Thursday, December 31, 2009


Thank you everyone for a wonderful year.

Goodbye 2009 and Hello 2010

I wish all of my family, friends, fans, and supporters a blessed New Year full of good luck, good fortune, and good health. May all your dreams and wishes come true. No matter how bad a situation may be keep your head held high and don't give up. Keep moving forward. Know that I love all of you and that I am here for every one of you.

God Bless you all

Remember I love you and lets bring in the New Year with lots of love and cheer :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

News Flash: Ms. International Invite....

I wanted to make the announcement on here as I have been having people ask me about the invite, etc. I will not be putting in for a invite to the Ms. International this year. It kills me as its such a wonderful experience and your competing with the top athletes in the world. I really hate missing the opportunity. I highly encourage the new pros this year to take the opportunity to put in for an invite.As some of you I pulled out of the Ms. Olympia this year due to a injury. Of course, I had to take my time getting back into the gym. It was a long slow cautious process. Now after all this time I am just getting back into full swing with training and being my crazy self again. At the same time I would like to take advantage of the situation as there is always room for improvement and want to make a strong impression when I step on stage again. Finally, I haven't had a real offseason since 2005. So it will be a nice treat for once. It gives me plenty of time to pack on some mass and show the judges that I belong on the Olympia stage. I will back onstage later in the year in 2010.

Thank you to my friends and fans for all of your support. I care about each and every one of you, even those that may say harmful things about me. I still love you *kiss*. I live, eat, sleep bodybuilding through all of you. I would not have made the gains and success that I have if it wasn't for all of your support and love for the sport. Thank you again to all of you. I look forward to sharing my offseason journey with you through pics and video which I will share in my thread under Isabelle Turell IFBB Pro.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Star Wars: In Concert coming to Indianapolis Dec 12th

I admit I am a BIG Star Wars fan. I mean seriously who isn't. We all have a little bit of Star Wars in all of us. Now Star Wars in concert is a experience that you will always remember. I am goign to try to see if I can grab a pair of tickets and I make sure I take plenty of pictures for you guys. But in the meantime you can check out the website I also want everyone to check this out as I have never seen anything like this before. Elephants are very smart animals and hear is one elephant named Keaw over in thailand that can paint. I will tell you more about him later but here is a video for you to check out

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Came, I Saw,I Conquered those heavy weights

Yes Yes Yes......I did it. I was just playing around but I wanted to make an attempt. I was doing hammer curls with 75lbs dumbbells and for some reason I wanted a bigger push. I wanted to take myself to another level. I went to the 85lb dumbbells and I wasn't feeling this. I wanted more. I then looked over at the 100lb dumbbells ...."its now or never" I said to myself. You can do this Isabelle. SO I went over there with my straps on and I proceeded to wrap the straps but I changed my mind and threw my straps on the floor. I grabbed my dumbbells and looked at myself in the mirror. I was a iron warrior and I was not going to fail. I got in my zone and then
let out a few grunts here and there. We will call them warrior crys of joy. I knocked out a few reps and I had the look of satisfaction on my face. It was an awesome feeling my friends. As of this week I changed up my training and my diet. I am taking a new approach this coming year. The plan is put on a little bit more size. I always come in the ow 140s time to step it up. I remember coming in around 170 lbs on stage. Those where the good ole days. Bodybuilding with the females is not a size gain as it would be for the men. Here you have to have a nice structure, balance, conditioning and carry the muscle well.

My website has not been given much love. I apologize for that. I will be doing some more updates for you here in the next couple of days. My future goal is to have 4 updates a week for members. There are some really cool websites out there. have been doing a lot of personal training online and at the local gyms here in town. I love helping people reach their goals and living a healthy fit lifestyle. I have also been doing the web cam with personal training and that is interesting. You can do the consultations and go over the exercises and talk about their diet.
In other adventures I am going back to school in January. I am a little bothered as some of my class credits from my previous college are not accepted here. So I may need to take an extra class. I am happy to say that the lord has blessed me with the opportunity to go full time. I love taking on new things. You are never too old to do anything. I always hear people saying I can't do this or that's stupid why would you want to do something like that. i have meet so many negative people and I feel sorry for them as they don't know how to live life. Even when things may be in the worst of things, you always have to keep a positive frame of mind.
hope everyones Thanksgiving was wonderful. Mine was very nice as it was quiet. Music to my ears. On the talk of families, well there is so much I would like to tell you about one particular family but I will keep that to myself. All we can do is smile and move on as here are better things for me to think about.
I haven't told anyone about this but I am in the works of writing about my aunt that is HIV positive. I want to share her story and how she has inspired me. I am also looking forward to writing a book about my life story, which I have been wanting to tell for a long time. Since day one I have been on a journey with many sad and happy endings. I thank God for the power he has given me to overcome the obstacles and make the best of my life through any situation. I feel my life story will inspire others and make them appreciate the little things in life. This world we live in today has lost the value of what love really is all about.

A couple of my friends recently have been calling me the love doctor. LOL. Go figure. I am a magnet for peoples problems. They see me as a good listener and a shoulder to cry on. I try to give people around me the best treatment I can and give them the attention they deserve and then some as we are all special and require a little TLC every now and then. being in this sport some people need a boat load of TLC. LOL. I always hear men and women talk about how they can't meet anyone. Patience. How do you expect to meet someone if you don't go out and mingle. In this sport you can meet people online at the gym, at bb shows etc. Mr. or ms. right is out there, it could be right in front of you and you don't even know it yet.
My sister who will be 16 next month is in love. Shes dating a guy that is a mma fighter and he is very protective of her. Shes happy and I am happy for her. I want to make a special trip back home to meet this guy and see what the hype is all about. Its funny because on myspace hes calling her wifey and they are going back and forth saying I love you to each other. It kinda make syou sick after a while. I tease her all the time about it. As she calls him boo. Shes growing up to fast. I remember like it was yesterday when I was holding her in my arms. She was my little baby sister and now shes the jolly green giant. Here's a picture of my mom. back in the day she use to be a hottie. But I don't think I have ever showed a picture of her.

and of course my crazy grandmother trying on glasses in the eye doctor and I can't forget my sister

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Life of a female Bodybuilder

I can’t believe its been over TWO months since I blogged. Something must have came over me. That BIG soething is called rest and relaxation. I encourage some of you to give it a try sometime. It can be very refreshing for the soul. 
I hope you missed me I know you did. I had a few emails from fans and friends asking if I was alive still. Yep I’m ticking. I have taken on some new adventures….you know me. I believe you have to try almost everything once in life. My motto is Live Life to the Fullest.

Okay, enough of the boring stuff. I have grown a big love for football. I actually looked to see if there was a female football team as I would like to try-out. There are a few female teams but none in Indiana. So I won’t be able to tryout. I enjoy having fun and I love sports. I always have ever since a child. Now I will admit a few years back I never liked football. It reminds me so much of how I felt for the sport of bodybuilding. Now look at me…a IFBB Pro. Which reminds me… I am so happy that there are a couple of new shows next year on the pro circuit for fbbs. This is very positive for the sport of female bodybuilding. Hopefully we will not have a another mishap like this years Tampa Pro show. Thanks again to Unreal Muscle, Siouxcountry and many others for the donations to make the show happen. I was a little down though that the amount of competitors weren’t up in the numbers but the important thing is we had a show again. I just want to tell those certain people and you know who you are, that female bodybuilding will be around for many years to come. Trust me on that. Its amazing how many fans we have. If I had a dollar for every fan of the sport I would be a millionaire. Thank you to all of you for always being there for us through the good times and bad times.

On another note: There is one thing that I see happen a lot and this is where we all need to nip these things in the butt and that is members who put their usernames and passwords in the open for others to venture to your site for free. I understand the admiration of our hard work, but hey your membership helps us with our expenses in the sport ( gym fee, contest prep, groceries,etc). So ladies be on the lookout, and keep those eyes peeled for these types of things.
Back to football. I am so proud of Peyton Manning and the Colts. 10-0. I guarantee you we WILL e heading to the super bowl this year in Miami. I know we are also tied with the New Orleans Saints who are also 10-0. It amazes me how some make fun of football and call it a stupid sport. Excuse me for saying but what planet are they from. Football is one of the greatest American sports to date. Enough Said. If you don’t like me saying that..tough. GO Colts.

I will be starting school in the spring going fulltime. Yeah…..NOT. Just teasing. School is great and you are NEVER too old to go back to school and fulfill your dreams. My one wish is to have several doctorate degrees lol. I won’t say what my degree is yet but its not marine biology as you know that was my very first choice then it was journalism. Anyway I am very excited about it
As far as my bodybuilding. Its going very good. I am having a good offseason. Training as hard as I can. My diet is very different for this offseason. I am really excited to the future competitions in 2010 for me. I am on a mission and of course that mission is to win.

Time to eat some chili

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Recently I have been receiving a lot of emails as to why my name is no longer on the Olympia list. Unfortunately, I had pulled out of the Olympia 4 weeks due to a knee injury. The doctor was concerned that if I continued on at the pace I was at, then I would need surgery to fix it. He mentioned that if I ceased everything, and stayed off of it as much as I could that my knee should be okay in 8 weeks. I did what was best for me and for my love of competing in the sport. Of course I am very upset about all of this as it was my dream but I can say its not the end of the world and I can assure you there will be many more Ms. Olympias

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Train with Dorian Yates at Apollon Gym September 17th - 22nd

Dorian Yates will conduct one on one personal training sessions at Apollon Gym in Edison, NJ from September 17th through September 22nd.Come and train with the legend. You will also be able to pick up Blood & Guts The DVD Ultimate Edition autographed by Dorian.To schedule training session with Dorian please E-Mail NJFITNESS2000@AOL.COM

I am a HUGE HUGE fan of 6x Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Bulldog Bunny needs your prayers

I took Bunny to the vet this morning to get fixed. Due to her small trachea there is a chance that she may not surive the procedure. I was up all night and couldn't sleep as Bunny is very special to me. She is an English Bulldog and is a year old and only weighs 33 pds. So she is considered a minature bulldog. The Dr. brought it to my attention again about her chance of survival. Of course I wanted to cry right there and then as I love her very much. I honestly didn't want to
take that risk and wasn't going to get her fixed but it had to be done. Here are some baby pictures when i first got her from our friend Cathy who is a highly recognized breeder that breeds Champion bulldogs. I highly recommend her.

I am sad right now as I don't want to lose my baby. It really brings me to tears thinking about it. Please keep Bunny in your prayers for me and I am going to keep a positive outlook on her surgery.

Thank you and God Bless

Monday, August 31, 2009

Congratulations to the new female bodybuilding pros.

It was an amazing weekend in Cleveland, Ohio as two ladies won thier pro cards at the North American. Congratulations to Zoa Linsey and Tammy Patnode. I am very proud of both of these ladies. I met Tammy at the Arnold Classic andTammy is and has always been a dedicated athlete to the sport. I respect her for her drive and love for the sport. She looked amazing at the Arnold and of course she rocked it in Cleveland. She presented a very nice package and it was awesome seeing her take the card.

Now I would like to talk about someone who I have followed for a long time. Zoa lives in Japan and recently competed in the Canadian nationals where she placed 2nd in her class. Zoa has been fighting for a pro card for a long time. When I first saw her on the forums I tought she was already a pro as she had incredible conditioning and shape. I started talking to Zoa and she was very down to earth and had a HUGE passion for the sport. Her dream has been to get her pro card. Zoa sent me a bunch of teas and yummy foods from Japan. I thought that was very sweet. Of course I didn't let anything go to waste. ha ha. My buddy Josh sent me some videos from his phone from the show when the final results was going on. I was watching it and there was Zoa and when they called her name as the new pro I cried as I knew exactly what she was feeling. I was so happy for her as she worked so hard to get there. Its been a hard journey and in the end her dreams came true. I think that's awesome. Congrats

Well As for myself I am sitting here watching the 1993 Ms. Olympia in New York. I have a vhs and a huge collection of Ms. Olympia videos. Its so awesome watching the old Ms. Olympias seeing the great icons of female bodybuilding such as Lenda Murray, Kim Chizevsky, Denise Rutkowski, Yolanda Hughes, Laura Creavalle, Diana Dennis, Nancy Lewis, and many many more. I feel like I am on that stage with them. What a great lineup it was in the show that year. I got that tune in my head" Olympia Olympia..... Joe Weiders Olympia....Olympia IFBB" I'm still watching the top 10 right now and holy smokes they are ripped and hard. Very beautiful physiques. I really love this year as of course you have Current Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray and then future Ms. Olympia Kim Chizevsky coming in 5th place and the next year coming in 1stokay Lenda just won and got her check for 35,000 big ones. My favorite part about the shows pose down is my favorite. I LOVE the pose down. I like to move around and get in between the girls and show them what I got lol. It would be so cool to be in the pose down with Iris Kyle, Yaxeni, Betty , Dayana and Heather Armburst. Oh cool at the end of the video it shows Lee Haney posing and training Mr. Olympia Workout The totally awesome world of Lee Haney. The Cory Everson Workout clips are on here too. I never realized that this stuff was one here ha ha.

Its not set in stone but I found out late last night that I may have a supplement sponsorship from someone that I admire. Cross your fingers.

Wednesday I am going to take Bunny to the vet to get fixed as I don't want to deal with aunt flow every 6 months. ha ha. Bunny is a mini bulldog and she eats and destroys everything.

Today I got some Oakley Nanowire 3.0. I was inspired by G.I. Joe. there pretty cool. Got them cheaper on Ebay. LOL. Don't tell anyone.

Friday, August 28, 2009

one more thing

I want to thank Athletica for the gift certificate. Their clothes are amazing for working out in the gym and looking pretty. I feel in love immediately. Thank you to for all their help
A big thanks goes out to Muscular Development and Siouxcountry for all thier support.

Super Girl saves the day

I know you all missed my blogging. LOL I hope all of you are doing well and are in great spirits today and of course everyday. There are so many people that have touched my lives over the last few months including YOU, my fans, supporters, friends and of course family. Thank you all very much.

I have received many emails, texts, private messages, IMs, and yes phone calls on my prep for the Ms. Olympia. Some people are shocked that I have been quiet and not talking about my prep all over the internet, etc. Those certain people are the ones that like to cause the famous stir ups and drama on the internet boards, forums or websites. Its amazing the stuff I see that goes on a lot of these sites. I guess the best way I can describe it to you is some of these internet sites are like your bodybuilding National Enquirer, TMZ, and even a good dose of Jerry Springer ha ha. *Isabelle chanting* "Jerry Jerry Jerry". My grandma would record EVERY show of Jerry lol. I loved Jerry. I would like t watch when the Big Guy with the blad head, I think his name was Steve would come out and hold the people down. I'm going off course here so let me go back to my original conversation. Where was I.....okay so I decided to stay quiet about my prep and training. Theres nothing wrong with that. I used to love coming into a show and suprising eveyone with my physique. One of my favorite moments was the 03 Excalibur where I amazed the competitors and won the judges. Wow... that was really really cool. Very good memories.

As I was saying, as an athlete I have dedicated my time more to the gym and keep a low profile. I enjoy doing that as obviously it keeps peopple guessing. I recently did a MD interview for the radio show for a Olympia holiday special. I am very excited about the Ms. O, and again very blessed. I have been working very hard. Of course being the perfectionst I am, I am very critical on my physique. LOL. Theres always room for improvement and of course I feel that I could be a bit harder. Which for me it comes in the end. I have been pushing myself hard in the gym to the piont where I just want to puke my brains out like some of us do after or during a leg workout session. "Caution Splash Area" ha ha. The other day I was doing the Hammer Strength plate loaded bicep curl machine. It kicked my butt. Son of a bee-sting! (lol one of my favorite qoutes from Anchorman) well I did a total of 3 45 plates and it killed my arms. Burn Baby Burn. My training sessions have been intense, and heavy. I do switch up my training doing lighter weight focusing more on the detail of the muscle group that I am training that day.

I saw my sister recently and its been almost 2 years. It was so great seeing her. I love her very much. She just started High School at Olympia H.S. in Orlando. I miss her so much. She is starting to weight train lol. What she needs to do is put some meat on her skinny bones. I'm s proud of her. As for me I have been taking on some new things. Right now I am learning Russian which is very hard for me. I already know spanish, german, and some italian. I have been taking on personal training and also helping people with contest prepartion which I love as I love seeing the body transform and I love helping my clients achieve thier goals and dreams. I am going back to college in the spring term and taking on some new adventures. It was a pianless process yesterday at the guidance couselors office and at records. WOOHOO.

I don't know if I told you guys but I have a kitten now. Her name is Pookey Mouse. She eats Bunnys food lol. Pookey and my bulldog get along great. I got pookey to keep Bunny company. On top of that I wanted a cat that was grey. LOL. Bunny is getting fixed Sept 2. I am not going to breed her as she has a respitory problem and I don't like dealing with aunt flow every 6 months.

Time for me to eat some chicken

God bless you all and talk to you soon.

Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm still shocked

I am sad and shocked about the recent death of Michael Jackson. I was a HUGE fan. I listened to his music since I was in diapers. I owe that to my grandmother as she idolized him. LOL. We would always watch his videos and listen to music. My heart goes out to his children and family.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back from Kansas City

Shawn Ray did a 5 questions interview with me under his section In Muscular Development 5 Questions with the Pros . You can check mine here

There are many others including Iris Kyle, Rosemary Jennings, Branch Warren, Chad Nicholls, and many many more.

I recently came back from Kansas City, MO for the Muscle Mayhem Championships. It was a hude success and great turnout. On my way there, I stopped over in St. Louis and saw the Arch for the 1st time. It was "beautiful". I wasn't too crazy about going up to the top. You have to get into these tiny little elevator cars that are 4 ft high and sits 5 people to a car. Its very small. I have a little bit of claustrophobia so it didn't work vrey well with me. When I got to the top I thougth I was going to puke. My erves got the best of me. There are these tiny windows you can view out of and the views are gorgeous. I was up ther for a few minutes then decided I had enough as I was sick lol and went back down and ventured in the museum. Then it was onward to Kansas City.

I got to enjoy spending time with Tracey and Cam Bodner which have the company Total Package. Tracey is 8 weeks out from her shwo and she looks out of this world. Her conditioning is mazing. She is very lean and hard. Way to go Trace. I thought I had a big appetite but Cam can eat more than me. LOL. It was great seeing them again. I also meet Rick Kassten who was the head judge. He has been involved in the sport for over 25 years. He had some very funny stories to share about his many adventures. He really knows how to break the icing on the cake.

Chad and Kim Nicholls really went out of thier way for the show. I was so impressed with everything. It was perfect. They also had Melvin Anthony and Dennis Wolf as thier guest posers and they looked awesome. Both of them are getting reay for the Mr. Olympia and I wish them the best. There is no doubt in my mind that they are goign to be doing some serious damage on the stage in Vegas.

As for myself, Chad will be adjusting my diet later this week. I am excited about it as I am ready to start my precontest diet and get lean. By the way I did indulge on some BBQ in Kansas and it was yummy.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Memorial Weekend

Enjoy the long weekend!

We have one the most prestigious Indy Races taking place this weekend in Indianapolis, the Indy 500. I won't be going to the race this year as I have other plans. :) My friend Mark Harter is a big racing fan and his company "Eyes on the Road" is a big sponsor in the racing industry. I am sure he will be there.

In Terre haute we have the Arts and Crafts festival going on till next weekend down by Fairbanks Park. The festival has lots of rides and a wide selection of carnival food.

Not too much longer before we have the NPC GNC show in Anderson, IN. Dave Cravens always puts on a fantastic show every year. He will have a lot of great guest posers. One of them is IFBB Pro Ed Nunn. I can't wait for the show.

I am on my way to go train and pick up some groceries for this weekend. :)

Have a safe and blessed weekend.

Friday, May 22, 2009

May 22, 1992 is a day that I will never forget...

What I am about to share with you is something that is very personal and deeply touches my heart.

Since I was an infant I was raised by my grandparents. At the time I thought they were my real parents, until years later I found out who my real parents were at the age of 20. It hurt me very much finding out the real truth. I know why they kept it from me and it was to protect me. They loved me very much and wanted to give me the best of life. They were great parents to me.

On May 22, 1992 my life changed forever. My father(grandfather) Albert Vincent Foust died in a comma. I remember it so clearly as I was in my talent show for St. Andrews Catholic School. I was singing the song "here we are" by Gloria Estefan. After my performance, they called Liz Frost over the PA. I said to my self who is Liz Frost. I realized they were talking about Liz Foust. Yes my nickname was Liz. I then saw my family and they told me my dad went to the hospital. I started crying and having a panic attack. I then saw him in the hospital in the intensive care unit. He was lying there in a coma. His eyes were moving side by side. I had no idea what was going on. i went up to him and gave him a huge hug. I told him he was a fighter and he will be okay. He always told me to be a fighter and never give up. he was my inspiration in life. I can't tell you how deep this sets a pain in my heart. It is something that I rarely bring out and talk about as it hurts me so much. I felt my dad was going to be okay and that I was going to see him again. I left with my family and didn't go back to the talent show. We went home and then the phone rang.....My grandmother started screaming "no" over and over again. I didn't understand. She said my dad passed on. I couldn't believe. I would not believe. I kept telling myself he is alive. He isn't dead. He can't die, he is a fighter and always makes it. We got to the intensive care unit and the door opened as someone was coming out. I took a quick peak and I saw his room and I saw the machine they use to bring them back to life sitting right beside his bed. I was told to stay outside but I ran into the room and again immediately hugged my father as he lay there. I started shaking him saying over and over again "daddy, daddy, daddy" This couldn't be happening to me. What am I going to to do? I was devastated. A part of me died with him. The biggest thing that hurt me the most is that I never told him I love you. I didn't know he was going to die. I remember saying that I wish they would take my life and not his. I would have donated my heart to save his life. I would have done anything just to have him here alive. I know he is in a better place. He is among the angels. I wonder what would have changed my life if he was here to influence me. I always wanted him to be very proud of me. I miss him so much. Even to this day its still hard for me to deal with.

I think is very important to tell your family, loved ones and friends how much they mean to you. Them them how thankful you are for them and the little things they do for you. Its so nice to let the other person know you love them and are thankful for having them in your life.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fire in the Wabash Fire

Theres a lot of action going on here in Terre Haute, IN. We were driving down 3rd street and came across a fire at the Modesitt Building. There were a lot of people watching, taking video, and pictures. Of course I had to be one of them. Luckily no one was hurt. The THPD firefighters did a fantastic job putting out the fire. Here are some pictures I took with my phone.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Congrats to the winners of the New York Pro this past weekend. IFBB Pro Lee Priest started a thread on Muscular Development about having the Winners from the New York Pro on the cover of MD what are your thoughts? I think it would be a fantastic idea. You can check out the link here.

I also have a Questions and Answers thread on Mudcualr Development that you can check here

Now we go onwards to the Tampa Pro. I am sure the female division will have a huge turnout like they did in New York. I hope that Nancy Lewis will compete in the Tampa Pro show and bring the Nancy Lewis package we all know. I have been a fan of hers for a long time. I remember how excited I was to meet her for the first time. She always had such great conditioning and who can forget that incredible tiny waist of hers.

Well I entered a contest on, where you had to guess the to eight in order. I was the only one to at least get 3 of the top 8 right :(. I just love contests.

The Ms. Olympia is right around the corner. I made some good progress under Chads instructions. My weight topped the scales at 197 lbs the other day. Now its around 194 lbs.

I need to make up for the muscle I loss due to having pneumonia a few weeks shy of the Ms. International. Its tough as I have to EAT more than what I am used too. My gains have been great. The only thing that drives me nuts is the lack of cardio right now. I am not allowed to do a normal cardio session. We want to hold on to my gains and lose it by the added cardio.

The other day I watched Dorian Yates Blood and Guts on my computer. It was great. Very hardcore. Basically you are taken thourhg Dorian Yates workouts and he has his training partner there yelling at him and being a spotter in case he needed it(which he didn't). Anyway, his partner is screaming at Dorian through the video saying "lets get nasty" lol. You know it really works for lifting the heavy weights. ANother thing I got a kick out of was how Dorian got doen using the dumbbells and he would just throw them around lol. I wish we had hardcore gyms like here. I know in Orlando we had one that I knew of but it closed down. The gym down there are nice but they are more FAMILY oriented. the gyms down there are used more for pick up joints than for training. Another good video I like is Ronnie Colemans The Cost of Redemption video. "Ain't nothing but a peanut".

Saturday, May 9, 2009

New York Pro, 4 Leaf Clovers and a Severed Snakes Head

Jut a couple of things I want to talk about :)

New York Pro

I am excited about the show as Nancy Lewis is competing and she has always brought her A game. I got to meet her at the GNC Show of Strength in 2004. I am excited to see her physique and I wish her the best. overall its a great line up and a lot of people from last year are competing at it again this year like Cathy LeFrancois who was last years winner. I wish her the best too. She always comes in condition and is always beautiful in her presentation. I wish all the ladies good luck in the show. I am sure Betty Pariso is going to bring her A game too as she too always comes dialed in.

I may be going to the Tampa Pro show but that is still in the works. I'm not a 100% on that.
I will be there to help out with the show.

I don't know if I have told you yet but I am working with Chad Nicholls for my prep to the Ms. Olympia. Chad knows my physique very well as I have worked with him SEVERAL times in the past. One of those times was the USAs in 2007 when I decided to not compete and they had me down as a figure competitor lol. I think I looked the best conditioning and size wise for that show. I worked my butt off. I will see him in a a few weeks at the Muscle Mayhem Championships as David and I will be judging that show. Its a bout a 6 hr drive for us to Kansas City from Terre Haute.

Yesterday I found a 4 leaf clover. I went to the park yesterday as I like go from time to time and walk the trails. Its a great way to relax and unwind. Well I saw a clover patch and looked down and well I couldn't believe my eyes to what I saw before me. I have always been curious about the 4 leaf clovers. Hopefully it will bring me luck for the Ms. Olympia. My hair stylist has found a few 4 leaf clovers. She inspired me. Which reminds me that I need to schedule a appointment to see her to add some highlights to my hair. :) It always nice to pamper yourself every now and then.

Well as far as the training goes it is going great. I only train one body part a day. I love training in the early morning like 4 am or so. Its a great way for me to get the day started. For this off season I train a little later in the morning as I want to get some extra sleep. Today I trained back, and It was a short workout as I really worked myself too hard to the point I got very dizzy.
Okay I need to go and cook some vegetables. Oh I just remembered. I got totally grossed out today when I read a story on Yahoo about a incident at TGI Fridays were a man found finding a severed snakes head in his vegetables he got served.

Here is the story..

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. — A diner at an upstate New York restaurant got a little something extra with his broccoli — a severed snake head.
Jack Pendleton was at T.G.I. Friday's in Clifton Park on Sunday when he spotted something gray mixed in with his vegetables and realized it was a snake head the size of his thumb, with part of the spine still attached.
Pendleton says he snapped a photo with his cell phone camera and called the waiter over. The manager said he'd never seen anything like it.
A spokeswoman for the Carrolton, Texas, chain says it's investigating. The broccoli was pulled from the restaurant and others served by the same supplier. It wasn't immediately known what type of snake was involved.
Pendleton and his girlfriend weren't charged for their meals. He says he has no plans to sue.
"The manager came over white as a sheet," Pendleton, 28, told "He explained in five years he'd never run into anything like this."

Wow this turned my stomach immediately. I like how the media puts in there "they didn't get charged for their meals", I sure hope they didn't. If this happened to me I would never look at vegetables the same again. Its a big part of me especially being a bodybuilder as vegetables are a big part of my diet. I just get the goosebumps thinking about it. I hope they catch the person responsible for that disgusting prank. I don't think I will eat at TGI Fridays again. :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Saving the Day

I want to start off todays blog and say way to go Susan Boyle!!!!!! When I watched her perform on Britain's Got Talent, I cried as I was so touched by her angelic voice. I also cheered, clapped and screamed my head off for her. Her story is amazing and I am now a new fan. Never judge a book by its cover. I highly agree with that statement. People like her inspire me. :)

Now on to Saving the Day...
I was doing a ride a long with BIG Dave yesterday as I love going to work and seeing him in action LOL. We came across a opossum and she had to be put down as she was very sick. It turns out she had babies in her pouch. David saved them as he had a friend of his take them to the animal shelter to make sure the babes get the proper care.

My schedule is going to be pretty hectic for the next couple months. Me and David will be doing a lot of traveling to bodybuilding shows, I will be dieting for the Ms. Olympia and I am going back to school. I love keeping busy. I also am going to be getting back into the culinary cooking thing. I love cooking and it was one of my drams to be a chef and open a restaurant. I still believe in this dream. :) I will have to take pictures of some of my yummy dishes :)

Have a blessed evening :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Greetings :)

Well training is going great and I am happy as I have a good amount of time to prep for the Ms. Olympia. Its going to be the most challenging contest prep I have ever had. Right now I'm staying positive, enjoying life and making the best of my offseason diet while it last lol.

I recently sent Andy some photos and vodeos clips of me training back and with the SRT 8. I posted some from those galleries( the srt 8 and the gym photo "pink").

I will talk to you more later.
Have a wonderful and blessed day.
Bunny (my bulldog) sends her love.

******Heres a old photo I found from a few years

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Big Thanks to Jim Manion and the IFBB Pro League

I want to again thank Mr. Jim Manion, and the IFBB Pro League for giving me the opportunity to compete in the 2009 Ms. Olympia. Jim Manion and the IFBB Pro League made my dreams come true and again they didn't have to do that. I am honored and proud to be a part of the IFBB Pro League.

I am very excited and I got more excited when I received this huge blue envelope in the mail the other day. I opened it and there was this cool folder with the Joe Weider Logo and inside was my Ms. Olympia contract. I must have died and went to heaven. I started jumping up and down. I went and sent the contract off and yesterday I received confirmation from Robert Chang that he received my contract. So I am set and ready to go.

Here is the folder that the contract came in. I thought it was pretty cool.

front of the folder and the Back

when you open the folder at the bottom has 2008 Olympia
champions on the left side

and info on the other events such as the expo,etc., on the right side
I also need your help. I am collecting donations for my Regional Chairman Walt Oster, and Indiana State Chairman Ed Sanders. They are trying to raise funds for a Guide Dog for one of our their kids that is underprivileged. The training is provided by the State.
Walter Oster and Ed Sanders will also follow this dog and help with the vet bills and food. The boy they nominated for the Dog is very deserving. ED and Walt have a goal for $5000.00. I don't know how much they have now but I want to contribute to the cause. Walt and Ed do a lot of charity for the school for the blind, etc. I meet a wonderful guy last year at the Indiana State show by the name of Mark Harter who runs the website
I will be selling
*Signed autograph with a hand written letter by me for $5.00
*Picture with me for $1.00 (applies to appearances at shows)
*DVD with a few of my favorite training moments 10.00
I'm still coming up with ideas. :)
You can send a payment to my pay pal address at or to my
P.O. Box:
Isabelle Turell
P.O. Box 3824
Terre Haute, IN 47803
Any little bit helps and can make a big difference. You know me I love helping out when ever I can. I found out about this at the Southern Indiana show in Evansville, In on the 28th of March. I want to help out and I hope that you can help me on my quest. My goal is collect whatever I can. You can be an anonymous donor if you like too. This is for a great cause. If you have any questions please email me at

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tampa Pro Show Makes a Comeback for 2009

There was something really "INCREDIBLE" that happened yesterday for female bodybuilding. A lot of people thought it was a April Fools joke but it wasn't. The news broke out on

Here is a statement from Tim Gardner that was posted

Ladies and gentlemen of our vast and prestigious IFBB and NPC family, I am so honored to report today that the 2009 IFBB Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships will be intact just as its inaugural season with IFBB open men, IFBB 202 lb. men and IFBB open women bodybuilding in conjunction with the NPC Tim Gardner Extravaganza Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure & Bikini Championships.After careful discussion with Mr. Manion, his vote of confidence and the strong support from and, I decided to reinstate the female portion and bring it back stronger for the athletes and fans alike.
We have increased the prize money and added two more places to our contest as such:
*1st - $5,000
*2nd - $3,000
*3rd - $1,500
*4th - $1,000
5th - $500

* Olympia qualification

There will also be a best poser award of $500.This is a true testament to our bodybuilding community supporting its sport of passion without segregation of its forms of disciplines. This is short of being unbelievable, especially in spite of our current economic environment. I cannot speak highly enough of the positive impact that & have placed on our entire sport and not just for the love of female bodybuilding but the love of our organization(s). This will set a new precedence of enthusiasm and pride that will hopefully be contagious for all of our IFBB shows, the platform for our champion athletes.
Thank you.
Tim Gardner put together a donation for the Tampa Pro Show for the female bodybuilding division and in over 10 days thanks to all the fans and supporters they raised enough money to put the show back on and increase the prize money WOOOHOOO. Thats so cool isn't it.

You know I am a very passionate and a huge supporter of the sport and this is something that should be put in the history books. :) Now you and I know there are MANY that are not to crazy about us female bodybuilders and really don't care whether we have a show or not. Those same people claim that female bodybuilding will become extinct in a couple years. You know what i say about that.....


This is a special show and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to see our professional female bodybuilders from around the world compete in this show making this the biggest show in the year. This show has a lot of sentimental value to it as many fans and supporters raised money for it to be back on. Here are the names of all those that donated

this is a statement from Sioux from

I want to thank again all who donated. Thanks to our friends at who donated over $10,000.Thanks to all of you here who donated money and time to bring back pro women's bodybuilding to Tampa, FL.............. - $500 (I could not have donated that amount without our sponsors here at Thank you for your continued support! )
Debbie Bramwell - - $250
John Hawley - - $250
Dawn Alison - - $100
Andy Vogel - - $500
Helle Nielsen - - $250
Heather Colleen - - $250
Ed & Betty Pariso - - $500
Phil - Poster Musclesrsexy - $500
Beni Lopez - - $50
Michelle Brent - - $50
Vanessa Adams - - $100
Joel Goldberg - Poster Big J1 - $100

and many more.......

I want to be one of the many female bodybuilders to thank you all for what you've done for us. It really means so much to us and you have a special place in our hearts. Again thank you so much!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back from the Southern Indiana In Evansville, IN

I left Friday afternoon with David as we had early weigh ins later that evening. It took us less than 2 hours to drive from Terre Haute to Evansville, IN. I think it had a lot to do with David driving his SRT8 Dodge Charger. Its a really cool car but its too much attention from the police. It was such a scenic drive.....ha ha I'm kidding. It wasn't very scenic to this Florida girl. I saw nothing but farm land, farm animals, produce stands, apple orchards, a huge correctional facility, Toyota Tundra factory, a strawberry farm, the Whirlpool factory, and a amish buffet(which David refused to let me eat at LOL as we would be kicked out due to they would lose money on me).

I forgot to mention we brought our little girl with us(Bunny-my little English Bulldog). It was cheaper to take her with us than to board her. I love pet friendly hotels. Plus it would be interesting to see how she did in the car and at the hotel with all those people.

The show had a great turn out with competitors. Eric Schmidt and his wife (owners of Nitro Fitness) did a fantastic job with the show. On the judging part it was alittle hard on the Lightheavy class as thier was a lot of good competition. I am always impressed with the masters divisions as they work very hard and they prove that you can look good at any age. There was one that looked really good and his name was Stan. I got to meet another competitior, his name was Rick DeCamp. I am always impressed with Rick as he puts on a great showing and gives the crowd a good show. He is so passionate about what he does and he recently got involved in the sort a few years ago. Way to go Rick!!!! Great job.

I got to meet a lot of wonderful people at the show. I want to make a special mention about 3 competitors. These three inspired me. Anything is possible my friends. Follow your heart and follow your dreams. The first competitor, her name is Brooke and she won the overall in the figure division. If you know Brooke you know how dedicated she is, and how much she puts her heart into things. Lets just ssay that she has a special place in my heart as she has come a long way. I can't wait to see her on the national level. She has a great look and will do very well. Another competitor told me he lost over 140 lbs recently. I was shocked as he showed me his driver license and it was a totally diffrent person. Its amazing to me. It takes a lot of hard work to do this sport and it isn't easy. Anyway, move over Gerrad. :) Lastly, I met another competitor by the name of Sonny Marsh. I also met his wife Gloria Marsh. What a awesome couple. Sonny was told a while back by a doctor that he would be confined to a wheelchair as he was going thourgh some medical issues. Well he proved everyone wrong. Sonny put on a very funny routine at the night show. It included some booty shaking lol. Sonnys a strong man mentally and physically. I am very inspired by him and and his wife. I believe that things happen for a reason in life, like meeting people. It may be for a few seconds or a few minutes but that one little bit of time you have with that person can change your life. I don't mean to preach but you know how I liek to say whats on my mind.

Bunny was great on the trip. Everyone loved her. Shes very tiny for your typical female bulldog. I don't know if I told you but Bunny has a hypoplastic (narrow) trachea which means she has a narrow airway. As the vet explained to us that because of trachea being so narrow she is not able to get enough oxgen and this will have an affect with her size. SHe looks like a minature bulldog. Well I love her very much. I am undecided on what to do as she needs to get spayed but it is possible she may nt come out of the surgery and die. I am getting teary eyed talking about it as I write this as I love her so much. Iam sure a lot of you know I am a big animal lover. If I had enough money I would have a place where I did animal recuse for all types of animals. In my heart I don't want to take that chance of possibly lossing Bunny. Here are some pictures of her I took recently. Here she is in the back seat of the charger coming back from Evansville. She did not want to sit down lol.

Here is her waking up from her nap. Shes still a little tired. Can you tell?

Last but not least heres her waking up in the morning. Its not a pretty site :)

I don't think she likes the camera too much :)

Now here are is some pictures of me. To start out with is a classic picture from back in the day.

This is a old picture from The Southern USA in Panama City, Florida I did a few years ago.

Here I am at the Arnold Expo taking a picture with the great Mike Katz.

Being silly as always and trying to look cool with Davids SRT 8 Charger. He loves that care more than me lol.

Heres some pictures from my members section in the offseason. :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I just got word..........

I am officially now qualified for the Ms. Olympia. This is due to the fact that the Tampa Pro female bodybuilding has been canceled as of yesterday. A good friend of mine JOEL pointed out the IFBB rules to me and told me that due to the fact that now there is 2 pro female bodybuilding shows it now opens up more slots for qualification. I placed 7th at the Ms. International as you know and 4 of the top 6 were already qualified. That leaves 2 spots that wasn't qualified and an extra spot which was the 7th place finisher (me).

I got the official word today. I am very thankful to Jim Manion and the IFBB for granting me a spot at the Ms. Olympia. I also want to thank my fans, friends, and supporters for standing behind me always. I also want to thank God for blessing me with making my dream come true.

I want to thank David and my friend Joel for always believing in me and supporting me. On top of that for always giving me a hard time about stuff :) lol

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Transformation Pictures from Ms. International Prep

The first set of pictures is from 8 weeks out and the 2nd set are from 4 days out fromthe Ms. International. Don't forget I was sick during the last weeks two.

I wanted to share these private pictures with you as again I believe anything is possible. Sometimes we may run into some heavy storms that make our journey difficult to follow, but if we keep the course and stay positive their will be sunny skies and rainbows in the end.

Prejudging at the Ms. International

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ms. International Experience

Where do I begin?

There is something I want to share with you before I talk about my experience at the Arnold Classic Ms. International. 3 weeks prior to this I had got a bad case of the common cold and then it turned into the flu. I had already lost some time from the gym and my diet was not where it needed to be. A few days later it seemed I was getting better and it tunrs out I wasn't for 2 days I couldn't move and then I started feeling really bad to the piot where I thought I was going to die. I was having some serious trouble breathing in and out. My whole right side felt like my ribs was broken. I was in so much pain that David had to take me to an emergency walk in cinic. I couldn't stop shaking, and coughing. It turns out I had pnuemonia in my right lung and if David hadn't taken me to the Doctor as soon as he did. I would have been in some serious trouble.
When the doctor told me I had pneumonia and that it was going to take weeks to get over. I saw my prep flash before my eyes. I want to break down and cry as I worked so hard and I couldn't just give up the experience of a lifetime. Its bad enough I was sick for a total of 14 days and 9 of those days I didn't train or do cardio as I was so weak, and had no appetite.
I told myself on the way home I was going to do this show and I was going to get better. I was put on an inhaler, and a bunch of anti-biotics that where the king size pills that had to be taken 2x a day. YUK! I don't care to much for big pills as it makes me want to gag. I think this is from my early years taking the big l-carnitine tablets and they would get stuck in my throat. LOL. it was aweful.
Well the next day I got up and wanted to train and I fell over as I was so dizzy and weak. I did sa little cardio and it took a lot ot of me. So I rested another day. I gradually got back into the swing of things but I lost size and my weight dropped drastically. I was 164 lbs prior to being sick and then I dropped down to 151 lbs. Me and David was amazed that I was still lean and mainted my condition. I was amazed too as usually it doesn't work out like that. The sickness benefit me more than anything except the size and weight loss. It obviously wasn't healthy. The important thing I was feeling better and I was able to do this show.
Well the time came closer and closer. I left for Columbus on Thursday morning. Its maybe about 4 hours or so from Terre Haute, IN. We had to leave early as we had to drop off my bulldog Bunny to the breeder as she promised to watch her for us whike we were away. Bunny was going to meet her brother as the breeder was watching him too. I don't know Bunnys brothers name but they look identical expcept for some markings.
Well we arrived at teh Double Tree in Columbus, and checked in a little after 2 pm. I had to hurry as I had a tanning appiont with Jan Tanna at 3 pm. Then later we had our Ms. International meeting. All of the Double Tree rooms are suites and I loved my room. I was right by the elevator and I had my refrigerator and microwave. I was set.
I went to go get spray tanned and boy that stuff is cold and gives me the tickles when it is put on my skin lol. I love Jan Tannas competion color as it is dark. I had to dry for a few minutes then went back to the room to chill out. I had to be carefuk with my color as I usually tend to bump or touch things and mess it up. LOL
I was in my room watching the sci fi channel when I heard a knock on the door. I thought that was odd and I know it wasn't David as he went to go get some fast food. I said "one second" and the lady said "i will leave your delivery by the door". I thought to myself for a minute and knew I didn't order room service. Unless I was sleep walking again. Well I opened the door and there was this gift basket. I looked at it a coupke times and thought it was delievered to the wrong room. I brought it inside and of course peeked inside the bag and saw this big arrangement of goodies. I opened the bag and pulled out this big gift basket. It was very nice. It made me feel very special. It had lots of goodies like supplements, organic fruits, almonds, whey protein, tuna fish, protein bars, etc. There was also a nice little card that had the Arnold Classic emblem with Arnolds name and Jim Lorimers name imprinted on it. I have this now on my mirror in my bedroom. Well I looked at my clock and noticed it was time to go. The meeting was going to start in a few minutes.
I rushed downstairs and brought my cell phone with me and I regret doing that. I tell you why in a minute. :) Well I got there and there was all these officials. They sat us down and we had to sign some paper work, etc. There was a man talking on the podieum and it was Jim Lorimer. He was very nice and so positive. He cares so much for the athletes. Well all of the sudden my ohine vibrates and I am flipping out as it is on loud and it makes this noise and Jim wasn't too pleased with that. I apologized about that as I forgot to turn it off. I was so focused on getting to the meeting. At that moment I melted in my seat. I won't do that again. Well we got our list of the order we were going to called in and I was number 13. What a lucky number right :)
We got our Arnold packet, with our Ms. International badge, and our set of VIP tickets foro one guest. The competitors then went on a bus where they showed us where we will be performing at the expo and the other venue. Thank God they provide us with free shuttle. Afterwards I went back to the hotel and crashed. I was dead tired.
The next morning I woke up early as I had to be at my makeup and hair stylist at 7am. I was so weak. After that I went back to the room and chilled till 10:45 am as we had to be on the shuttle aroubd that time to get to the expo. Was I nervous. A little. I had no idea how I was goign to look amongst the top professional bodybuildersin the world. As you all know I have some big dreams I want to fill in the professional ranks. One of those dreams is to compete at the Ms. Olympia not just once but several times. i love this sport and I love what I do. It takes a lot of HEART and discipline not to mention mental FOCUS to do it. I will be there sooner than you know it.
Well we waited a little bit before going on stage. My confidence level was very high, and I was PROUD to be competing with these amazing athletes. Now I want to share my best memorable experiences with you. The competitors were all nice and nobody trreated me like the underdog. I was surprised about that. There were only a select few that really caught my attention and it was amazing to carry a coinversation with them. Iris Kyle absolutly has a physique that is on another level. Its amazing. She is a walking anatomy chart and her look for this show was out of this world. I talked to her a couple times and she is just so down to earth and so laid back. Which is very cool. David is a big fan of hers and was also impressed. She carries herself so well and is a great representative of the sport. Another person that really caught my attention too was Yaxeni. This woman is beautiful and carries her muscle very well. Yaxeni is has some big muscles and it fits her physique nicely. She helped me out so much. I felt bad as I kept on asking her question s about what they were doing on the stage, etc. She explained everything to me, with her strong venezulan accent. Lastly Betty Viana, Dayana, and Heather, were just so laid back and down to earth. I really apperciate the ladies and for making me feel at home.
Prejudging was starting and I was confident as I knew I belonged up there with the rest tof the professionals and I also knew that I would fit in. They called me out and I made sure my presentation was good and I was smilling. I wasn't nervous one bit. The only thing that did bother me was my abdominal pose as I knew I knew I wasn't hitting it the way I should have been. Well I didn't get top 6 call out but I did get my number called out next for the 7th spot which I was happy with that. I always get close but no cigar. I immediatly knew what my problem was. i was a tad small and I need to be crisp. My muscles needed to be denser and more defined. Its all a learning process. I do wonder what i would look like had I not got sick.
After prejudging I got back the Double Tree and as soon as got out of the Elevator. Bill Comstock stopped me and asked if I would like to shoot with Per Bernal. Of course I said yes as Per Bernal is one of the greatest photograghers around and that to me was one of my dreams come true. I walked in this room and on my right was all these goodies like candy, fruit, soda, and water. Then a lady approached me which turned out to be Pers wife. She assits him with his shoots which I thin is so cute. I have kept track of Pers work for a long time as he does amazing work and knows how to capture the momment. Well anyway, I did a quick shoot in my prejudging suit and he told me I have beautiful lines and a nice shape. I was very flatterd and took the compliment very well as he has been aroud the business for a long time and has a eye for good things :). I was done and then Ed Pariso walks in and me and David had a quick conversation with him. He was very friendly, and a fun fact about him is he is a piolet and Betty Pariso is his Co Piolet. How cute is that.
Me and David then went to grab some grub. I had to eat a bunless hamburger with french fries. YUMMY. It was a pretty good burger but my only complaint was the wait time as there wasn't many people in the restuarant. I was okay with it as we had a very sweet waitress. Now if we had a someone who was a little rude I would have turned into Linda Blair from the exorcist. LOL just kidding!!!!!!!!
Well afterwards i had to rush back to the room and change into my prejudging. CJ from Unique physiques sponsored me with a new suit for the night show. it was so sweet of her. My suit was Gorgeous. I felt bad as I kept on asking her to fix my suit. i can be a pain in the butt sometimes. Anyway, CJ got me covered and took grat care of me. SHe is so cute and funny. She tells it how it is. Cj has a heart of gold.
okay here is the funny thing. I forgot my posing routine and had to improvise one. LOL. Before we did our routines all the competitors kined up and we all walked out to be introduced. So I am standing there and I am looking down at the front and down in the left corner Arnold was sitting there next to Jim Lorimer. I had to take a double look. LOL. I couldn't stop looking over. A few years ago I meet Arnold as I went to his birhtday party in La with Mike Morris and Joanna thomas. It was an amazing experience. I shaked his hand and Mike Morris got an autogragh on a napkin. LOL. Anyway I am on that stage glancing over at Arnold. It was so cool to see him sitting there. Well then I started thinking "oh great, I forgot my routine, thats going to look really good". LOL. They call my name out and I do my lat spread and then step back. later on it was my turn to do my routine and I improvised it to the song Halo by beyonce. I thought it waent pretty good. Of course I threw in a split in there. :)
Afterwards I knew I didn't have the top 6 but I stuck around for a little bit as I wanted to see Iris win as she looked absolutly stunning. WOOHOO. Me and David head back to the shuttle so we can go and relax. David and I were decding where to go eat. I wanted to go to Schimdts in the german village in Columbus. They are known for their susages which were very good. Me and David had a bahama mama. YUMMY! I got back to the hotel and fell alseep.
I had to work the booth at Species Saturday morning at 10 am. Colette nelson designed these very sexy catsuits for all the species girls. I loved it as it was a halter catsuit. I will show you guys a picture later. I knew that was going to be crazy. It was. There were tons of people there. I couldn't breath. But the time went by fast. We then left there and went to the North Market which is know for their wide varities of exotic foods and the markets. I had some indian cuisine. I love indian food. I also had some italian which wasn't that great. :(

Congrats to Kai Greene on his big win. Way to get it done. he worked super hard and earned it.
The next morning I worked the Species Booth and it was fun. Triple H was there signing autograghs. I was handing out Species calenders and signing autograghs. I had a lot of fun.
I have been asked what my next show is going to be. I don't kjnow to be honest. But I am leaning torwards taking time off and ficusing on my offseason since its been a good while since I have had a offseason. I need at least 6 months. I'm not sure yet what the plan is. I will keep you informed but for now I am offseason.

I want to thank David for supporting me as much as he has. He has stood behind me since day one. He kept me in line adn made sure I was on it. I wasn't the easiest person to deal with LOL, neither was he. he did so much for me getting ready for this show. Thank you so much David. I love you very much XOXOXO

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I was doing my normal routine in checking my email and I couldn't believe what I saw in my inbox folder. There was one email that stood out from the rest, my jaw literally dropped to the floor. I began to get goosebumps and cold sweats. My stomach stomach started speaking to me in tongue. LOL. Then I froze. I was too nervous and excited to press the link key to open this treasure of an email. "Snap out of it Isabelle"! I had no idea what was inside this email and of course I was curious. I then clicked away and opened the email. **Drum Roll** As the page loaded I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest .

I recieved an email from 8 time Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray. This was amazing and I was speechless. I followed Lenda Murrays career for years and it is her physique that inspires me to build mine. Her shape, conditioning, beauty and overall package are just amazing. She is what female bodybuilding is all about. I am so honored, motivated and of course inspired by her email. It really means a lot to me that she took the time to write me a email. It turns out that David had sent her a email along with a set of my weekly prep pictures. I had no idea he did that. When Lenda mentioned that David sent her pictures of me, my first reaction to that was not the prettiest. ha ha. Then a few seconds later I was so touched that David did that. It was very sweet of him and it means so much to me. That really touched my heart.

I still can't believe it. Thank you Lenda for your words of wisdom. I will use it wisely. Not to mention I am going to print the email out and post it on my frigerator :)

Tomorrow is the day.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Isabelle Turell 10 days out from the Ms. International

David wanted to take a candid picture, so I dropped my pants down literally to let him grab a shot. I will say that I am in the best shape of my life and I owe it all to my trainer and of course the loving support and encouragement of my finace David.

I know a lot of people don't think I can come in conditioned. I assure you I will be conditioned and then some. I am really excited as I am competing among the best in the world. I am so honored to be on the stage with them. The one person I am so excited to be in the group competing with is Ms. Olympia Iris Kyle. I have so much respect for her and I admire her a lot. She is passionate about the sport and puts a lot of heart into what she does.

9 days and counting

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

God Is Great!!


The greatest news I got was a phone call today from my dad. :) I haven't heard from him in years. I thank God for the blessing. My dads really cool. Now when we first got together I just started bodybuilding and never seen him. When we met up for the first time he walks out and BAM he is a short man with big muscles. LOL He was a bodybuilder and trained at Golds Gym. My dad served in the military for a long time too. I love my father very much. Whats cool is that bodybuilding is in my blood obviously lol. I was shocked to see that he was built like a bodybuilder. LOL Again I thank God for sending me this miracle. He also helped me with another miracle which I will tell you about later. Some of my close friends know. I will say that I do believe things happen for a reason. I am at my best condition EVER! I have held strong minded and kept the course. My heart and God won't let me otherwise.

I want to thank CJ from Unique Physique as she is a ANGEL. CJ Has always been very good to me and has always done AMAZING work on my suits. My bulldog destroyed my suit and I had a backup but wanted to give CJ a call. Anyways, I told her my story and of course CJ lets me have it lol. When I say that I mean she told me how it is without the sugar coating lol. Well Long story short CJ reminded me this is the Arnold and its the biggest show of my life. Cj took care of me. She put together a GORGEOUS night suit, and when I say gorgeous I mean Gorgeous. OMG its beautiful. She also sent it to me a few days later. She really took care of me. I am so Blessed as she didn't have to go out of her way for me and she did. CJ has always been very passionate and dedicated to the sport for a long time. I love this woman to death. Her suits are amazing please stop by her site

I HIGHLY recommend her. The fabrics are gorgeous and the cuts are perfect. I won't use anybody but CJ.

God Bless you guys and have a great Night

P.S. Sioux I hope you got the email :) I miss you my friend. talk to you soon

2 weeks from Friday to the Ms. International