Tuesday, March 1, 2011

exhausted and burned

I'm having a great time have tons and tons of pictures over 1500 so far. My goal is to helpm out the first time cruiser from my piont of view. I'm having a gerat time as of course this ship is a blast and everyone is on par here making it the best cruise ever..could it be cause John is on here :) Carnival has a great crew and gerat entertainment. By far this cruise is a 10 as the quality is very good and the service is incredible. One of our comedians ios from Whos line is it anyway if you remember that show. Funny stuff. There are some very important people on this ship this week and John is one of them. Its gerat as the ship has people from Cruise Critic, CruiseMates,and a few other boards. Everyone wanted to take part of this blogger cruise. I wish I can post pictures for you but right now I can't maybe tomorrow in St.Thomas. Luckily my camera doesn't have water damamge as I would assure I would be upset after taking the time to take those pictures lol. I really enjoy this so much and It has opened me up to new adventures and things I would like to persue.

Many of you would have a blast on here, and hopefully my long long review and blog would make you want to go on a cruise and take your family friend or that special someone. I will say that by far this is a gorgeous ship. There wasn't much talk about the Breeze yet and I'm trying to get the inside scoop but no luck.The Magic is goign to a be big. Speakign of which back inJanuary I was goign to sail on a 4 day cruise on the Disney Dream which I saw yesterday in Nassau and it is pretty cool especially the slides I got pictures..don't worry.

Johns having tea time and then its the marriage show later today. I'm gonna run. But Im tryign to keep my promise and keeping you posted