Thursday, January 20, 2011

Go Away Snow!!!

Aww gotta love the Mid West. Today we had a good amount of snow come in. It was beautiful to look at "this morning" and then later on on the streets it was dark brown mush.

Regardless of what the elements throw at me, I still made my way to the gym to train and do the cardio thingy. Speaking of which, next week I'm picking up a commercial piece of cardio equipment for my off days and for those late night "Cardio Carvings". A few more weeks to go and I'm home free.

Yesterday, I was on a mission to get a nice pair of headphones as the Ipod headphones weren't doing it for me. I LOVE MUSIC. There's nothing like a good tune to set the mood and get you feeling the vibe. I picked up the Dr. Dre Monster Beats, and I must admit they are really good for sound quality. The price was a bit step for headphones, but since I will be using them A LOT, its more of an investment. I also fainted when they told me the price at the checkout counter.

Sorry to make this quick, but I need a nap or two.....

Before I sign off, I will try to post some sneak shots later in the week.