Monday, February 14, 2011

too big to handle

I wanted to play with Bunny as she is a real sweetie. For a majority of the evening she has had really bad gas which bullys are known for that so when she ran after the cats you would hear quack quack sounds coming from her rear lol. I took my cam out to try to get a shot of her as she can be shy but it seems she was ready to be the enforcer here and take charge. Look at this mug shot. How can you say no lol
Then she wanted to give the camera a kiss. I think she was really hoping to get some kind of treat. She likes to lay down for treats. Look at those Freddy Kruger nails LOL. I still want to paint them pink :)
Outback was nice this evening and here are some of my favorite things especially this
MMMMMM BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I have had some really big steaks in my day and this is their Melbourne. Well it wasn't that big at all and quite on the thin side. My sweet potato was itty bitty too. Oh well The steak only took me 2 mins to devour lol.

Good I am going to make this a short blog.