Monday, January 24, 2011

I went to the store this morning as I needed some advil, I've got a headache from hell, and my hamstrings are sore as can be. Things happen for a reason I guess. I decided to change my plans and not go to Florida today. Which reminds me I need to call my Grandma up and let her know. She's a worry wart if she doesn't hear from me.

Well at least I will go to the gym today despite the snow outside. As I am writing my blog Leo is holding on to my arm for dear life nipping and clawing the crap out of it. He's in a playing mood. Boys will be boys always excited in the morning. He's really cute, and very cuddly. Leo acts like he owns the place and we need to bow down and worship him. :)

I've recently made some friends. Yesterday, I was smiling as its nice to know that people respect me in my bodybuilding. I have people who don't understand it, and yesterday when I was out and about I met several people guys and girls, who had nothing but great things to say about the sport. As always I try not to draw attention but somehow still manage too with my sweatshirts and lose pants now a days. Oh darn it.

I was listening to Bob and Tom this morning and I heard something funny, they were talking about A.A. Milnes' birthday and how the author became famous by changing the title of his book Winnie the S**t to Winnie the Pooh. Oh my, this had me crying laughing. Then they went on talking about how Winnie the S**t had a cooler name then the typical mafia names like Jimmy the wrench. I really enjoy listening to them as they are a HOOT! I love comedy and love sarcastic humor. Of course it take me back to memory lane, and its hard for me as again brings back fond memories. You know when you can let loose and be a clown and have a few very good laughs with someone to the point where your choking on your food or squirting soda out your nose :) Nothing matters or mattered. I enjoyed getting heavily intoxicated with laughter. Of course there were other things as well but that's my business, my happy thoughts, and I will always care. Ah, my furry animals btw love the talking tom as well as the other funny talking applications. Its so funny how they get. But above all the laser beam rules supreme over all pet toys. :) about them Packers. Seems like everyones' giving Bears QB Jay Cutler crap today after yesterdays game. Leave the guy alone. Bears had a good year. best of luck to them next year. My pick for this years superbowl. Wow that's hard. Rodgers is very good. You know I am a big Vince Lombardi nut believe it or not and he was the Coach for the Packers (1959-1967). I would have loved to be there in person hearing him speak to his players, I would have loved to heard his inspirational words of wisdom.

Can someone please tell me a good kitty litter that immediately deodorizes when you have multiple cats? I have tried a lot of kitty litters but for these cats I need to do something lol. When they go potty they GO and its stinks..bad. I tell you what I wish Bunny was potty trained as good as these cats are ha ha. Earlier this year, we were outside and I did snow angels and she did..well butt scoots lol. It always amazes me looking at her how small she is and then muscular. She's my best friend.