Friday, January 28, 2011

To blog or not to blog....

I came across some pictures and laugh at myself and how innocent I was. I didn't know any better. I had a crush on this boy, I thought he was so cute. It was my birthday that day and I didn't realize I was flashing people.

I'm ready for Hangover two to come out. LOVE VEGAS!!!!! WOnder what the plot will be in this one

A quick update on my mother post surgery. She had a benign tumor taken out of her body, and had she not taken care of this it could have been lethal. My mom is very stubborn about hospitals, but she finally gave in as she couldn't bear the pain anymore. I talked to her earlier and she is happy and relieved that the tumor is gone. She did say she was in a little bit of pain. I'm just happy she is alive and alright. We've butt heads a few times but she is my mother and I do love her. I sent her 3 dozen red roses today as a sign of love and get well wishes. Hope she likes them.

The picture quality is not the best

from left to right Blance, John (Ericas Dad), Mom, silly me, Gma, and ALbert(grandpa) Of course me and grandpa again

Speaking of which, I'm flying my mom, my grandmother, and my sister out to Columbus for the Arnold. It will be an experience for them I'm sure. My grandmother will get a kick out of all the muscle Grandma may try to stuff a dollar down some poor boys pants or pinching some guys butt. She's a dirty ole lady lol. Love you grandma *wink. I'm also going to fly them all out to Indianapolis when I guest pose for the Anderson show the 2nd week of June. They never been to Indiana, and they don't know what their missing, nothing but corn fields galore. If you hear a loud crowd screaming I'm sure its them. Now when I get on sissy will probably be screaming "that's my sister" lol. Grandma may say "shake your money maker Liz" (my nickname.. and don't ask). When I worked for Universal Studios I got to travel all over the US being in Entertainment. It was a lot of fun as I was always surrounded by great friends and we use to play around and this one was one of the jokes lol..

I met a really cool guy this evening when I was in Indianapolis. I was just strolling along and he caught me off guard by saying said nice boots lol. Then I noticed he had all the Superbowl logos on his pants and then the Colt emblem on the the side of his beenie hat. Turns out he works with a lot of the top NFL athletes, helping with nutrition and chiropractic stuff. One of his clients believe it or not is Dwight Freney from the Indianapolis Colts. I didn't get to talk to him too long as we both were in a hurry. I got his card as I'm always interested in stuff that helps us athletes be the best at our talents. There are some amazing people out there big and small. We all carry that little special something that makes us stand out from the rest of the pack.

I want to take the time to say "thank you" to everyone even those that view my blog anynomously (you know who u are)*wink. Without you I wouldn't have a blog. I have been blogging since March 2005 I thought it was later than that, but I remembered I had a old blog called Isabelle's Diary located here

I started my blog years ago as I do and try to live a fun adventurous life. Trust me it has its moments ha ha. But we take that and make the very best of it. I've experienced so many beautiful things such as meeting Governor Arnold at his b-day party, my pets, People that have touched my life, my gym, cursing, happy moments, you get the idea. I like to let people in my life to a point as I'm an enigma, and unique in my little ways and want to keep it that way. I express myself and that's just me. But I am respectful as well. I know some people that blog and say some pretty harsh and tasteless things. Not far. I'm better than that. What can you do there's always someone out there whos a party pooper. Oh well, not my loss. I express how I truly feel. I'm iron-willed or "head strong" and I won't let anything hinder me from expressing myself. Through my blog you share my journey and experiences through my eyes and my words. You share my laughter, my tears of joy, my passion for success, my dedication and discipline for the sport or anything I do, my desire for excellence, my love of life, get the picture.

In the next few months I have many adventures coming up. Arnold Classic, Indiana Bodybuilding Shows, IFBB Pro Shows, Olympia, EMT, Paramedic training, Great White shark cage diving(I'm ready), cursing including the inaugural cruise coming up for Carnival and many many more great and totally awesome things...keep posted. Oh yes I noticed earlier today in the bodybuilding contest world the leg veins are back lol..

I also got my special invitation for the Iphone 4 from Verizon. I can't wait..goodbye droid. I don't know how many times I have talked to people on the phone and it has dropped calls on me not to mention the delay is very bad. I just want it out and let the Iphone in :)

Happy WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!