I will always be a bodybuilder at heart as it changed my life for the best and introduced me to people who made deep impact on my life and I'll never forget them. I'm honored and very blessed to be a part of the league as they have welcomed me with open arms. I'm also happy to view it from a judging stand point as well as that too is a honor for me. Bottom line is there are always going to be a few bumps and obstacles to overcome in life. I am here for my sisters of steel no matter what, through the good , the bad and the ugly. What we must not forget is that in times like these we need to stick together, support one another, and make the best of it. Female bodybuilding has come a long way, and I will always respect it. I train, I diet, and always will till I honestly can't anymore. People like Jack LaLanne gave a lot of people, young and old hope including yours truly. He was the fittest man alive :). This year is going to be a challenging year for many, and we absolutely need to make the best of it on all levels Amatuer or Pro

Keep the faith, keep your chin up

I also have some great news to share which I will do when I have a secured confirmation

Stay classy