Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Memorial Weekend

Just want to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Weekend and give you an update as its long overdo.

I need to get my blog back up to date. I apologize for my absence for not keeping you guys informed on my blog. Contest preparation is very challenging this time and I love it. For the first time I am in the right frame of mind and very focus. I have to thank my coach Tim Gardner and my loving boyfriend David Stamper. I am the luckiest girl in the world and the happiest.

Prep is going well and i am amazed at my size and the way things are coming together so nicely. Its a hard road but I will be very happy when the mission is accomplished. The other day I did leg press and pushed 1208 lbs which is 26 45' plates total plus a 35 plate. I was hungry for a challenge. The last time I did something like this wa in 2003 and I did 30 45'plates on leg press. I was very impressed and it felt great moving that weight. The mind is a powerful tool in bodybuilding.

We are 9 weeks away from USAs and I pretty much have everything set so far on my checklist. I just need to get some ods and end stuff here and there. Plus I need to send out my entry form too. :) I will be guest posing t th Indiana State Show 2 weeks out from USAs. This is my first time guest posing and I am looking very forward to it as it should be fun.

Okay I am going to leave you with a Cam picture of me just thinking of whether I should do grilled or baked chicken. lol

Before I forget Andy (AMGLITE) will be having me as Goddess of the month for June. Thanks Andy!