Monday, January 24, 2011

I haven't talked about it much but I am in school part time and that keeps me busy, but not busy enough. So I decided to learn a language. I have studied quite a few languages over the years such as German, Spanish, Portuguese, and a little little Italian like mozzarella, tiramisu (kidding). The last language I tried to learn was Russian, but I need more patience for that, the Rosetta Stone, and a Hail Mary.

I decided to learn french and I had my first lesson today. I learned a few basic things such as counting from 1 to 20 and then learning a few basic phrases. You know its not really that hard as I expected. It flows nicely and I sound pretty good too. Oui (yes). I love culture and love learning as much as I can. Exotic foods are another love of mine too, and when a opportunity knocks to try something new, I take it. Now I'm not like Andrew Zimmerman from Bizarre foods lol. He can handle pretty much anything. We need to have a show with a fit person such as myself (hint hint)who travels around the world in search of healthy foods and what people do in their cultures to stay fit. We would or I would participate the activities and test my physical fitness in their culture. Can I handle it? :) It would be a teaching show with some entertainment and also a great way to market travel destinations around the globe. Sounds fun to me.

Before I call it a night, I want to say one thing........

Be bold, take risk and don't fear rejection :) DO things you don't or wouldn't normally do. Legally of course :)