Friday, January 7, 2011

Eat some cheese for me please

LOL.....I sure could use a cheese stick right now. Instead I will settle for a leaf of romaine lettuce, and play pretend.

I took a short break from cardio to write a blog. I'm doing cardio and watching the movie the "Great Outdoors". How exciting. The stutter guy is funny and the bat moment..classic. I love a good ole laugh. I used to be or I still am a comedian in some ways. Friends sometimes consider me to be a class clown in a good sense of course.
The gym scene has been nice as its slow and I can get around and do my training without having to wait for a machine. How nice, it won't last for long. Its getting closer to the show. :) Chicken breast has become my very best friend. I have been taking in a lot of veggies too which is nice as its good to have some roughage in your diet. I try to be make a colorful mixed veggie medley and mix it in with chicken. I've also been making chicken pate'. Very different but I use my imagination. I love adding herbs to the mix and one of my favs is rosemary. I'm getting hungry again. Every where I go in the house Bunny follows wanting scrapes and then on top of Bunny I also have Leo wanting some scrapes. Leo can eat!!! Oh my body is sore!!!Its a good sore but also bad lol. Bad for me as its hard sometimes to walk around. I sometimes waddle like a duck. Today was a great day for that. Oh boy...

The weather is nasty here in Terre Haute. It was fine a few days ago lol. I was in Florida for a while and man it was NICE compared to the snow. It can be very dangerous driving out there especially when there's ice on the road. I already had my excitement a month ago with the snow. I will be in Florida in a week or so for some training, should be a nice change of pace from here. I was already in Florida for a few weeks. Right now I would like to be on a cruise going to the Eastern Caribbean. I think one of the prettiest places I ever seen was Virgin Gorda, Antigua and St. Thomas. Now I really want to go to St. John. Now if Erica is on spring break around the end of March, maybe I can take her with me and we can go swim with sting rays and she can meet my beautiful girl Frisbee. SO adorable. I miss her. She was born without a stinger.

I can't wait for the game. Its going to be crazy. section 141 club level, row 17 yes!! Now this is my treat of the week. I just hope I can walk. My only concern for tomorrow is the weather and parking :(

I love the raccoons in the Great Outdoors. They are so cute! I want one

I still have to upload some photos from Florida with the family.