Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Steak for a queen

It was s NY strip that won my heart tonight. Im full now. Hugs and have a good rest of the night

Updates for you :)

Hello friends and fans. Here are some pictures of my progress. I also have been doing pole classes for fun as its a beautiful art. I am so excited to be back at it again. As I said before, I am dedicating my comeback show to my fans. I love you all for your support and believing in me. Ive recently had a lot of people telling me how big I am. I honestly dont think Im that big. Maybe its just me but I dont see what you all see.
As you know preparing for contest is very expensive and takes alot of discipline, time, and patience.  I want to make you all proud of me when I hit the stage. To be the best and bring my absolute best to the stage in 2014, I need your support with helping me reach my competition goals. Im always looking for sponsorships and donations to help with my training and competition expenses.  I will personally send a thank you letter or email and a thank you video. I can also do video chats, talk about you or your company on my blog, personal training from yours  truly, nutrition plans, come to your school or place of work to give seminar on fitness and nutrition and so much more all for helping me.
You can send donation to isabelleturell@hotmail.com through paypal or chase quick collect please send as a gift.
Thank you so much

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gun show

Im tired and exhausted from my workout but here is a quick flex

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Quick pics

Progress pics from today.
Just having a quick workout in my home gym. I not only train at several gyms at home but I have one at home so I havd those times I need a quick fix like when Im cooking or doing laundry. Im on a mission for 2014. I told you Im coming back and Im not joking. Im dedicating my show to ALL of my fans and friends.

Love you all. Big hugs

Go big or go home

Some progress pics as I'm getting ready to comeback to the IFBB stage. The question is will she welcome me with open arms

Sunday, January 5, 2014

For the record

There was chit chat that I was retired, losing muscle, doing figure/fitness, abducted by aliens, living on an island,  etc..etc.. I think you know where Im getting at here. Well the chit chat is false. Whoever said that I have someone else doing my blog and that I dont like blogging anymore is dead wrong. Im the key master with blog and no will has or ever will have access to that. I assure you that.

Beyond all that Im going to be competing this year. Im so touched and honored by the wonderful fans and support I have. I really have been blessed. There are some very super special people at there that have blessed me so much. Thank you.

I dedicate my comeback show to my fans. You know Im not going anywhere. Nor am I throwing in the rag. I love muscles as it is very sexy and dominanting.

Time for me to go back to the nasty weather here. Brrrrr its cold