Monday, January 17, 2011


Oh what a day today. *whew* I will tell you more later on this evening. I have to run back to the gym and then do some school work later tonight. Oh joy.

There is a cool website called, where the fitness minded athlete or the bodybuilder can order bulk amounts of protein at very reasonable prices. Now why didn't I think of that lol. They also ship worldwide. I give this a thumbs up as great quality meats at an afforable price. Not to mention you have superior Pro Mr. Olympia athletes like Dexter jackson and The AWESOME Jay "Cuts" Cutler. I predict another win for Cutler this year :)

I was trying to take some pictures with me and Leo but as you can see by his expression he was a bit PO'd. It was a bit chaotic holding the little man.

I like to read the dictionary sometimes believe it or not lol and today I wanted to go and read the Urban Dictionary. I looked up Terre Haute and then Hautian as in a native of Terre Haute and this is the definition or "someones'" definition of it :)
Hautian: A native of Terre Haute. These people are among the slowest humans on the planet both mentally and physically. They enjoy mullets, walmart, and romantic dinners at the Ponderosa steakhouse. They have trouble properly operating automobiles and like to leave appliances in the street.
LOL ..okay, I guess that's how that person see it. I must admit its a cute city with interesting people that live in it. I remember when I first came here to the city and my first experience at Walmart. WOW!!! I had a few good laughs that day.

Talk more later