Sunday, January 16, 2011

Being strong for a friend in need

What a day today. I arrived back in Indianapolis around 3 pm yesterday (Saturday). The airport was quiet and dead. I had to go and see my friend who is seriously ill at Methodist Hospital.

A week ago I got a message on facebook from my friends mom about her son Chris W being very ill. I thought it was something like pneumonia, but I didn't know exactly how ill he was till a few days later when I read on his mothers FB page that her son needs a heart transplant. I was in shock and started getting emotionally upset as it brought back memories with a loved one of mine that passed away years ago from heart failure. My instant reaction to hearing this news is to be there for him, and be strong for him. We don't know how things will pan out. One greatest gift that someone can ever give someone who is ill is being there for that person and showing them you care for them.

I was running late in seeing him yesterday as I was suppose to be there around 3-3:30 pm. I had a good idea where the hospital but my problem was getting him flowers as I can be a little picky. I'm not just going to give any type of flower to someone. I wanted to make it special and I had to run to a few places before I found that right one. SO that took me a hour or 2. I didn't get to the hospital till around 5 pm and then circled the vistor parking spot 1 trying to find a decent parking space. Then around 5:30pm I found a space and made my way to see my friend. I walked into the gift shop and saw this cute medium sized bulldog stuff animal and had to have it. SO I bought it to give to Chris, I know how cheesy. I wanted to cheer him up.

I make my way to his room and as soon as I proceed the entrace to the unit there was a sign on the door that said "please refrain from being flowers to patients" I had no idea and then told myself "good thing I didn't a bunch of flowers" which was my originally plan as I like overly doing things :) Well then I hear my name called out and there was Chris, his mother and his brother. I saw Chris and couldn't believe how great he looked. I was expecting him in bed and looking ill. He looked more healthy then you and me combined. LOL. He was walking around and had a smile on his face. Then his mother came over to me and what a sweet sweet loving woman. Then I meet Chris's brother and there was such an identical difference and it reminded me of a chris before and after shot. Then they both have the same similar voice. SO for the next few hours it was us four hanging out and having a few good laughs. I think the one thing that really touched my heart yesterday was when Chris' mom sat next to me and pulled out this HUGE book she put together for Chris from his first surgery. I wanted to break down and cry. You can see how much time and love she put into this book. Not to mention listening to her and going back down memory lane. I just wanted to give her a hug and hold her tight. This has been a long journey for her. I can't even imagine what she is going through but she is so strong and keeping a uge smile on her face and making jokes. She has been sleeping in Chris room at his side. What a mom :)

I will be back later today this afternoon after training at ISU to see Chris and spend time with his family. I was going to bring him some sushi and some other yummy foods, but he can't have anything high in sodium. I teased him and told him I was going to buy him some plastic sushi so he can look at it and pretend LOL

Well this is hard for me as I never want to see my friends, family or even strangers suffer. I guess this is why you can say I want to be the EMT paramedic then hopefully a RN after that. I want to help people, save lives and be there for people at all times. Letting them know someone is there in corner and not going to let anything happen to them. I am there guardian angel.