Monday, February 28, 2011

Making an Impression

I’ve been up since early this morning, Imagine that. I got a fever and the only prescription is training. Which I am going to do here when it opens. The gyms on the ship have a very nice set up with equipment and cardio pieces. For starters, they have Hammer Strength and Life Fitness equipment. Vast variety of cardio equipment, yes even a stepper and rower. SO I have everything I need and the dumbbells go up to 100. The big downfall and it scares me is out in sea your rocking. I get to scared of injuring myself if you were to lift heavy. No thanks I will just wait till the ship is docked. The gyms are pretty packed here as people are trying to rid themselves of those extra calories lol. There’s no excuse on here for someone to say they can’t train or eat healthy as you can. Sure they have a vast variety of exotic to fatty foods but they also cater to those who eat healthy and cautiously.  Don’t say you can’t cause on here you can.
It seems I tend to make an impression on people no matter where I go. It must be my big deep brown eyes or something lol. You and I know what the answer to that and its not my brown eyes or my AWESOME personality. Yes, you guessed it’s my physical attributes or the way I am put together. It happens a lot on here as people are not used to a “fit” chick . I had my room steward stop me before I went into my room wanting to squeeze my bicep and then he screamed like “OMG Wow” I guess the best way to put it is the way a teenager would act at a Justin Beiber concert lol. I ran into several crew members on here that I know from previous cruises, and they remembered me. LOL. Its pretty nice when someone you’ve seen a long time ago remembers you. Last night was the introduction party for all the bloggers and it was a lot of fun. Free stuff is always good.

Gotta Run. I LOVEEEEE the Gym on here, really nice. Food is good too.
till later

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Its going to be a really fun time as im soooo impressed with the Glory as shes a nice piece of work. I wished I would have went on it sooner :). I guess I was a little thrown off as I thought John Heald was the cruise director for the entire ship. Well he's not as Jorge is lol. What's really cool for me being a fan of this british comedian is that he is doing a bloggers cruise on the Glory so you have more of John time for a select few. I will post the events of his intenary for the bloggers later. One night is called cigars under the stars..nice. I'm happy to be here and feel special lol. More to come but these next blogs are going to be about my adventure. Im so excited and its too bad my sister couldn't come with me. My feet hurt standing here during the drill lol. Its taking people way too long to get to the stations. Got my cowboy boots on. Need to run. Im dying to just rip these boots off.

See yah
From my last experience in the Miami terminal, im deciding to take my time getting to the port as im not missing anything special lol. Im there all week. I heard a rumor today that instead of going to nassau we are going to half moon day which is very intoxicating. Imagine training eating all the steak chicken and few other fine foods while out in sea lol. I promise to keep my audience up to date and maybe take a few training pictures. If you want to keep up to date check out john healds blog and the bloggers roll call

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Holy atomic pile, Batman!

lol... What a day I've had. I leave for Miami in the morning and would have loved to enjoyed the Food Network Food and Wine festival in South Beach but I had some other unexpected events come up. I had to run a quick trip but I have plenty of time to relax. I'm in no rush. For the next week I'm going to train, eat hearty and get a tan. There may even be a good Cuban or 2 :). Of course I will venture a little bit here and there. Its a great time to go as I need to prepare myself for what lies ahead for me in the next months. *waving

My sisters spring break isn't for a few weeks so she can't go with me. I asked my mom and she can't as she is scared of boats as well as my grandmother. I told them they need to get out more. Hey I can't say I tried, but I won't stop as I'm stubborn and don't understand the word NO. What does that mean? LOL I don't take no for an answer. My grandmother rather watch wheel of fortune or play bingo LOL. My mother, well she just had surgery and is doing a lot better. She looks good and showed me pictures of her tumors the doctors removed. Pretty nasty stuff. Earlier I tried to get her to ride in the convertible with me but she made excuses. Maybe its my driving.
I spent some of my afternoon running Erica around by a few car dealerships as my mom is buying her a car. Erica has no idea what she wants, but she wants something cool. LOL. I am really digging the new design of the charger. Pretty nice. A movie to watch is the Fast Five, with all that eye candy. After my few days driving the convertible mustang, I think I've made my mind up now. Theres nothing like wind running through your hair and I got a nice tan in the process today. When I was in Vegas a while back, I was in a convertible eclipse and of course thought it'd be cool to have the top down but due to the dry heat..It wasn't fun at all and the top went back up 2 mins later lol. I said my goodbyes this evening to the family. There great people but have thier moments. What can I say thier New Yorkers and tell it like it is. I will miss them espcially sissy.

Looking at the Colts Jersey results it appears making a custom jersey is in the lead. I will buy 3 Colts jerseys from the highest votes. I need more votes as there are some that are tied. We still have a good ways to go before its over.

Stay tuned this is going to be a fun week and I am going to take you on a adventure from my piont of view.

Later tonight I will be posting the list of items that are needed for the children at St. Vincents.
Anything item you can send or contribution made out to St. Vincents would be a big help.

till later

Almost there

Just want to say a quick good Luck to Kaylee and Stephanie competing in the Northern Kentucky today. Kaylee is in figure and looks absolutly darling. She's worked her butt off for this, and is a lean mean muscle machine. :) Stephanie is a bodybuilder and carries a lot of good muscle on her pretty structure, not to mention she has a beautiful look that is what we need in female bodybuilding.I wish both of them the best of luck they will do super duper, I'm sure. Best of luck to the both of you, I wish I could be there but I have some unexpected plans to tend to today before tomorrow.

I'm not looking forward to today as I have to make a quick getaway this morning that involves my bulldog Bunny. Lets just say I'm caught me off guard and as much as I tried to work it out in my favor its not and I HAVE to take care of this and then enjoy my fun tomorrow. All I can say today is going to be a draining day for me and cold. Speaking of back home, we have a Golden Corral there and and its been inspected in the last 3 years 28 times..och. The health department may close it down, and I hope they do as it is a very unsanitary place and quite the dump. I won't go on about it but it reminds me of the staff from the movie "Waiting" with Dane Cook. Could tomorrow hurry up and get here please :) Going back to my original conversation about yesterday, I had a fun fun time. I LOVE ORLANDO.....not the people that live in it except my family lol..kidding. As I was saying I had a fun time cruising around and looking at a few neighborhoods and seeing whats on the market etc. I like to keep up to date. I love Dr. Phillips area alot. My highlight, last night was that I was the QUEEN of the world lol. I have some teaser pictures from one of my stops, of course one of my favorite places Bahama Breeze. You know I had to stop here and get myself ready for the week ahead of me. Great music and amazing Caribbean food made fresh.

For starters the seafood Bahama chowder is to die for and is sooo delicious

I did something different on the menu as they got rid of my margarita chicken. This is the Chicken Santiago with roasted red pepper sauce. Now it originally comes with yucca (I passed LOL) and substituted sweet potatoes instead as they taste great paired with chicken. Great dish and a must try if you like chicken

Lastly we have one of their most popular appetizers coconut shrimp with a mango marmalade. Its good but the shrimp need to to be jumbo sized as this was just a tease lol

After my dinner I cruised around and I had a blast. Later my travels ended here as I had a urge to workout and brought my workout clothes with me just in case. Sure enough I got a fever for the gym. By far this is an awesome gym 24 hours and has everything. The bad thing is the people who train here train more for show and its a pick up joint from 3pm-8pm. People are drowned in cologne and perfume and were next to nothing for workout clothes guys and females. Its insane. We have a lot of your top notch celebrities train here, so you see a lot of nice toys parked outside. I got to meet Tiger Woods once early in the morning and he was doing bicep curls lol. It was pretty cool and he was very low key. I didn't think about it at first but once you see all the Nike clothes and not to mention once I really got a look. Pappa John trains there too along with a few other celebrities.

Before I end this blog don't be shy to tell people your true feelings. I promise it won't hurt and it could take a load off your shoulders. Just my 2 cents as my girlfriends tend to be shy about certain matters and I am very outspoken and say whats on my mind. If I feel something deep inside your gonna know it. So act liek you got a pair lol. Talking about pairs. I am really tired of seeing the sacks hanging from cars and trucks. The guy who came up with the idea is a millionare lol, but now its just really annoying. In florida it seems everyone has it and ladies that is quite tacky if you have it on your car. I have seen this too. Now we are using body parts as ornaments to express ourselves. lol

I got to head out and take care of a few things. I will touch base later today. My wonderful day is just beggining

Friday, February 25, 2011

Here is a picture of my mom when she was young. Now I kinda see a resemblence with me and her lol. M I C K E Y M O U S E

Grandma sporting her bell bottoms at Walt Disney World lol

I'm tired and I have one more day to go...woohoo. Okay time to eat.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Real Quick it was cute, then on to the blog
Dolphins save dog
MARCO ISLAND, Fla. -- A group of persistent dolphins are being credited with saving a dog that had run away on Florida's Marco Island. Cindy Burnett says her 11-year-old Doberman named Turbo disappeared late Sunday night after his gate was left open.
That's when Burnett and her sons went looking for him. "I searched and searched and called his name. I drove through this street at least five or six times," she said.
Late Monday morning, Turbo was finally found. "He was shivering and a lot of distress," Burnett said. She says Turbo could have been in the canal water for 15 hours and it would have been longer if it weren't for a persistent splashing coming from the water. "The lady here who had gotten him out of the canal said, 'No, the dolphins were with him,'" Burnett explained. The dolphins got a neighbor's attention, alerting them to a stranded pooch in shallow water.
"If he had to tread water all night long, I know he wouldn't have been able to," Burnett said. The neighbor jumped in the water after calling 9-1-1 and got Turbo out. While Turbo has been reunited with his family, Burnett says she doesn't expect him to get too close to the water any time soon.

I've really been enjoying myself here in Sunny Florida. February 24th was a historic moment as it was the final launch of the Discovery shuttle at Kennedy Space Center.
The Discovery shuttle also was connected to Indiana. Since it first took flight in 1984 there have been 11 astronuts from Purdue University who flown 16 times for Discovery missions. Purdues President, France Córdova was NASAs chief scientist from 93-96(just a little more cool facts). My first experience of a shuttle launch was Jan 28, 1986 the launch of the Challenger Shuttle which we will never forget. It was a sad day as the shuttle broke apart in seconds once in flight which lead to the deaths of 7 of the crew members including Christa McAuliffe, who was the first member teacher in the Space Project.Getting to a spot to watch the shuttle was nuts and traffic was backed up and INSANE, especially going down Colonial Drive. I overheard a couple people complaining as to why people are making a big deal about the space shuttle launch..why watch it, its stupid, blah blah blah. Yes, you guessed it...I put my 2 cents in the conversation. *waving. I'm a space enthusiast and for 30 years the space shuttle has been the leading role in the space program. Its amazing stuff what the United States has accomplished with the program. I love science, and this was a very emotional moment for a big chunk of Americans, and I'm happy I was here to witness it.

Here is the Logo for the Superbowl next year in Indianapolis. Its pretty fierce I think.
WE know whos goign to be in the Superbowl next year *wink wink

During my stay here I'm getting to the feel of driving a mustang again. I have been a avid Mustang owner as I have had owned 4 in my life including two classic 1965 mustangs *thumbs up. Mustangs are classic american muscle cars and are pretty cool especially with a little bit of added power to them and a loud exhaust *wink. I love the sound of a roaring exhaust its like sweet music to my ears. To sit in a Mustang and drive one again was a nice feeling. Except it wasn't manual but this was a convertible so it suited me. :) Makes me want to go more tor wards a mustang convertible lol.

I took my grandmother out yesterday in the mustang last night along with my auntie. She doesn't get out at all because of her illness so I wanted to take her for a ride and we had to cover her up as she can pick up a cold easy. We went cruising around town and I played the informative tour guide. Of course they were holding on for dear life as I was the driver and I like to test the car out. Here is something funny. We have my sister here a little sad looking as I picked her up from school yesterday and speaking of which I promised I'd go to her softball game today. Anyway, she begged me to drive the car and I said what any sane person would say to a newly licensed driver----> NO!! I was scared of her as the last time I took her driving she was a little too much of a road hog not to mention she was horrible when it came to turning around a corner. Since last month she has taken a drivers ed course so I was really on edge about letting her drive the car. I told her yes on a couple conditions. She had to prove herself to me lol. the conditions were 1. she had to run around the car flapping her arms when we came to a stop light. 2) She had to scream out 5 times " I'm the king of the world" with open arms gesture. I'm so nice. So we wen;t from this expression

later to this......

I have to admit she was a very good driver, and I taught her how to do her first u turn last night. She drove me around and I was very impressed as she was safe, cautious and I came out in one piece ALIVE... *whew

Well today is going to be fun. I'm taking my grandma and ti ti (auntie) to lunch at Mc Donalds ..KIDDING. I have no clue where we will go. Bahama Breeze ??? Grams likes old fashioned diners and rocking to the oldies. Which I too like the oldies believe it or not. I learned of some news yesterday that is going to have me running back and forth. Its all good. I'm trying to convince my sister to go with me on Sunday on my adventure. Oh she would love this one a lot. I'm pulling out all the tricks. But Sunday is her boyfriends birthday and you know how that goes. I told her to celebrate it on Saturday. We shall see. I hope she goes.

Time for me to kick it and train. I promise I will be updating the blog for my readers. Someone asked me why I blog. The answer to that is very simple...because I enjoy and as the quote says "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me." - Al Franken (as Stuart Smalley) :)
**another thumbs up**

Nip it in the butt

Those lunges are killing me from the other day. I'm now feeling it and it is hard for me to get up from when I sit down and also walk around. I couldn't put my jeans on yesterday. LOL. I may have a painful and stiff next few days ahead of me. Training is going good and today yesterday I did the following
standing dumbbell curls superset with barbell curls
seated incline hammer curls superset with reverse incline dumbbell curls
rope hammer curls
Pushdowns on a lat pulldown bar
Skull crushers
rope overhead extensions
3-5 sets 10-20 reps depending on weight and intensity

I have put red meat back into my diet again and it feels great but very filling. I had a hearty new york strip today when I was out and about and it was a lot better from my previous evening with my bad experience with steak. I like my meat medium rare bloody.

If you want to talk about an entertaining blog check out John Healds blog very funny stuff about crusing and everything else including the kitchen sink. I will be embarking on a blogger getaway starting Sunday. Yeah!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stayed turned

It snowed lightly here today and just when I thought it was getting warmer it got colder lol. I had a brutal time in the gym today as my legs got fried from doing walking lunges around the track. I am feeling pretty tight in my legs now especially the hamstring area. Its times like these I wish I had a whirlpool.

I went to Caboodle Cupcakes today and picked up a couple dozen cupcakes to take back home to the family in Florida. Very nice shop, down to earth, great atmosphere. Yummy. The cupcakes are too die for.

I never did fully tell you what Iron Pit did for me. All I wanted was to find a hotel near the gym while I was doing my training in Bloomington. I had emailed the owners about hotels near by and they said they would look into it. Well the very next day, I received a email from them offering a hotel for my total stay over 2 weeks in Bloomington. All I had to do was pay my gym access fee. Now you can understand why I was so thankful as I didn't expect that at all and it was very very nice of them. A few weeks to go before training. The countdown begins. By the way Angie from St. Vincents called yesterday and she is going to email me a wish list and a list of things they really need right now for the children. When she sends them I will post it here and if you can contribute on top of what I am adding that would be great. Anyone want to sponsor me for the Polar Plunge March 5th ? :)

I need a vacation lol. Cruise Cruise Cruise. I won't tell you when but I will surprise you. Cruising is fun but now a days its not as fun as it used to be. With my getaways, I'm good at doing things last minute and out of the blue.

Lastly I had a Robert Downey Jr. *kiss marathon lol,. I watched Iron Man, Iron Man II (loved the goat tee), and Due Date which was okay but not what I expected lol. John Stark and Pepper cute :)

Be Diffrent

Caboodle cupcakes...yummy yum yum. I have been dying to try out this place for the longest time and they have over 40 flavors of cupcakes. It looks very gourmet and upscale. Maybe I will stop by there today and sample one and take a picture for you to tease :) I can't stop thinking about them along with a few other things that's been lately on my mind *sigh. The rain has washed away the dirt and the little snow we had remaining here in town. Some of the roads yesterday looked like you needed a canoe to go down them, others roads look like the remains from the explosion of small bombs leaving behind decent size potholes on the road. Its not fun when the water is covering potholes and you just so happen to go over it not realizing what lies underneath. hint hint :) I was taking my movies back and the journey there was a doosey trying to avoid them

I'm going to Disney World and your all invited because I just received an email stating that I won a million pounds. Don't be jealous LOL. If you don't believe me here is my proof

You are a winner in the ongoing UK-National Lottery have been approved to be paid the total sum of Onemillion pounds. For more information, Kindly contact claims agent (Mr.kenny brown) with:Serial No: S/N-472-9768-79/Full Name/ContactAddress/Tel/Age/Country
I'm going to contact Mr. Brown first thing early in the morning. lol

So I gotta ask...Who puts fresh blueberries and bloody red meat in the same grocery bag? Apparently my cashier did at Walmart. I wasn't too happy about it as its very unsanitary and I don't have any desire for bloody blueberries. Bagging fresh produce or vegetables with raw meat or seafood could cause food borne illness or alos known as the stomach "flu" bug. Not fun to have. For food safety, this is why we separate the two. I kindly told her about it and I moved the blueberries into a separate bag. To make her feel better I told her a joke and moved on about it. Now the other day, I was at the restaurant and the waitress dropped the menus on the dirty floor and then handed them to a family of 5 and said I'll just give you these menus. lol. That's really professional. How about when your eating your meal and the person comes by sweeping the floors right next to your food. Super Duper. I'm cool about things but to a piont ha ha.

I see people are leaning more towards me getting a custom jersey. I don't know if I can do custom on an authentic jersey if I made my own. I can with a replica. I don't even know what I would say in the back of it. It would have to be something very unique and has to stand out. I'm sure not going to say the typical fan thing you know like "Peytons Girl" "whos your daddy" or my last name. I have to be different from the pack and I'd like like to do something funny. I won't be putting sweet lips back there either :). It seems some people I meet now a days are shocked because I am not like everyone else they meet. I refuse to be, no way. I find it very very boring *yawn* and its not my style nor will it ever be. I've always been different and back in the day was known as the class clown or the life of the party. I even won an award for it. :) I have fun, and I'm not afraid to express myself. Its like animals. They don't worry about who's around the or where their at they will express themselves. Take Leo, he doesn't care and just does his thing. Here he is sleeping. lol. Animals are always full of surprises and we never know what to expect out of them. Their just precious except, snakes, spiders, slimy and creepy things LOL. One of my favorite things is going to the zoo and sometimes you may just catch that one thing that you least expect. I can tell you a few stories. I've been eyeing a sugar glider but I don't think I'm allowed to have one :)

The Northern Kentucky is here in a few days and I have 2 friends competing in it, not to mention my friends son is competing the same day in powerlifting. He is as strong as in ox and he's only 15 looks like he's 25 and plays for the NFL lol. Great kid with lots of potential. I'd like to see him play for Alabama in college football.

till later

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. President

I'm sure many of you are happy today as its a holiday and some of you don't have to work, go to school and are already on spring break. President's Day, an observance of our founding father of our country, George Washington's birthday which is always celebrated the 3rd Monday of February. His actual birthday is February 22. An interesting fact of George Washington was he is known as one of our biggest Presidents at 6'2 and 200 lbs. He also breed hound dogs and gave them unusual names such as sweet lips, and tarter lol. I like sweet lips. Bunnys original name was going to be Marshmallow but Bunny suited her better as when she sits down she looks like a little bunny, not to mention she runs like a bunny too. Speaking of Bunny, she has finally discovered I have a couch lol.
Enjoy the holiday, and take advantage of the sales today as there's lots of them :)

Then we got this guy
Spoiled rotten lol

Remember I talked about a throw down with food. This is room service I ordered on the ship to give you an idea of my appetite when I am hungry LOL. Now a days due to my smaller portions of 4-8 meals a day, I don't desire bigger portions of food. Once in a while I will get the urge to eat a little more than the norm but my stomach puts the brakes on as its not used to that. I remember dieting for weeks very strict with portions down to the grams and ounces. My measuring was dead on target never going under or over the amount I had to do. Once I was done with the competition I remember going to the restaurant and ordering everything my heart desire. I went to Bahama Breeze after the USAs and ate and ate but over did it just a little bit. I was stuffed more than a turkey on Thanksgiving day. Thank goodness there's doggie bags. :)
more later....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Today's the Daytona 500 in Daytona, Florida. Woohoo. I have been invited many times but turned it down as I was working or doing something lol. I remember my first time going to race, it was small and dirty. You want to talk about seeing some characters here was your chance. Break out the camera as it was a redneck camo, overalls and John Deer fest. So innocent me that has no clue as to why the first few rows were empty and everything else was pack. I was excited I had a first row. I sat down the race started and the cars went fast around the track, now I'm sitting there watching and all of the sudden I get hit with rocks, dirt, etc. It hit me by surprise ha ha. So imagine sitting 1st row and getting hit with all this stuff every time the cars past by. Not fun bur it eas funny to watch other peoples reactions too. There's a term for the dirt storm but for the life of me can't seem to remember it. I will not do that again. Going back to the Daytona 500 I was and still am a Dale Earnhart fan. There will never be another intimidator like number 3. I really would like to have one of the pace cars ;)

On a very positive note....
I'm waiting to hear back from St. Vincents Hospital as I'm going to make a donation for the children at the hospital. I called and talked to a very nice lady and explained to her that I wanted to help out and see what can be done. There is a team that specialize with the donations. I am waiting to hear back thier ideas and I'm looking very forward to helping out. I'm also going to put in for volunteering to visit children in the hospital as well. It's wonderful helping out children and those in need. Since I was young I always invested my time into helping out families in need, homeless, children, single moms, etc. It has always been in my nature and always will be. I'm waiting to see what is needed such as toys, books, etc. If you would like to contribute in the cause by either sending toys, childrens books or a small financial donation please contact me. Thank you

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Out with the Old in with the New

Today I get asked my 2nd favorite question in the whole(wide)world "excuse me, but do you workout?" at least it wasn't the "how much you bench" followed by them doing the benching motion with their arms ha ha. Goodness ...So I responded back to them that I do compete in curling like in the Olympics, then give me the shock expression and I just say "I'm kidding". Earlier when I was out and about I got asked if I do competitions. It is very flattering when people respect and admire your hard work and discipline as an athlete. I respect all athletes in any sport. I have leaned down and I wonder if its starting to show. I told you I have changed up my training, and this week I noticed a a huge difference. Maybe I can post a ab shot.

here is also a nice workout song for yah

Since we are on the topic of sports. The colts made a big annoncement recently that #21 "Demond" Bob Sanders or the "eraser" has been released from the Colts. He was the highest payed safety with a 5 year contract of 37.5 million not to mention he was awarded the defensive player of the year in 2007. The guy is very talented on the field, there's no doubt about that. But he has had injury after injury. I have no idea who will pick him up but Bob is a valuable player "when he is healthy". I think in some ways that was a great move for the Colts. Now I have to find a another jersey for the games as yes I have a Bob Sanders jersey and need a a replacement ha ha. I have no clue which jersey to get now. I will post a vote poll and see if anyone responds *wink. Here's my picks so far. I don;t know which way to go
A) #18 Peyton Manning
B) #44 Dallas Clark
c) #87 Reggie Wayne
D) Make my own
E) none of the above :)
F) #7 Curtis Painter (I'm teasing here)

Decisions ..Decisions.....I'm sure I will figure out something. I sure did get spoiled this past year with Colts games. It was well worth it and I had fun.

I meet a wonderful girl at Starbucks and we started talking about training, etc.. I'm helpful and I love to help whenever I can with anything doesn't always have to evolve around bodybuilding. Now on the other hand if she wants to offer me a carmel macchiato quad, I don't think I will say no

Till tonight stay tuned. Btw the picture quaility is horroble when you use the mirror camera. I was testing it out ..later

Friday, February 18, 2011

Still in awe

The USA's I will never forget...It was a long road of pain, discipline with lots of hard work and no rest inbetween. I challenged myself and it was a tough competition as there were many girls who could have turned pro that day. It was one of the many happiest days of my life as I couldn't believe what had just happened. I got prompted from an amatuer to a pro bodybuilder. I had great people in my corner helping me and pushing me and its those people who made what I thought was impossible..possible. The day of prejudging I was so nervous but none of that mattered as it was full speed ahead. I put my body on display on that stage for the whole world to see. What a rush. I really couldn't have done it without those people in my corner and to all of them I say THANK YOU so much for everything and I couldn't have done it without you. Its great for me to go back to this moment in life. To this day I"m still amazed by my achievement. I'm very humble and if you personally know me, know that. I consider myself an average Jane who likes a challenge. I put a lot of heart and soul into things I do. Is that a weakness I think not, I think it makes me a strong person inside and out. In this sport you must have a lot of mental discipline to do this and you have to have heart.

I had some free time for a few minutes and wanted to write this as I was putting together my meal this morning and staring at my trophy and it make me think of that special moment :)


Lucky :)

Friday ..its Friday YEAH!!!
It's no surprise I'm up at this time in the morning.

I'm so jealous as my sister beat me to skydiving. LOL. Lucky girl

Yesterday I bought the movie Sherlock Holmes as I really enjoyed the movie a lot and it was another movie I rented and decided I wanted to have it. Robert Downey jr and Jude Law are a hoot and made a great pair. As I was checking out in line, I overheard a lady talking to the cashier saying she was going to Orlando and of course I chimed in my 2 cents as Orlando is my home town. So the lady got really excited and wanted me to write down the top spots and things to see in Orlando. My speacialty lol. She waited for me to finish checking out so I can help her with what her and girlfriends should do. I explained and pionted out several places and also shopping places too *wink. She was so grateful she wanted to give me a gift certificate to a restaurant she had in her purse lol. I told her theres no need for that and I'm just happy I can help. :)

I got a jammed pack adventure weekend ahead of me. Time to head to the gym and then get a tan

stayed tuned for an update later

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Starting my blog today with me and grandma

I love this weather!!! I can walk outside with no jacket and its just beautiful. I can live in this weather 365 days a year LOL. It's a little windy today as the trees are dancing away, and I'm fine with that as long as it isn't snowing :). The cats made a mess this morning as i got to find most of my plants knocked off my kitchen counter. I wasn't too happy about that as 2 of my vases broke in the midst of things.

I have to go train here in a little bit the game plan is Shoulders and Hamstrings. There is actually one thing I really wish the gym at the college had that is a lying leg curl machine. The gym at my place has one but it would be nice if the college gym had one as it would make my life a whole lot easier. To give you sort of an idea of my workout here it is

warm up
3-4 sets dumbbell military press
side laterals with cable and then superset with a 45 plate front raise
rear laterals with the cable
end with 2 sets of military press

stiff legged barbell super set with db stiff leg
standing leg curl
cable leg curls

I would go anywhere from 3-5 sets 1 set is a warmup. It just depends on my mood and my goal for that day :) rep range can vary from 10-20 reps depending on again my goal. Do I want to go crazy and lift heavy as I can go (then I do less reps followed by a drop set). To avoid injury you always want to make sure you do a light warmup and stretching before you workout.

I have a few errands to run and as you can see one of them is training. I will do a split training here and then do cardio later tonight. When I go to the gym I try to get in and get out. I don't want to be rushed but I want to get my stuff done in as little possible.

Oh I have a shot of me trying on jeans from when I went to Areopostale. I was worried lol I wasn't gonna fit. Jeans can be tricky. I will go into that more later.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Fine Day

Super day today besides hunting for a parking space at the gym. Whew!!I went and did some of cardio at the stadium it was nice and peaceful but careful where you step on the pavement as some people don't pick up after their pets. On my way back to the gym, I was driving and came to a stop sign and looked to the right when there it was. I saw a man wearing a USA biker jacket, and I started smiling as I remembered my 2 unique USA jackets and this one was very identical to one of them. I was trying to get a quick snap of the jacket. I couldn't believe my eyes as I had forgot my old 80's jacket. I started a while back trying to put together a collection as I was inspired by a famous photo of 8x Ms.Olympia Lenda Murray wearing a USA jacket. I tried to find the picture for you but had no luck. It's a famous shot by the master photog Bill Dobbins. When I turned back around to get the picture the man was gone. Oh well. It was funny and brought back some memories as I was always teased about those tacky jackets.

After the gym, I wanted to make it a movie night and headed to the local movie store to pick up a few movies. As I walked in this man looking at dvd's turns to me and says "hey, how you been doing?" as if we had met many times before. He started talking to me like we were best friends. I assure you, he wasn't one of the employees either LOL. So I slowly eased my way to the new release section. I found a couple of movies but had to see Dinner for schmucks" again and then I also got "Life as we know it". As I was checking out with my movies the mysterious man who was also was checking out and gave me a knuckle bump like a high five and then said to me "have a nice night" LoL. Then pat me on my back. I went to my car and he took off in his moped. Anyway, I love dinner for schmucks, very funny.

Tomorrow is a basketball game and I may be attending. It should be fun as its South vs North. AS I mentioned in a previous blog here is that funny video I was talking about the other day. I crack up every time I watch it. I love the guy in the red and black pjs and then the door opening and closing bit.
Now I leave you with a nice treat.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Going to make this another short one....Boo Hoo :0)

I really have to say I enjoy hearing the feedback on my blog and its makes me all warm and tingly inside to know that readers like it...for the most part. *smile. Its a fab day today and yes it is a short blog. Don't worry I will write more later. But I'm feeling in the mood for some James Brown and wanted to share. James Brown is the man!!LOL

Now I want to go dancing lol
Do I need the Angry Birds app. I am very curious about this. I got a spongebob ap that makes him laugh and say silly things. LOL. It seems there is a Angry Bird madness going on.

Real quick story then I got to run. I got up in the middle of the night to get a glass of H2o, and its dark and my carpet is a light beige color, so I see this long whatever stretched out on the floor. I kid you not I thought it was a snake. I had watched an episode of a 1000 ways to die and there was a story abot a python getting into this girls house. SO that didn't help me as thats what was goign in my mind "snake". I stood still and then flipped the light on and it was my belt..stretched out LOL..

Time to put my Braveheart makeup on and fight for a parking spot at the college, I may just go do some cardio around the stadium to kill time and then make my way over.

Thank you Iron Pit Gym in Bloomington, Indiana

I have to take a moment and say a HUGE thank you to the owners of Iron Pit Gym, in Bloomington, Indiana. They sent me a very nice email yesterday that still has me grinning ear to ear. I am very grateful for their generosity and help. Wow, I was really blown away. Its a real honor for me and I'm greatly touched. I can go on and on lol. I'm very eager to training at the 24 hour Iron Pit next month during my off time from the EMT training.

I have more great news to add as well but that can wait for a future date. :)
Feeling very very blessed as a lo of wonderful people and things have been touching my life in one way and another

Talked to my Charleston friend yesterday. Going to really try to see her and get away for 2 weeks first Miami then Charleston

BTW here is a real steak lol from Ruth Chris I had a while back.

night night

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Indiana NPC Show Dates (updated)

Indiana NPC Show Dates

March 26, 2011
Indiana Muscle Madness
Century Center
South Bend, IN
Contact: Derek Campbell
(877) 434-8786

April 2, 2011
Southern Indiana Bodybuilding & Figure Championships
Harrison High School Auditorium
Evansville, IN 47708
Contact: Eric Schmidt
(812) 402-9900

June 4, 2011
Indianapolis Championships
Convention Center Downtown Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN
Contact: Tim Mobley
(317) 867-4993

June 11, 2011
The GNC Classic
AHS Auditorium
Anderson, IN
Contact: Dave Cravens
(765) 778-3947
July 9, 2011
Mid-Western States
Embassy Theater
Fort Wayne, IN
Contact: Rick Walters
(260) 436-9326

July 23, 2011
Indiana State Championships
NPC Hoosier Muscle Classic
Convention Center Downtown Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN (both shows)
Contact: Tim Mobley
(317) 867-4993

Monday, February 14, 2011

too big to handle

I wanted to play with Bunny as she is a real sweetie. For a majority of the evening she has had really bad gas which bullys are known for that so when she ran after the cats you would hear quack quack sounds coming from her rear lol. I took my cam out to try to get a shot of her as she can be shy but it seems she was ready to be the enforcer here and take charge. Look at this mug shot. How can you say no lol
Then she wanted to give the camera a kiss. I think she was really hoping to get some kind of treat. She likes to lay down for treats. Look at those Freddy Kruger nails LOL. I still want to paint them pink :)
Outback was nice this evening and here are some of my favorite things especially this
MMMMMM BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I have had some really big steaks in my day and this is their Melbourne. Well it wasn't that big at all and quite on the thin side. My sweet potato was itty bitty too. Oh well The steak only took me 2 mins to devour lol.

Good I am going to make this a short blog.

Valentine Boogie Woogie

My phones been blowing up with non stop Valentines day text lol. Thank you and I get it :)
One of the best things about Valentines Day is not the day itself but the day after as the chocolate is half price lol. My favorite is the big Hershey kisses. If you recall the Spongebob episode where him and Patrick are selling chocolate. I'm the guy who is screaming around town chocolate lol.
I am a chocolate freak and proud of it. Raise your hand if you licked the utensil mom used to put that chocolate icing on the cake lol. I know I did. So yes I would say that is the best part of Valentines day, not so much the hugs and kisses but the chocolate. So take advantage of the post valentines day sales and stock up on marked down chocolate.
I called my aunt and she said she is back on her medicine. Which is a very good as her health really depends on it. She wished me a happy valentines day, etc. She didn't have much planned today as she just wanted to do her own thing. I love her a lot and remember when I was a kid, every weekend she would take me out like to Bush Gardens, the circus etc. I know these recent struggles she is going through will work out as she has a strong family behind her that loves her and supports her.

Earlier today yours truly personally put together a couple of gifts such as a few cards, chocolate and little stuff animals and gave it to people locally here who I in my heart needed to be uplifted. Someone out there cares for you, and that someone is me. It is the thought that counts, remember that. People are funny especially the guys. I get a kick out of watching guys buying flowers for their ladies as some of them have no idea what they are doing lol. Its the thought that counts and it doesn't take a lot to impress me but a good heart is a start.

Enough Vday talk lol. Its off to another great week and the end of the month is almost here. The Arnold classic is right around. the corner and that is going to be a great show for many.
The Northern Kentucky will be coming up here on Feb 26th. That is a full day for me and I'm trying to see how I'm going to work it out as I'm tied between going to a power lifting meet and then the Northern Kentucky show. This is where I need to flip a coin lol.

Time to go train and have a steak :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Take Advantage

Its nights like these where one should embrace the twilight with open arms and value the earth's beautiful sparkling diamonds glittering in the night sky. I love nights like these. If I had a truck I'd put a blanket down on the flatbed and gaze at the stars. Instead I have to opt for a "dry" ground or concrete with my Spongebob blankie to lay on. I heard the coyotes howling tonight in thier pack, but it wasn't too long. Short and sweet. Clear nights like these every now and then if your lucky you can see a few shooting stars across the sky. Its moments like these that I treasure and captivate my fond memories. I can tell you my most favorite time to star gaze is when your out in sea. I like to take the deck chair and just lay down enjoying my pina colada and occassionaly a nice cuban(now would be nice) in the mix and just unwind. Theres nothing like it.

I'm addicted to Iphone so much I have dreams about aps lol. I actually would like to make my own ap and put it on Itunes. I did a little research here and there today. It looks a little complicated but I like things that are challenging. One of the cool aps I love love love A lot. Call me a kid cause I don't care, but it is the Star Wars ap where you can turn your phone into a light saber with sound effects. I was playing with this a little bit and Bunny would just look at me like I'm nuts and Leo would follow the light saber. I'm picking up a Wii as I already have a Xbox in my collection so I wonder how the animals are going to react to that one.

I saw a bulldog today he was cute as a button and Chunky. His face looked like it was sporting a goat tee lol. Cute! This bully was out of shape but he was huge. Now I'm proud to say Bunny may be smaller than the average but she is fit and stocky.

Old Country Time

I mentioned my aunt in a earlier blog and I wanted to say thank you to the many people who have sent their thoughts and prayers to my aunt. I appreciate that so very much. Thank you

I love my little private spot at my place as its nice and quiet. At night I like to leave the window crack to hear the trains going by making that chu chu sound. Every now and then you may hear a pack of coyotes howling too. Beautiful day today.It would be nice to go to Mansfield and sit by the little river and feel the breeze. I didn't even know what a covered bridge was till I came to Indiana lol. Mansfield is known as one of the many here in the state. Very cool but can be a little scary to walk across.

Time to hit the gym here and get a little pump up to get the blood flowing. I train at a nice gym as many of you know. The only problem I have is during the Xmas and New Year holiday as they are closed for almost 2 weeks or it seems like that. I asked about a prorate and they told me NO lol. I makes sense for us paying member's but oh well we just have to deal with that and suck it up. By far it is the best gym in town. I wish they had a place where I can do t bar rows but for now all I can do is just have to try and improvise.

Omg I didn't know my friends son made videos so she showed me a few from his facebook page and it is hilarious. Its a group of guys dancing around and her son is lip singing to the lyrics. You know young guys and how wacky they can be. I guess they are called the Wolfpack. These videos are so funny. I was trying to see I can add one of them on here from my Facebook but I can't. I love her kids, they're great and loud lol. I'm waiting to take them on a xbox challenge like call of duty "black ops". :) I had a nice time last night but no matter how much fun I had or how much tears of laughter I had, I still think of certain things. boo hoo :)

I looked at Charleston and omg flights are not cheap from Indianapolis. I remember going to Charleston a lot when I lived in Orlando, beautiful southern place lots of history and great food. I always drove there as it was painless from Orlando. There's a bloggers cruise which is on the Glory at the end of the month and that would be fun to go on. I found out today that one of my most popular blog post is my Carnival Legend pictures blog which I binged it and my blog came up as #20 out of 4,660,000 results. LoL I thought that was pretty cool.

So I watched Dear John this morning and I never seen it, and it was so sad. My heart goes out to John and yes I did shed a tear or two. Isn't that sad :P

Later gator

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A swift kick

The snow is melting away. Yeah!!! Now there's huge puddles of water everywhere. There was a man standing on the side of the street today and of course he was standing in front of a huge puddle. So someone drove by not noticing and he got splashed pretty good. It wasn't me that did it. LOL. I may have accidentally hit a bird on the interstate when I was driving a Camaro a while back lol. My sister calls me a bird killer as she witnessed the accident ha ha. Anyways that incident with the guy was pretty funny. he shouldn't have been standing there lol. I think he got distracted by talking on the cell phone.

just look at this photo and want to say " I got the power" you know like in He-Man :)

So I was trying on my new Magnums for the EMT class and someone was trying to help me tie my shoes lol

I'm so sweet looking. This bear made the picture cuter. :)

I remember this moment. My sister felt I deserved a swift kick in the a$$. She was right I did deserve it lol.
I was a bad bad bad girl. I guess you can say I was 20 percent angel 80 percent devil. Im kidding. I'm 100 % angel
I love my sister Erica.

I'm on my way to meet up with some fellow Terre Haute North and South H.S. football moms I met during the season. Their kids participate in all the sports at the high schools. Great kids and they are a hoot. I went to a party last year and got embarrassed as they kept wanting me to flex my biceps. LOL. Now some of the kids are playing basketball and due to my contest prep I had turned down the offer of going to the games. If there's another one I may go. I went to all the football games when they were at home. Its fun but the parents are a trip and can get a little hot tempered lol. As much as I wanted dto go to the North South basketball game I decided not too :). I need to run to the store and head over to my friends house. My friends one son is a huge kid and is competing in a powerlifting meet which I hope its not the same weekend as my trip.

Okay need to run

blog more tonight

my my

I almost threw my computer over the balcony as no matter how many times I tried to get into my hotmail account I couldn't lol. Maybe my caps was on ha ha. I went ahead and reset the password and it worked like a charm...for now. Hopefully I won't forget it but probably not with this one. Here's your sign :) I love Bill Engvall lol *whew that was frustrating though and I had no patience for it. I love technology but sometimes its a pain in the rumpshaker

I got a comment about on of my blog post about my bodybuilding. The other day when I blogged about bodybuilding I meant those things. I don't want to be big and bulky. Only one time ever did I come in big and bulky for a show 2004 Nationals 170 lbs on stage. That was the biggest I had ever got for the stage. here are a few pictures a few days out
It was nice holding that weight and I worked very very hard through eating high calorie diet and heavy brutal training to get to that point. Now a days I like my body where its at now and its only going to get better from here. But now its just about refining and sculpting. My ideal physique is my 09 Arnold with just a little bit more size. Nice shape, muscle bellies, small waist. I love it. Plus I need to fit into my work clothes. Its bad enough I have a hard time finding the right pants to wear. I remember I was trying on dresses for a cruise and it was not fun. I ripped one of the dresses I was trying on and just put it back with the rest of the other dresses and got my but out of there. I don't have so much that problem now. Well I still do with the zipper dresses. Yikes.

Now the not so good news I received today...
Well I got a call from grandma today that yesterday my aunt was told that she has less than a year to live more like 4-6 months. Of course I'm listening to this and my heart drops to the floor. I've braced myself for this as a while but yeah it's hard hearing stuff like that. Now on the other end of the stick I think she can fight this and prove the doctors wrong. She has had near experiences 2 x already and has overcome them. I am and will stay positive with this. No reason to be down about and think the worst as it just causes nasty stress and it doesn't solve anything.
Any prayers or thoughts I can get for my aunt is greatly appreciated.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm a little beat still from this morning. I hope I don't have to go hunting for a parking spot at the gym. Yesterday wasn't bad at all. Today shouldn't be either, but one can never know can we. I need to kill some back today followed by aerobics. I don't care for the lat pull down at the gym as the movement feels weird to me. The bar is held by two pulleys and not one like the standard lat pull down. I know this boring talking about machine lingo LOL

Here's my Friday rant. It annoys me when I see people pump up competitors saying things like "you can win the whole show" etc. I'm talking this person looks like they never lifted a weight and there diet was mostly consuming burger king whoopers. Okay there is fantasy and then reality. I'm not trying to sound harsh but why do some people feel they need to sweeten their chances with someone by filling their minds with something that far a from a reality. Just be honest with them and tell them how they really look in a nice way. The athlete falls into this lie and then gets very angry when they place dead last and ask judges why didn't I win the show. Oh my maybe they didn't get the memo. You have to do the homework first. Diet and train. We see this 'situation" a lot with amateur competitors. I wish it would stop, but hey some of them are too stubborn and learn the hard way. On top of that. What are you willing to sacrifice for the sport? Your job, relationship, your life? Is it really that important to you that you have sacrifice things in your life that bring you happiness to compete at a show, etc. In my opinion its not.

DO they still make floppy drives? I need to find an external if they do. I have 100s of disc loaded with photos I'm trying to access.

Waiting to hear back from my Charleston Friend, before I make my plans. I don't want to just show up and then her not be there lol. I would be sad. :( Shes a hoot and has been a wonderful friend to me. I'm sure I've drove her nuts a few times lol

was thinking

Hitting the snooze button over and over this morning. It was too cold to get up. Plus I was perfectly comfotable, you know just right. No ones going to do the work for me.

I was thinking last night about putting some things together for Valentines day and dropping them off at the local nursing homes.I wanted to do something special and V day is about letting people know you care :)


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Boom Shaka Laka Laka

I was a big girl back in the day LOL. Call me twiggy. SO I am here with one of my close friend Rosie. She is from Sofia, Bulgaria and she is tall. Very sweet woman. We both worked in entertainment at Universal Studios back in the day. She was a famous synchronized swimmer.

The AHHHNold is not to far away. If your lucky you may get to see the Arnold walking through the crowd with his big gang of security. A long time ago not only did I get to shake his hand and meet him at hid birthday party in LA but I also got close to where I got to be right next to him. I love this man for his accomplishments and sarcasm. A friend of mine is pretty good at doing his voice but I only got to hear it once lol and never again after that.

I'm being cool for the camera back in the day. I was such a nerd lol. How in the world I trained with those long nails beats the hell out of me lol. I find it hard for me to deadlift with long nails as I can't grip the bar the way the bar should be griped. The nails just dig deep in my palms. Doing dumbbell curls too is another pain in the butt when you have long nailsI was the hardcore bodybuilder during these times. All I cared about was working out, feeling good, and nothing got in my way. I was so drawn in to how my body blossomed into something I didn't really think was attainable. I felt like a super hero and I still do to this day of course. I would have to say being fit as its plus sides such as anything looks good on you even a potato sack lol.
I got an email today from TLC about some documentary show and they were casting for a female bodybuilder. I won't go into too mch detail about it but I didn't care for it and of course they made it out to be as if it was a positive light for fbbs. That was a crock of baloney. I don't want to have anything to do with that stuff. Now if it was Survivor, the Great American Race and if they still had it Fear Factor, I would be all over it. I'm sure they will find some fbb to do the show who doesn't know any better.
As I'm writing my blog I'm looking across the room and pookie mouse is staring at me and its creeping me out lol. I think shes tired. LOL Earlier I was eating my meal, my bulldog likes to sit there and stare at you while you eat. Today it got really bad as she had big sloppy strings of drool on the sides of her mouth and she wiped it on pookies head. Poor pookie.
I'm loving the Iphone a lot :O) and yes I still have my droid X. My tech friends are right about the phone as it is pretty nifty. My Ipad is pretty neat too and very handy with school work and on the go projects.
Its now a Happy Friday. TGIF. I'm sure you romantics have some wonderful things planned this Valentines weekend. I would but then again I would probably just wing it and see where it goes. :), but it really doesn't matter what you do. I love Valentines day, and love seeing people happy, its the romantic in me. Don't be bummed if you have nothing special planned. Who cares if you didn't plan anything. Just value and treasure your time together. I'd rather be cuddling and rubbing noses all day or just being somewhere scenic and peaceful. ....The beach lol. Oh A candlelight dinner would be nice on the beach too ohhh la la :). Many people think love sucks. No it doesn't suck, especially when it hits you when you least expect it..yikes. You just have to be patient , and not picky lol. You could meet someone who you never even thought twice of, it could be one of those things where you think you hate that person but in reality you actually care for them, and then there is that instant spark or connection that makes you ga ga for that person. SO you see just be patient as those things I just mentioned are a tip of the ice berg. The best thing to me is the spark. Boom shaka laka fireworks. I will give my love thoughts some time this weekend if I dont go away cruising or just do something lol. It doesn't matter as I will be bloggin anyway. Its suppose to be warm here in Terre Haute the next few days, possibly a high in the 60s. Melt baby melt.