Sunday, January 30, 2011

Silly Me

This is the most adorable thing I ever seen. This is Emily and Rishi. :)

Its already starting out to be a unique day. I wasn't even thinking what time it was and I got dressed and headed for the gym at the college. I felt like it was Monday for some reason. Well I park and make my way to the entrance only to find its closed and doesn't open for a few more hours. ha ha ha. Silly Me. I remember I would do this with school too. I would get up look at the time, realize "oh no I'm late for school ..crap", so I would quickly get dressed and hurry my butt up. It was Saturday ha ha... I have seen my sister do this too when I stayed with my mom when I visit. Its funny, but I didn't tell her and played along. I know I'm such a great sister.

I guess I will wait for now.

Btw this is a quickie blog nothing more :)

check back later gator